Jul 27, 2022

Where was it?. Damask Rose had searched high and low, under any rocks he could found and in the tall grass. Just anywhere and meanwhile his siblings were in the background laughting at him. Out of all cruel games they had pulled on him for sure this was one of the most cruellest ones. They know how much Damask Rose loved his possessions he had found from flower to feathers, just anything he found pretty enough. It had always been a fun game for his siblings to take this things away from him and then hide it somewhere for him to desperately search for it, sometimes it had even taken him a whole day before he could found it again...But this time it was different!. What they had taken this time hadn't been something he had find on his own but something that had been given to him from somebody else as a gift!. That made it even more special to him, more prectious because someone had taken thier time to give it to him, and now it was gone.

Out of all things why had his siblings decided to take that from him?. What if he couldn't find it?. Would that make them upset at him?. Damask Rose didn't wanted to think about it, he just wanted it back to treasure it. But no matter how much he searched for it he couldn't found it anywhere!. For to long he had been searching for it looking anywhere he could possibly think of but he was starting to lose hope that he ever would found it. Defeated he would stop standing there in the middle of thier temporarily camp for the day fighting his tears back. Where did they hide it?. He sniffled, looking close to start crying at any moment, and meanwhile his siblings just laughted even more as they mocked him, calling him for a crybaby.



Cold disliked a lot of things in this world. He disliked having to repeat himself or explain things more than once to someone. He disliked losing to others or failing at something he was trying to do. He disliked weakness and coming off as such to other cats. To be perfectly honest, youd probably have an easier time trying to list the things he did like over what he didn't.

But above all the multitude of things Cold disliked was a singular thing he hated, and that was disloyalty.

Rage boiled the blood in his veins as he watched a teary-eyed Rose fratically search the camp for something, his siblings laughing hysterically at the smaller felines panic and misery. Rose was a lot of things, and many of them were things that Cold didn't like. The boy was sensitive and small, an emotionally driven outcast with more insecurities and less confidence then any other cat in the clan. He was the farthest thing Cold would consider a wild cat to be, but... he was a wild cat. Born in the marshes where Cold had been born. Had left to join Windclan instead of one of the other groups. Weather Rose fit his idea of what a 'good' Windclan cat should be or not, he was one of them, and making your weakest link even weaker by tormenting them was only going to make their group as a whole look weaker as well.

It was unacceptable.

"You flea-bags really have nothing better to do then torment one of your own?" he asked as he made his way toward the group of siblings. They were supposed to be Roses family. They were supposed to have his back. But then again, should he really be surprised? Colds own siblings had abandoned him as well. The only difference was that their relationship lacked the toxicity of what Rose had with his littermates. Maybe it was because the other tom was so much smaller and forgiving, but Cold was not.

Nothing about his approach was friendly, from the words spoken to the predatory roll of his shoulders as he padded toward the group of siblings, all chuckling at Roses misfortune. "Funny. Same here." he added coldly, claws slipping free to glint in the sun. Only he clearly wasn't talking about joining them in making their sibling miserable. No, Cold would mcuh prefer to use them as scratching posts. "Where'd you put his stuff?"

windclan apprentice - male - 10 months - bisexual - polyamorous - single - a tall, muscular tabby with dark grey fur
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Honey is called forth with concerned eyes by the sound of sniffling and cruel laughter. Cold is on the scene, threatening the siblings and her fur prickles uncomfortably. Gentle gaze sharpens in to anger and a scowl spreads across her face. She approaches the group, obviously vibrating in annoyance and anger. "Move, before I make you." she snarks out, accented vocals heavy. "And if you don’t, I will let Cold have his way with you lot." she growls, rumbling deep in her throat, ears flattening.

She’ll turn to Damask Rose with a gentle expression. "Ma cherie, what happened? What did they take?" her voice is soft, a stark contrast from before. "I have a whole bunch of flowers, would that make you happy, cherie? What color do you like?" she purrs out, flicking an ear and standing protectively over the other.

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