pixie sticks and dares // Rose&Cold


Wibble Wobble But Don't Fall Down!
Jul 13, 2022

Marigoldpaw ✧ he/him ✧ Apprentice of Windclan ░░░░░░░░░░░░░
Determination filled orange eyes as a cinnamon head lifted up from their nest but was quickly discouraged by ones own thoughts. No, can't let anyone see the excitement. They where a warrior apprentice now and needed to act like such a thing! Marigoldpaw got up from his nest with a slight struggle, his legs didn't want to support his body weight for a moment, but he managed to wobbly walk his way out of the nest. The clearing was bustling with cats today as Duskfire ordered out patrols, and Marigoldpaw flattened his ears. He wanted to go on patrol! But of course, they had been filled before he could go out on one. The flat-faced tomcat lashed his puffy tail a bit in annoyance, and almost lost his balance, before those orange eyes looked around the clearing. There had to be something to do! They couldn't just sit by and let the day go to waste!

The cinnamon and white cat moved along slowly for a moment, judging who would be acceptable to approach. Some cats in Windclan where rather prickly or didn't hold up the standard that Sootstar did! So, who could he align himself with for the better? Ah yes! The older apprentices! Spotting two of them, a grey bengal named Coldpaw and another cat he recalled as Rosepaw? Rose-something? Whatever, names where unimportant! Marigoldpaw puffed up his chest and stalked his way over to the two older apprentices and entirely butted himself into the conversation.

"You two! We should go out into the territory and do something useful!" Marigoldpaw all but demanded with a firm voice, but with his confidence came a slight shaking. His wobbly legs struggling to keep him balanced and he had to flop down into a sitting position to prevent looking like an idiot, "Duskfire hasn't assigned us to a patrol, so we must make the best of the day," Marigoldpaw continued onward with his chin lifted high up and his chest puffed up, trying to appear bigger like them but his kitten fur gave him away. That and it was hard to look serious when ones tail flopped about on its own.

It was something that was happening slowly, as if Cold wouldn't notice it if it didn't happen all at once, but the tabby had caught on rather quickly to what was going on. He'd be sitting on his own doing something and like some kind of shadow he didn't realize he had, Rose would appear and try to make conversation with him. It didn't happen a lot, but it was hard not to notice when he spoke to practically nobody else throughout the day outside of the typical formalities expected of him as a cat living among others. And that's exactly the position the young tom found himself in that day as he finished up the mouse he'd been eating, Rosepaw seated next to him, talking quietly about something he and Leech had been doing the other day while Coldpaw responded with the occasional shrug or brief comment. He still hadn't found his will to properly socialize, but he didn't seem to dislike the other cats presence, accepting it without comment.

A presence he didn't seem to fond of, however, was that of Marigolds. Pale lips would twist into a frown as the flat-faced child came rushing over and loudly announced that they should all head out together, and it was all so random and unexpected that Cold couldn't help but turn to look at Rose, as if the other would have any idea of who this was or why they were bothering them before yellow eyes flashed back to Mari and narrowed on the younger cat. "Are you even an actual apprentice?" he asked, skepticism heavy in his voice as his tail gave an annoyed twitch behind him. Despite the fact that they were fluffing themselves up to the point of almost falling over, Cold could tell they were still a good 3 or so months younger than he was, and while there was no real set age for when a cat could become an apprentice he didn't really feel like playing babysitter to some overly-excitable kid.

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes

Every since thier first real conversation Rosepaw had made it into his mission to go out of his way to talk with Coldpaw more often so he would feel more included and have another cat to speak to. Since by the looks of it he always sat by himself which most be very lonely!. This far Coldpaw hadn't growled or snapt at Rosepaw to leave him alone so he saw it as a sign that his present was somewhat welcomed. Used with Leechpaw already it was a bit easier for him to ignore the short replies he got from the dark pelted apprentice..if he even got that much. Still he wanted to think it was process and he would keep on trying until Coldpaw felt more comfortable to open himself up to him.

During his conversation with Coldpaw this day another cat come to approach them to interupt what they or rather Rosepaw had been talking about. Blinking his eyes the small tom would glance down on Marigoldpaw. Rosepaw who had a soft spot for the kits or the cats younger then him...only felt warmth towards this kit as he spoke boldly in an attempt to boss them around. Well..he guess they wheren't doing anything proactive right now?. Rosepaw shared a glance with Coldpaw who looked more confused then he did. In all honestly he found this a slight bit funny...but he wouln't dare say that of course. In case it would hurt this kit feelings!.

" Oh, well, what would you like us to do?." he asked gentle right before Coldpaw called Marigoldpaw out by question thier own ranking if they actually was an apprentice yet. Well...he suppose they looked a bit young, maybe?. Rosepaw didn't wanted to be rude about it though...or rather he wasn't as straight forward and bold like Coldpaw was. Awkwardly he shifted his paws, letting Marigoldpaw answer that question while he didn't really know what to say....It would be bad to bring a kit out of camp right?. He wonderd what Duskfire would feel about that...