RAINBOW ROAD -- intro(???)

Sep 23, 2022
*:・゚✧☁ ⋯ Thunder keened over the horizon, and the air was heavyset with ozone. She couldn't be more terrified.

Her nostrils drew in feeble breaths, head tilted up so the desperate exhales were quieted. Gloom forgot all about the crawling bugs, and the tick-bites, and feeling itchy and weak and covered in bark. Impending doom was upon her, and soon the cats who'd spotted her and attempted to find her in the thickets would breach the undergrowth.

Her mind had processed the patrol minutes earlier in a panicked blur, and the pelts she'd seen were a mirage of colours. She could only remember two or three, but there could be more. Instinctually, she'd fled, despite the scarier storm approaching, dark clouds prowling over the lighter grey.

Voices sprung up, blooming in the distance, trailing ever closer. A shout, and quieter coos masquerading as comfort. Heartbeat thrumming faster, her amber eyes squeezed shut. The kit searched hastily for her courage, grasping for it in the thickness of her anxiety. Resolved, she took a few shaky steps out from behind the tree trunk, until she was confronted dead-on with one of the felines who'd helped look for her. Tentative footfall turned into a run, and gritting her teeth, she warbled her battle cry.

Trying to latch needle claws onto the bigger cat's leg, a furious grey, bristling furball, Gloom attacked.

// left open ended for it to be anyone!! she can have went for a played character or an npc <3
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( ) it's a darker day in the reed strewn lands. storm clouds roll overhead, thunder rumbling in their chest as the femme stalks along, eyes wide. moments before, the same gaze had spotted a tiny creature, huddled deep in the undergrowth, and they are now scanning for the kitten, brow furrowed with worry. it seems the weeping trees have hidden the child well, and so they call out, voice soft but anxious. "little one, please don't run. it's not safe out here!" because there's no way the furball will survive through this storm, not with clouds so dark and lightning lashing across the great abyss of sky. they know their words will probably be difficult to believe - if the child ran, she must be scared, but wil knows they have to try anyway.

fern hued eyes finally spot the storm hued fluff as she barrels towards them, an attempt at a fearsome snarl painting her face. willowroot stumbles back in surprise but doesn't move fast enough. velcro-like claws latch into silken smoke fur and the child clings there, furious and tiny. adorable. the pawsteps behind them tell the warrior that their patrol is not far behind, and so they stand there with a child clung to their flank, completely confused, slightly amused, and over all simply concerned. "i found the kid!"

// apologies for the underwhelming post lol but i just wanna say i love gloom already !!


The lanky tortie trotted to catch up to Willowroot as he heard her call. That's good, he figured. The kit would be safe now. Catching the kit may have been a pain, he may have tripped on a rock somewhere but you know? Maybe no one saw it.

"That's good, but it looks like it's about to pour. We should take her back to camp." Voidwhisper said, looking up at the sky as if expecting it to start pouring immediately because he said something.

Finding a lost kitten out in the territory was not exactly new for them, painful as it was to admit, but having them run off was different. Sending the entire patrol searching for one skittish little scrap of fur during a storm was not exactly what he had in mind for the days duties but he begrudingly joined and did his best to locate the tiny hellion. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Willowroot found them first and he slowly made his way over at her call, stopping alongside Voidwhisper, only to pause midstep upon spotting the child aggressively trying to shred her leg with too short claws and her fur puffed up around her looking very much like an angry squirrel.
"...we can keep this one. I like this one." His voice remained its usual monotonous growl of a tone but there was the hint of a smile on his maw that struck his eyes, narrowing them in amusement. Excellent to see some tenacity, meant the kit wouldn't be prey anytime soon. Was there a parent nearby or would they be taking the tiny ankle-biter in-suppose they ought to make sure of that first.
"Voidwhisper, check the area? See if we can't find another cat..." His orange gaze briefly glanced up at the darkening sky, "....make it quick."


"What's with the sassy little kit?" Crawlingroach tilted his head in a perplexed manner, his eyes narrowing as he stared at the feisty youth with scrutiny. Why was the kit all alone and out just before a coming storm? Madness. Luckily they had found the lil' kit before things got serious. Although... The black tom peered up at the dark sky above and he made an uneasy humming noise as he pondered their chances of actually making it back to the camp before the rains hit. "I'm not sure we're going to make it back in time. Maybe we should find somewhere closer to wait out the storm?"

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*:・゚✧☁ ⋯ The efforts of her attack led Gloom's attention to her greatest attempts at clawing, until the very cats she'd ran from were lingering far too close. An agitated hiss bubbled from her mouth as she realized, but surrounded, there was no escape exit. She dangled from Willowroot's fur, looking wildly around at each of the RiverClanners. Well, shit.

Gritting her teeth, she decided quickly any insult would land her either outside of their territory to brave the storm, or worse, they'd insult her back. The kit winced in remembrance of her many fleas and ticks, and decided that compared to her foes, there was more about her to jab at. To make matters worse, they kept mentioning that terrible rain, and the disgusting, loud, rumbling belly of the sky. She tilted her head back to stare worriedly at Crawlingroach, her upside-down eyes wide with dread.