Getting honey was a sizeable hazel, but it was very much worth it. Before his investigations he had never tried anything so uniquely sweet, crafted by insects no less! Unfortunately, there was no way to get it without profoundly disturbing and agitating the craftsmen... so as he returned to camp with honeycomb wrapped in a leaf, stings upon his flank flared in itchy irritation. He'd just have to not lie on that side for a while- if he did, there would indeed be a sharp reminder of whether it was truly worth it to obtain honey.

Upon his tongue drizzled a drop, and he concluded that yes, it was worth it.

Grey eyes rove the clearing in which Thunderclan settled, and settled soon upon a stark-white figure who stood out against the low, wan light of early afternoon. Bluejay, the kitten whom Bumblebee had invited along with her flower-picking escapade. Ambling awry toward the child, Berry dipped his head and placed the leaf-bundle of honey and berries upon the ground. Someone else deserved to try this combination... though, not in excess, and kittens had not the appetite of adults. Usually.

ThunderClan was, to put it nicely, exhausting. A lot of loud (or so she presumed) personalities all in one camp. A camp that had, at first, looked big but now felt suffocating. Everywhere she looked there was someone. She missed the days when it was just her mom and Violet. This was for the best, though. They could never go back there. Besides, she wasn't attached to the location as much as she was to the memories of her little family.

The master flower weaver approached, causing the inattentive kit to startle. Oops. She really needed to stop zoning out before her heart gave out. A bundle of stuff had been dropped at her paws. It was a curious collection that smelled wonderful. But what did she do with it? She wondered if it tasted as good as it smelled.. but what if this concoction was some decorative piece and she nibbled on it? The sheer embarrassment that would bring.

So, Milky silently inquired by pointing at the berries and sticky substance before tilting her head to the side. Please. please say it's for eating.