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hello, so im making a thread to try and keep track of plots and friendships/enemies with Bone on site. Ill try my best to keep it updated as much as possible but a little information about Bone. Bone is a tall and slender molly of midnight black fur that has been tainted by the blinding light pf white. Much of her back is covered with white that is spikey fur heavily resembling the fur of her sister who has the same spiky fur trait. She was brought to the colony when she was young by her sister who put everything into their survival after their parents were kill. Both being raised by Hare Whiskers. Witnessing such a traumatic event so young kind of dampened her emotions. She lives for her sister and fights for her sister. Her main goal in life is to make sure Briar is happy after having to fight off death to keep the both of them alive before they were found by the marsh colony. Fear is something she hardly feels and during her battles she fights like a rabid beast. Her only real fear is not having anything to leave behind or being forgotten.

She is also a heavily distrustful molly and she is prone to being watchful of those she does not know yet. Seeking to understand their motives and if they are truly someone she can actually count on and if it is worth protecting them. She does not like kittypets because of various reasons and she tends to be a loner somewhat.

— making friends that don't mind her cold personality. She unmindfully pushes others away but she makes a life long and dedicated friend once she becomes one unless betrayal happens
— making enemies, she will never never change their status once they hurt her or her colony. Once trust is broken there is nothing left.
— fights and raising tension. She is always up for showing who is the strongest as she hits hard and deathly silent. Her passion is always the marsh group first, her sister first, so anything against those two things will ignite anger in her.
— potential budding romance, as this may take a little bit she is open to a long term romance plot. She is bisexual and has a preference for both. Because of her distrustful nature it will take time to cross to the point of love
— helping others or taking someone under her wing. Especially with training she enjoys the idea of passing on her skills.
— potentially adopting a child (while she might be hesitant as she has never had a kit before she will try her best and will be a firm and almost strict mother figure)
Hey! Maybe friends with Rust? I feel like they'd get along and would like each other, their main goal is watching out for their group; kinda tending to put their own needs and wants aside from what I'm reading. He's older than her by quite a bit and likely watched her grow up as he's been in the Marsh group since the very dawn of it ^^ If you don't have anyone for this role (aside from Hare Whiskers I'm guessing) maybe he could've been somewhat of a mentor figure when she was little too? Up to you though B)

AND for enemies... maybe I could offer Soot? They're very similar in terms of colder personalities and not getting close to cats, so I feel like they have a high chance of just... completely not getting along well with each other. I don't have a concrete reason as of rn why they wouldn't like her... but maybe they've had a few disagreements in the past and turn into full out enemies when Soot leaves for what will be windclan? (Assuming Bone would see that as betrayal maybe? If not we for sure can figure something else out as I'm just tossing ideas)
I'd love to offer Fire or Chamomile up as friends for Bone! Both girls are pretty soft and patient and would be understanding of Bone's more cold personality! I do wanna make note that while Fire is going to be staying in Shadowclan, Chamomile will be moving to Riverclan once the split happens.

sorry this is such a late response. @ava for rust i can definitely see them being friends especially if he was there for her when she came to the marsh group and became a large part of her life next to her sister. I would definitely love for him to be that mentor figure and potentially have shown her everything she knows exempting things she figured out herself. I feel like it will he a nice dynamic.

for being enemies soot this can very likely happen. I agree with them being similar they can clash a lot and having multiple arguments and disagreements are right up there for bone to dislike someone. And yess! If Soot leaves she will definitely see her as a full out enemy given her own extreme loyalty.

@Zaeya okay so with Fire friends are possible but with Chamomile leaving Bone will see that as an utter betrayal if the marsh colony given that they gave them a place to stay
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YESSS OKAY LETS DO IT THEN!! (sorry this is a late reply!!) I'll make a mental note of Rust's back-written history with her and then I'll have Soot be kinda ahh with Bone. Until all the good stuff happens... If you ever would like a thread with either of them def lemme know :)
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