pinky and the brain. | granitekit



with all the non-stop rain that had poured over shadowclan, it was no surprise when things were finally starting to let up that almost all grounds of shadowclan have turned into nothing but a sea of mud wherever you look.

most would turn their noses up in distaste at this because no one likes traversing in mud let alone having it cling to their fur knowing they have to clean it off before it hardens but not possumkit, they don't really care about getting dirty. what's the point of trying to cleaning it off if it's just gonna stick to you again?

the lilac kitten had his paws deep into some wet dirt, a tongue sticking out in concentraction as he messily patted together a sloppy mound that struggled to keep it's shape. in their mind it looked wonderful but others would say otherwise and one of those people would be granitekit who just so happened to be a few paw lengths away, always grumbling and looking like he'd rather be anywhere but here.

lanky legs would pause their minstrstions as possumkit remembered how the gray and white tom just ouright bit his tail a few days ago. it really hurt and he didn't even say sorry! so, out of mild frustration and a want to feel even, the tabby would scoop a hefty amount of mud into his socked paw and flung it directly at granitekit. "oops."

[ penned by cobi ]
Granitekit is truly minding his own business when he's assaulted. And, yes, assaulted is the only word he can use to describe it. One moment, he's padding through camp with clear eyes, a clean face and chest, and the next he's hissing and scraping a mask of thick swamp mud from his eyes and nose.

Granitekit's slinky emerald gaze burns like a grassfire. He finds the culprit - the weird little Possumkit - with a snarl twisting his gray and white face. Gray, white, and brown now.

He lashes his skinny tail. "Oops! You did that on purpose, you little rat!" He takes a dirtied paw and scrapes another pawful of mud away from his formerly-white muzzle. "Say sorry right now, or I'm gonna bite your tail off." His voice is venomous.

the feeling of satisfaction found itself in the form of a somewhat smug smile when the glob of mud smacked the other kit directly with a wet schlap! leaving the gray and white tom dirtied and wiping away at the clumpy mess in a irritated fashion. it was short-lived when granitekit had whipped around with that familiar fury in emerald eyes, words of accusation and poisonous threat dripping from a stained muzzle.

orange eyes would roll in their skull, pointing a cream colored snout in another direction with a small scoff. "nope, you deserved it! besides, a little mud isn't gonna kill you or that nasty attitude you always have." possumkit puffs out, not feeling the slightest bit threatened by granite's remarks of biting his tail off. they'll just bite him right back! maybe take an ear with him too!
[ penned by cobi ]