PIXIE DUST // violet

"Violetkit." Figkit would prod her litter-mates shoulder with a paw. Her sister didn't seem to be up to anything interesting... which was boring, and it was making Figkit bored watching Vio do boring things. How did it not bother her sister?! How could she just... sit here and do nothing!

"The elders told me that a long long long longgggggggggg time ago a group of cats was here before us. Only get this! The elders told me that they were tiny! Tinier than us, tinier than me! Like... beetle size!" She giggles, fully believing the elders tale. They probably had told her this knowing it'd get her out of their fur. "They told me that if you set a small piece of prey, just the tiniest piece, and leave it by flowers the small cats will come and feast! Elders told me if I looked very carefully I'd see em." She grins.

"We should try it! Imagine if they showed up, we'd be the coolest cats in the entire clan! Oh! We could ask them to go spy on ShadowClan- or WindClan- or- or RiverClan! They'd never spot tiny cats, that'd be sooo funny!" Figkit erupts into giggles.