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//Sorry for the late post! Here's the Weekly Patrols given to us. Fox attack. No deaths, since there will be an NPC that dies in this- and only one fox. The patrol will work together to kill or chase off the fox. It is below average in size for a male fox. Young in age.

The idea of being on a patrol with the three cats who barely smiled around her was odd. She was used to the cold glares and spits of anger that left people around her. Though, it had toned down over the past moons. Perhaps things were settling down, but she wouldn't let herself relax for much longer. Hyacinthbreath flicks her tail to the patrol behind her, readying her command. "Coldpaw, you'll flank me from behind. Heavy Snow, you will be at my right. Wolfsnarl, at my left. You smell anything, hear anything, and you alert me. A simple tail flick. Understood?" She whispers softly to the three toms, waiting for them to get in position before she begins to march through the moors and towards the forest, tail steady behind her to keep perfect balance. With all these toms around her, she looked like a kit- terribly small compared to them. But would she complain? Not at all. Not anymore, at least.

The smell of rotting flesh is the first thing that hits her nose, and Hyacinth is quick to follow the scent trail until she comes before the decaying body of a cat that smelled of WindClan. What had this one been named, Sunflowerpaw? She'd barely turned nine moons old, this past moon. She pushes her pawpad to the body, feeling the cold on her toes. "She's been dead for a small bit of time. Too long for me. The damage looks like a fox tore her to shreds before she could escape. Must have been exploring the boundaries of the moorland camp." She meows softly, a look of sorrow in her eyes. Still, she gives the a patrol a nod to continue. "The fox scent is still fresh. It is male, from the stench. I've seen plenty of these creatures in my homelands, they are quick-witted fellows." She remarks with a frown, body weaving around a tree easily until the scent smacks her right in the nose. It's fresh, present- the fox was right past the trees they were cloaked by, but the wind faced them, hiding their scent well.

"Split off, surround the fox. We'll attack from all sides. Got it? When I say go, we go together. If we work together, we can kill it."

When it had been announced that Coldpaw would be accompanying the patrol that was be dealing with the fox, he probably should have been a lot more nervous than he currently was. The nerves were certainly there, the large apprentice very much aware of how dangerous this was and of how much could go wrong, but he guessed it was that itself which made the entire thing so appealing to him. He liked the rush that came from shit like this, and besides, he'd never been the kind of cat to turn the chance to defend something he considered his, and so there'd be a particular sense of satisfaction that came at running this fox off.

Wordlessly the young tom would fall into place behind Hyacinth, vigilant as he stalked through the grasslands alongside the others. He didn't intend to be ambushed, and let his senses keep track of the world around him. Eventually they came upon the body of a cat, the stench of death heavy in the air, the sickly sweetness of death and the copper of blood filling the space around them. Coldpaw frowned at the sight of the mangled apprentice, saying nothing as he lifted his gaze to scan their surroundings at his mentors report.

Yellow eyes fell upon the red form of a canine-like creature out on the moors past the treeline. They weren't all that much larger than the cats themselves, far less fiercer than some of the dogs the apprentice had seen in his lifetime. Hyacinth was right- the four of them probably could kill it.

"On your signal, then." he agreed, slipping off to take his position.

windclan apprentice - male - 8 months - a large, dark grey tabby with yellow eyes