plot with cloud and vesper ♡


Jun 17, 2022
  • hello! on the whole, i prefer to let relationships develop in character, but given that Cloud and Vesper are intended to be established presences in the group, i thought this would be an excellent way to discuss backwritten dynamics or any starting points. Cloud is 14 moons old, and Vesper is 17 moons old. they have been friends since they were kits and are uniquely close to and reliant on each other. they are closed to long-term romances, permanent harm, and death. you can find more detail on each of them in their individual tabs.

    sorry if this is a mess; i'm a little frazzled. let me know if there's anything else you're curious about!
  • Cloud is a compact and sinewy male in early adulthood with fluffy white fur. He is known for being absentminded and able to fall asleep anywhere at any time, resulting in a perpetually rumpled pelt that—combined with his small size and wide, hazel eyes—others tend to find endearing. Despite this, he can surprise with physical strength and intense dedication to the task at hand. Though preferring to keep to himself, when he speaks he does so with careful thought put into the content of his words. However, he is less attentive to how they are said, and his candid nature may be perceived as rude.

    Cloud has a littermate, Pearl, played by jayus.

    Outside of his responsibilities as a provider for the group, he can be hilariously clumsy. When he was a kit, he once decked it badly enough to leave a faint scar on his right cheek. He can often be found lying on his back, blinking up at the sky as he slowly processes what just happened, after another amusing tumble.

    He has zero interest in relationships and may half-jokingly react with disgust when the topic is broached. Flirtation will receive nothing but a baffled, judgmental stare. But you can try.

    He deeply admires Vesper and at the same time feels insufficient next to him. Cloud has never perceived himself as being on the same level with regards to hunting and fighting, but he bears no ill will toward his friend and instead resolves to work harder.
  • Vesper is a lithe adult male with sleek black fur and golden eyes. His charismatic countenance attracts many to his side, sweetened by easygoing warmth and a radiant smile. Quick-witted and elegant, his hunting and fighting prowess inspires equal admiration as his adroitness of speech, and single-minded ambition impels him to pursue newer and greater heights. Despite an openness of emotional expression and a commitment to ensuring that everyone feels included in the spaces he inhabits, he maintains a careful hold on his privacy—few truly know him beneath the surface of a sociable and playful exterior.

    Vesper is charming and flirtatious. He never commits to a romance—in fact, though he may assume the role, it is always with levity—but he sets his boundaries clearly and always treats others with respect and kindness.

    He has asthma that only shows up when he pushes himself too far physically. This is a rare occurrence, as it has eased in adulthood and he has become comfortable in working around it. Those who have known him since he was a kit will be aware of his condition, but it's possible that younger characters may not know.

    His father, a purebred oriental shorthair, was the son of show cats and intended to follow in their footsteps until meeting and falling in love with his mother, whose family was a long-established presence in Marsh Group. His father ran away with his mother at a young age and adapted quickly to the demands of a feral lifestyle, never once looking back.

    At eight moons old, Vesper lost his parents to cruel humans while they were hunting together along the border. His mother was killed in front of him, and his father later succumbed to internal injuries. He was always a playful and friendly child, and he quickly bounced back into his former self with the support of the group. However, very few people are privy to his deepest thoughts and feelings, and most cats only know him for his warm and sweet nature. His deep-seated grudge against humans remains hidden under sunny smiles.