camp pitter patter of petite paws

It was getting a little harder to ignore the fact that he might be dealing with something he'd never deal with fairly soon. Outside of an actual prognosis, he knew himself well enough to recognize what was genuine laziness and what was just being exhausted by other means. He had no energy anymore, he felt tired all of the time and there was a very distinct addition to his weight that was not his own hefty size or long and thick coat. He was going to have kits.
Part of him was afraid, leafbare was around the corner and the clan was already struggling to keep up with prey since the fire had sent a lot of their usual food sources running for cover as well; things had only just gotten back to some degree of normal. More mouths to feed, the cold bite of winter threatening to snatch away the tiny lives he would bring into the world. Sunfreckle felt his heart racing in anxiety over it, he didn't know what to do. A tiny voice told him there had to be a way to get rid of the kits before they were born but a louder voice screamed in protest; he didn't want to. He didn't want to give them up. They were HIS, he wanted them! He was just....afraid. Scared. There was so much going on. He'd never had kits and the timing could not have been worse than it was right now. The entire affair had also put him in a less than cheerful mood, his normally friendly and sunny disposition gone in favor of being morose and quiet; uncertain and a little irritable. When asked he had just told Rabbitnose he felt unwell, but it hurt to lie. He didn't know how to go about even bringing it up.

The red tabby lay in the center of the camp, head on his one front leg and ears flat, perhaps thinking of nicer things than his own gnawing guilt and fear would ease him into a better spot mentally, maybe he could think of names. He wanted nice names, lovely names, names that emphasized how much he'd adore those little scraps of fur when they came into being. Lost in his thoughts, he found himself blurting out the question to the first cat he'd seen wander by, "What would you name kits of yours?" His ears fell back in embarrassment as he realized how forward that was, "I was just...I was just thinking. You do you decide a good name for a kit?"

Flycatcher has never really given much thought about kits before. He was still a young tom and had no mate, so having any children to call his own was way out of the question. Would he like to be a father one day? Sure. He could imagine no greater gift than welcoming one's own children into the world, teaching them skills and games passed down from a previous generation, and watching them grow. At the moment he was just content to continue his duties as a warrior and fuss over any of the kits currently running around the nursery.

When Sunfreckle asks about names, Flycatcher is taken aback at first, double-checking that the red tabby is speaking to him and not someone nearby. "What would I name kits of mine?" Flycatcher echoes. He looks away for a moment and mulls over the question in his mind. "I would possibly name some kits after my sisters so that would give me Mothkit, Beekit, and Beetlekit. As for myself, I like the names Mistykit, Pansykit, Minnowkit, Pigeonkit, and Featherkit." As he says that he can almost imagine his hypothetical children in front of him right now. "Best to go on appearance I'd say," Flycatcher suggests in response to Sunfreckle's other question. "Either that or something you like."

Rabbitnose had been hunting more often, lately. He was always worried when leafbare came around that there wouldn't be enough food, and he expressed this anxiety with coming back with at least two kills. Today's catch was a rabbit and a squirrel.

He dropped them off at the pile and was turning to leave when he heard Sunfreckle's question. What would he name kits if he had them....



He bolted the short distance to his mate with his answer even if Sunfreckle wasn't even talking to him.