QUICK FIX - ceremony

There was a pounding in her skull that screamed at her, no matter how close she snuggled in to Tuggers side, no matter how much she tried to suppress her fear of the unknown, of the strange dreams she had been having recently. It was always the same thing, there were cries for help as the forest burnt and in her path laid piles upon piles of soot. Her breath was always choking her in the dream, hitched in her throat as the cries grow louder and louder, the fire burning brighter, before it blazed everything away in to a fire-struck flatland that suddenly bloomed to life, much like the moor. She'd always wake up in a cold sweat, but chocked it up to the pregnancy she had recently found out about.

In the back of her mind, she knew it wasn't it, and it was time to set out to where she was being tugged towards.

She leaves during the night, away from Tuggers side, a longing in her eyes as she rises from her shared nest and leaves without him. What am I doing? She thinks as she treads a path that she was sure no one else had. A very dangerous path, without his protection, with the budding life inside her, shes still uncertain how she feels about bringing children in to a world that was so recently divided, so recently struck with fresh wounds. She breathes out an icy breath, shivering as she walked, leaving all she had known behind. Will I ever return? The thought strikes like claws and she stops in her tracks, staring at her paws as she feels tears well up in her eyes. She blinks aggressively, not letting them fall, she couldn't cry.

She finds her trek going through Windclan land and now shes on high alert, her eyes flitting back and forth between the blades of grass. Its like this the whole trip, her paranoia only rising as she breaks out in to a sprint; she finds herself in a cave and theres a buzz in her mind, touch it, touch it. She stumbles forwards, in awe of the sheer darkness that has fallen over her and her nose bumps in to something. Shes sent in to the dream realm.

She wakes to a starry field and theres a cat covered in glitter in front of her. Her breath catches in her throat and she steps back. "Y-You?" she couldn't have been dead, right? No, no, she couldn't be, her kits, Tugger, they needed her. Tears finally begin to fall. This wasn't how the journey was supposed to go, she wasn't supposed to die.

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Marigold gazes at the cinnamon swirled she-cat before him, a soft smile resting on a young face. He does not bear the wounds which had cost him his life, his golden fur prim and shimmering with starlight. She's scared. He can see it on her tear-stricken face, hear it in her quavering voice. He'd been scared, too, when he'd awoken in the starry forest. Not only for the future which had been stolen away from him, but for his family. Some of them had joined him among the stars, but the others... They must wait a little longer to join him.

His heart aches for all of those who grieve. Marigold wishes that he could reassure them that he's still with them, even when they could not see him. But for now, all he could do is watch over them.

"It's okay," he murmurs, blinking slowly. "You're dreaming, you're okay. I promise." Marigold hopes that would soothe her. A heaviness weighs in his heart, however, at the magnitude of her destiny. A destiny she wouldn't want for herself, he knows... She has a family in SkyClan, but she could not stay.

Marigold glances around the starlit forest, his tail swaying above the lush grass. "Isn't it beautiful here?" He's stalling, he knows. Buying time before the inevitable. "You can rest easy knowing that your loved ones have passed onto paradise. StarClan." He turns back to her, his gaze melancholic.

He cannot keep running from it. Fritter would soon have to wake up. "...Do you know why you've been called here?" Marigold's smile grows sad. Naively, he hopes that she does. That the burden of shattering her world does not rest quite so heavily on his shoulders.

Her breath hitches and more tears well up in her drying eyes. Marigold. The one she wasn't fast enough for, if she had just gotten the call of battle a little earlier maybe he'd be alive. Guilt floods her body. "I'm sorry," she manages to choke out, her words catching in her throat. The cat she had failed, she still remembers his body laying on the ground. It haunts her, makes sleeping a nightmare and yet here he was. His eyes bore no resentment but instead a wisdom that only comes with experience and age. You will never grow old. "I tried, you know? I'm so sorry, I tried to get revenge for you. I failed you, Marigold, i'm sorry." her voice cracks as more tears are shed and the pleas are quiet.

He speaks and she isn't dead, just dreaming. You look so peaceful here. It was a better image of him, star-pelted, beautiful, no scars. "... It is beautiful. Magnifique, even." she laments sadly, ears pinning to her skull. Part of her wonders if Fougasse would be here before she shut her eyes., if his path had crosses with Brioche yet to be reunited. She harshly laughs, a bittersweet thought, oh where oh where has her mother gone?

Her attention is back on Marigold and her expression loosens. "If I had to guess, somethings wrong, huh?" she meows, softer than her previous words. "Those dreams, they were terrible. There was soot and then there were unfamiliar cats and I couldn't make anything out." she doesn't quite get it, doesn't get that her world would be uprooted in less than a couple minutes. Ignorance is bliss and so she lives in it, resting gently against the ground.
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