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Sunfreckle wasn't a stupid cat, he was actually fairly smart if not a little too naively optimistic at times, but he knew affection when he saw it. He had taken to watching his clanmates intently recently for the distraction, trying not to sink too deep in his thoughts and dwell on the things that hurt like losing Dovekit and worrying over his other kittens health and even his own; he was sure he had done something to harm them all, that his own habit of getting sick easily had been caught by the kits and he was on high alert for it. In his observations he had noticed a certain fiery she-cat and their newly assigned lead warrior being rather close. It wasn't a lot, at least from most perspectives, but he was deeply intrigued in the way only a hopeless romantic fool could be. He could absolutely be reading too much into it, but he wasn't going to think on that because simply basking in the ideals of love was the sort of contentment that kept a smile on his face. He and Rabbitnose were sometimes called sickeningly sweethearts and he wasn't going to deny it, he liked it too much to tone down any of their affection because it was 'too much' for others.

It was why he was padding over to Flamewhisker, caught unawares by his boisterous and cheery presence most likely, tone light and joking as he took a seat, "How're things with you and Flycatcher?" The red tabby never claimed to be subtle and he was not going to start practicing it now. If anything his very openly honest way of speaking and holding himself made him much more trustworthy than any other cat; Sunfreckle didn't lie because he couldn't. Deception was not a skill he even had in his arsenal, he'd never even felt the urge to try. A few witheld bits of information at times, perhaps, but openly feigning ignorance didn't suit him. Normal ignorance was alright.

( ) That morning she had been hunting, and had somehow gotten a thorn in her pad. When Sunfreckle approached her, she was sitting near the warrior's den, licking her front paw. Cinderfrost had gotten the thorn out, but her paw still ached. It had been a long time since a thorn had gotten her. I'll have to be more careful, this forest is full of them. she had told herself.

As Sunfreckle approached her, the red tabby rose her fluffy tail in greeting. She was relieved to see that he appeared to be in a better mood today. Like the rest of the clan, she had heard of Dovekit's passing. She couldn't imagine the pain of losing a kit, it was a pain she wished to never experience. Will I ever have kits one day? the thought had crossed her mind a time or two, but she was still young, and leaf-bare was on the way, surely now wasn't a good time to be thinking about that.

How're things with you and Flycatcher? were the first words out of the tom's mouth. She tilted her head, slightly confused by his question. "What do you mean? We're fine...we're good friends." That was all they were, right? Her mind drifted of to the several nights following the fire where she had been awoken abruptly by nightmares. Each time, he had woken up with her and comforted her until she fell back asleep. Then she remembered the night after the meeting where he had been promoted. She had been awake then too, and he had followed her out of the camp. They had raced to the Great Sycamore, and he had won. When the race was over, they both looked like bird's nests from all the sticks and leaves they had run through.

Suddenly she was jerked back into reality, and she realized the red tom was staring at her...Her fur was bushed out a bit, and she quickly started licking her chest fur embarrassedly. "I..I don't know what you're talking about."

"Of course I like Flamewhisker!" Flycatcher responded cheerfully. The lead warrior had wandered into the conversation rather absent-mindedly, not knowing that Sunfreckle and Sparkkit had been lightly teasing Flamewhisker about her closeness with him. "Don't you like Flamewhisker, Sparkkit?" He asked, nudging the young kit playfully. It is only when Flycatcher looks up at Flamwhisker's sheepish expression, and Sunfreckle's rather conspiratorial one, that he realises that perhaps Sparkkit had meant 'like' in a different way. Suddenly, Flycatcher's expression is quite sheepish and his own tail bushed out in surprise, as the realisation of what had really been said struck him hard.

His usual smile was somewhat less prominent than before, but he smiled all the same; grief was strange sometimes. He would feel fine one day and then refusing to get out of bed the next, it had taken a lot of coaxing from Rabbitnose to even get him to eat sometimes but his other kits kept him busy enough to move forward easily. The red tom raised a paw thoughtfully to his mouth, tone light and teasing as Flamewhisker spoke and explained away her closeness to the new lead warrior with the simple statement of 'friends' and while he agreed you could be quite comfortable with friends and not every cat who grew close was doing so with a romantic notion; he had a strange feeling this was otherwise. Perhaps a sixth sense?
"Oh? My apologies, I thought for certain you were-" He was going to keep teasing, pretend he was mistaken before changing the topic with the intent to sneak it back in at a later point but his son with all the subtly as a brick to the head arrived to shout.
His tail looped out to pull Spark-kit to him, pausing to give the fiery kitten a quick tongue swipe across the head in a small attempt to tame his unruly fur. Giving this little wildfire of kit baths was an entire job on its own with the way he fought them on it, Sunfreckle had half a mind to just roll him in the dirty some days and let him stay filthy.
Sunfreckle opened his mouth to speak again, perhaps jokingly scold Spark-kit for outing the two when Flycatch, poor clueless Flycatch, wandered over without the full context to insist it was true. The red tom stated, smile growing wider as he watched the dawning realization unfold upon the other.
"Well, we all like Flamewhisker, don't we Spark-kit? But I am certain you like her most of all, Flycatcher~"

Oh, romance... it was a topic that Berryheart had long since dismissed as not his thing. In his younger moons, talk of crushes and various romantic pursuits plagued the conversation of all in his generation- and so little of it could the tortoiseshell tom relate to that he had worried that there was something wrong with him. That he was... broken, in some way. Back then it had felt like, with every problem he solved a new one reared an ugly head and roared straight in his face.

That was then, though. Since the battle, since moving from the marsh to ThunderClan, the lean tom had felt more himself than ever, and entirely sure of himself too. Others could be happy in their own ways, with floods of kittens and huddled close to someone every night... oh, he could not imagine sharing a bed. Or having to mind kittens that were entirely your own. Feeling unabashed belonging in this forest, warmed by spotted sunlight every day, having nothing but his favourite meals to eat... it had affirmed to him that he did not need a love story. He had already found one, in his home and the life he lived now.

Still, as much as he could not relate the pitter-patter of Blue and Sunset's paws as they danced around the truth that seemed so obvious to everyone around them, it made it no less entertaining to watch if only for the guessing game of how much longer it would be before they admitted it. From where he lay nearby Berryheart hardly moved, hooded eyes half-lidded in drowsiness. For as subtle as his movements usually were, there was something rather obvious about the clear angle of his ears toward the talk, something of a smile tugging at his lips as Nifty made a teasing remark. This was another reason he loved his home- the ease of eavesdropping.
( ) I've seen in too!

The red tabby whipped her head around as Sparkkit bounced into their conversation. Her heart was racing as the kit exclaimed to the camp that her and Flycatcher liiiiiked each other. She could feel her ears pressing against her skull, but no words came from her mouth. She knew exactly what Sparkkit was implying...and was it true? Honestly, she couldn't say. She had always felt different around the grey tom, he made her feel comfortable and safe. Whenever he was around, she felt warm and happy. Was that what love felt like? She was lost in her mind, not nearing Sunfreckle speaking to her, until...

Of course I like Flamewhisker!

She was brought back into reality again...As if on cue, here he came. He had responded too cheerfully, surely he hadn't heard all of their conversation. Uncomfortably, Flamewhisker's fur rose even more, until nearly all of it was standing on end. She felt like she was going to melt with embarrassment. Would they notice if I slipped away...? Probably....Mouse dung. Her alabaster paws shuffled in the dirt anxiously. When would this torture end? She was definitely running off for awhile after this!

"Well, we all like Flamewhisker, don't we Spark-kit? But I am certain you like her most of all, Flycatcher~"

Her green gaze turned to Sunfreckle, shooting him an icy glare. She opened her jaws to speak, but the Molly was at a loss of words.

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