forest cats. rhey were always so stuck up and so annoying to the royal, but she was annoyed by practically everyone. she only ever gave beautiful mollies a passing glance, and even then, they eventually annoyed her just as much. this brewing tension between house cats and forest cats was only amusing to cleopatra because that meant fighting would happen. and oh, oh did the pharaoh love the drama that came right along with it. she was a sucker for it. it drew her in like a moth to a bright flame, only she wasnt the one that got burned. no matter the outcome of any fight, she was still better than them all.

as she stood within the forest, her tongue drew gently across her lips at the smell of prey. prey that likely belonged to the cats of the forest but who cared? she wanted it. and what the pharaoh wanted, the pharaoh got. crouching down, she watched quietly as the mouse ran across the forest's floor. with a small twitch of her tail, she leaped forward, tumbling and barely catching the prey in her jaws with a satisfied purr. her gaze landed on a nearby scent and suddenly a grin pushed on her face.

"Hey, forest cat. Look what I've got... too bad that you didn't catch the pretty little thing before me. It could of been for you and all your tick pelted friends."