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Jul 20, 2022


It was with a mixture of elation and doubt that Mink crept through the pine woodland. It was the toms first time beyond twoleg place, having only ever explored the boundary of the treeline behind it. Often he stare out into the woods with those pretty blue eyes of his, wondering what lay beyond the fences and twoleg nests he'd grown up among. Surely there had to be more?

Wanderlust, his mother had called it. He could remember her gazing down at him with fondness whenever he'd pester her with questions about the world beyond what he knew. Maybe she'd been right after all. Mink didn't know if what he felt was a need to travel, per se, but it was definitely true that he'd never been able to picture himself growing old there. Somewhere out there was a place that would satisfy the itch he felt in his spirit, and this was his first step toward it.

Was he scared? Of course! It wasn't something he'd readily admit to since he had his pride and all, but he wasnt a fool. There were dangers out here he probably couldn't even imagine, and on top of that he had only the experience of a stray to get him by, so if he became lost things could go south quickly for him. Besides, it wasn't as if fear was the only thing he was feeling just then. Excitement coursed through his veins over doing something so... crazy!

Who in their right mind went out into the wood to try and join a group of feral cats, after all?

And yet, that's exactly what Mink was doing. Somewhere in this pine forest was group of wild cats that would apparently take in cats from time to time, and quite frankly it wasn't he just had to experience for himself. Finally, a chance had come for the sleek tomcat to do something other than rot away in twoleg-place as another stray.

The only glaring problem with this was that Mink didn't exactly know where this 'clan' was located, which left him wandering the woodland in search of a scent trail he wasn't sure he'd even be able to find.

Oh well. It was too late to go back now.​

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For a while now Churro had been hanging around the newly called Skyclan, finding them to be good company to be with (Sopapilla seemed to be happy, as well). A bit ago, Churro had meowed to be let out of the house and out she went, only to find herself napping in a tree. Typical Churro, but oh, it was oh so comfy. Now she lounges, watching the occasional cat pass and memorizing the fur patterns of her friends (not that she'd remember, of course).

Theres a new darker brown pelt that moves across her vision and it piques her interest, head slightly tilting to the right. New friend, intruder, sleeping buddy? The possibilities were endless but she could not muster up the strength to move from her spot, the comfiest she'd been in a while so she'd resort to mrrowing from the branch. "Hola, que es tu nombre?" she'd shout excitedly, a yawn bursting through her lips as she shook her head. A phrase she had picked up from her housefolk, one that was thrown around quite a bit considering the younger girl was popular. "Whatcha doin? On an adventure? Personally, I prefer being up here than down there." a tired giggle as she propped herself up, getting a better look at the guy.

Red was not his father. His father was welcoming to everyone, he believed ever cat deserved a second chance at everything, when they walked into Rain’s forest everything they had done prior became a past life. Their mistakes did not define them. It was not how Red saw it. He eyed every stranger with suspicion and spoke to them in guarded tones. This cat was no exception, though Churro would seem to think so. Friendly as only a kittypet can be she asks the tom if he’s there to hang out. What a ridiculous question, he thinks with a small snort. What cat came into the forest just to nap? Still, he could not fault the red bird she cat for asking, she slept with her twolegs by night and she did not quite know the dangers of trusting a stranger. Red knew. Never again.

“Are you lost?” He asks, one eyebrow raised in suspicion and his stance cautious. With how the cats in the marsh had acted prior to the great battle, Red had learned that cats showing up at their border could go one of two ways and he decided that he would always be ready from here on out to protect the other cats in his ‘clan’ if things ever broke out in a fight. He wanted to protect the cats who he called family, especially from those he did not know. What if this cat was dangerous? Churro could’ve been murdered just for being friendly. Subconsciously he moves to stand between the stranger and his overly friendly kittypet clan mate, hoping she remained perched in the tree she was currently laying in.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ There's a tension hanging over SkyClan like a suffocating miasma. Poison to the lungs, to the spirit. Blaise himself has felt his pelt prickle with unease since announcing himself leader and claiming the pine forest near the Twolegplace. His flesh stings beneath the critical eyes of his Clanmates, the eyes of the other cats he'd sat beside on the great rock under the moon.

He's taken to leaving camp as often as he can. Sometimes it's to hunt alone, though he's had little luck still. More often, though, it's to mark the trees, sniff out intruders. Blaise alone could not drive a dangerous foe out, but as self-proclaimed leader, shouldn't he have to try?

He goes to stand beside Red, one of the younger children of Rain. He's looking at the newcomer with sharp blue eyes, muscles stiff as if the other tom might attack. Blaise glances above them, into the ceiling of arcing branches, and spots Churro's reddish coat amidst the needles.

"Did you come from..." He hesitates. Twolegplace is a word made up by the ferals. He had been bewildered when first confronted with the term. The Ragdoll clears his throat and starts over: "Do you have housefolk? Why have you come to the forest?"


The shout from above, sudden as it was, proved enough to startle the sleek tomcat. Visibly jumping before whirling around to gaze up into the tree the call had sounded from, blue eyes were wide as his gaze landed on the form of a shecat up in th branches of a tree.

"W-what?" he found himself stuttering out in confusion. Had she even been speaking real words just then? If so it certainly wasn't a language he knew- which wasn't hard to accomplish considering he only spoke the common tongue of the area.

Thankfully, their next words made far more sense to him despite the their rapid-fire delivery. A small smile would settle on the toms lips as he began to relax a little. This cat, whoever they were, certainly didn't seem to be a threat to him.

"Actually, kind of?" he would reply. This whole thing had certainly been an adventure in a way, but before he could continue other cat seemed to appear from thin air.

This one was not in a tree, and their proximity to Mink on the ground brought a wave of caution over the tom as blue eyes fixed themselves on the other tom with just as much guarded curiosity.
"I'm not really sure." he admitted. The fact that this was the second cat he'd found in less then two minutes was leading him to believe that maybe he was closer to here he was trying to get then he'd first thought.

His confidence in this theory grew when a third feline made their way to stand beside the red-furred tom on the ground. Mink was very much aware of the fact that he was outnumbered right now, but he was a reasonable cat. The shecat above certainly didn't seem like she was looking for a fight, and neither did the third cat. Even the the red tom, tense as he may seem, wasn't acting outwardly aggressive toward him, and so mink was inclined to remain polite and calm, gauging the situation as it went.

"No, I don't have housefolk." he replied with a shake of his head. "I came to the forest because there's been talk around that there are cats here living wild in the woods. I wanted to come see for myself, maybe stay if its allowed." he explained, figuring that honesty would probably just be the best course of action to take. He had no reason to lie anyways. [/size

male - 22 months - skyclan - homosexual - single - siamese mix - has a british accent