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Jul 15, 2022
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Don't fuck this up Was a montra in their mind as small, black paws moved along the heathery moorland. Soft and springy from recent rain, and a nose twitched as they took head of a group of four other cats. @HEAVY SNOW was among them, a tom they never got to know but knew was rather gentle and calm. Then there was @MALLOWLARK who Inkylotus could hear smiling most of the time and was told never seemed to falter with his grin, but yet another cat they didn't know very well. This whole patrol seemed like a bunch of cats they didn't know very well off hand, but he was eager to get to know them at least? They all seemed rather friendly; @Hunts Pheasants and a grey cat, @marquette he also didn't know occompanied them as well. Each of their scents was new to the blind cat, but yet he felt excited. They finally got to lead a patrol! Actually got to do something of use for once since coming here and Duskfires' words echoed in his mind; you've been around long before Windclan. It was true, Inkylotus and Ferret had taken up the moors as a temporary home in their travels and he was eager to show his knowledge of the land.

"Riverclan shouldn't be too much further," He assured the party over his shoulder, the smell of the river was growing stronger and the ground underpaw felt less spirngy and more solid- like dirt. The wind shifted in sound as it shifted from moorlands to that of trees, willows from what Inkylotus could feel walking through them. The Riverclan border was upon them and he wondered how far from the waterfall they where. That was in Riverclan territory, but it was one of his favorite places to go. It was so peaceful, so calming and something he wished he could see. Aside from seeing Duskfire of course, but that was another story for another time.

Though Inkylotus seemed to realize something- what where they suppose to do? Where they to mark the borders? Just look around for a while? Sourly, the cat realized they didn't ask specifics of what a patrol meant. Inkylotus felt stupid and he gave a small huff in annoyance. "We should fan out, see if we can mark down spots of our territory and make sure theres no Riverclan scent," He spoke to the group of cats with a swish of his long tail. Hopefully that sounded confident, cause he sure didn't feel it.
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− ♱ ABOUT : the man is making his usual rounds when he catches the scent ; one that sticks with him still, reeking of horseplace and rabbit dung that lights his nostrils ablaze. his lip twitches, his position amongst the reeds hidden along the border — lucky enough for him to have been upwind for windclan’s second patrol to their borders. through the waving flora he could see a motley crew of various felidae, though none he distinctly recognized from the apology patrol they’d been sent a moon prior. sootstar had been wise enough not to send the brown tabby his way and for that, he would be grateful. in fact, the group seemed particularly unimposing, with an uncertain, cute little tabby tom cat at the lead. a ear flicks, his contempt for the clan momentarily subdued by their apparent lack of direction.

make sure there’s no riverclan scent.

a low chuckle reverberates from the undergrowth before he can think to subdue it, “ a difficult feat, seeing as you’re on our border. “ cicadastar speaks finally, paws dipping quietly along the shallow shore as he noses his way from the reeds. icy luminaries drift visibly to each individual windclanner, observing ear to tailtip, before returning his focus to the patrols lead, “ this is a peaceful visit, i hope? “ his words are said with a smile ; despite his tone bearing almost paternal gentleness, the sharp edge of threat lie barbed just beneath.

  • CICADASTAR ; he / him. roughly thirty seven months old, riverclan leader
    − handsome, lanky black smoke tortie chimera with curly fur and icy blue eyes
    − gay. speaks with a thick german accent, former marsh cat, penned by antlers

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Okay, so he’s not stalking any of his clanmates. He just happens to keep coincidentally bumping into them outside of camp. When he hears voices, he assumes that it’s just another clanmate that his path has aligned with, so he doesn’t give it much thought and just continues on his merry way to find prey. But then the cool, calm voice of RiverClan’s dark-patched leader filters in through the trees, and he changes course to join Cicadastar at the border between RiverClan and WindClan.

His gaze shifts from the leader to the cats on the other side, a decent sized group of them. His first instinct is the same as when he and Foxpaw had come across a loner in the territory—to drive them away—but this group isn’t even on RiverClan’s territory. They seem to be from WindClan, though, judging by their awful smells, and Clayfur hasn’t forgiven any of those WindClanners for the damage that one of their own did to Cicada. But Cicada himself seems calm enough, so the brown and white tabby says nothing. Contrary to popular belief, he is intelligent enough to understand when he should shut up and let his superiors do the talking.

He stands there only half-awkwardly, hazel eyes locked onto the white-furred member of the WindClan patrol. Just… sizing up the enemy, he tells himself. He’s not sure exactly how he should behave around these strangers, but he attempts to follow Cicada’s lead, a placid smile crossing his maw.
Everything Stays

An eyeless face turns at the sound of voices, one that sounds familiar to him in a way. Ah, who was that again? He couldn't tell from their scent whom they where as their scents mixed together awfully well. Though as they speak, another scent joins them and Inkylotus feels their ears go back against their head. Ah right, there of course would be more than one Riverclanner right? The black ghost tabby lifted his head, begging to look confident, "Yes it is a peaceful patrol, I assure you," He answered the first cat and offered a kind smile, "We're just marking the borders and such, sorry if we came too close. I can't seem to see my own front paws," Yes a joke, good good. That surely won't cause an ruffled feathers right? Well it was the hope it wouldn't cause an issue.

"Ehm, I am Inkylotus, this is Heavysnow, Stormpaw, White-eye and Mallowlark. Duskfire sent us to check the borders," Inkylotus seemed to flinch a bit at his own words; he had already stated that previously. The blind cat cursed himself mentally for talking in circles or well repeating himself more like, and flicked his tail a bit in anxiety. This was going to go horribly and he could just feel it in his paws. A hesitant lift of his paw came from Inkylotus, and he moved his head down a bit as he was sure his faking confidence wasn't being bought, "Though I seem to have come to the realization we don't have borders set with Riverclan, so I suppose we're just check it out?"

Stupid, stupid.

Inky paws stood firm upon the earth, Mallowlark's stance unfaltering as he drank in his surroundings. And drinking he would have to do, with all this water around! Laughter threatened to gibber through his clamped grin, though quiet chokes forced down the giggles, keeping wide eyes unmoving and not a twitch of a face-muscle seen. Despite a general passion for extroversion, the domino tom stayed mostly near Heavy Snow, a tom who he knew much better; and as the patrol-leader and the RiverClan leader himself, who stood proud and- well, was quite good-looking- made conversation, Mallowlark felt a bubble of laughter threaten to burst the dam of his maw yet again.

He was doing well until Inkylotus' joke- he couldn't see his own front paws! Oh- that was a good one! A squawk of abrupt laughter left him, spluttered from a wide smile before the large tom could stop it. "S-Sorry! S- HAHhh- ahaha!" A charcoal paw was brought to his mouth, trying to muffle his laughter as he dipped his head apologetically. He really couldn't help it- he hoped the Riverclanners, who regarded them sharply, would forgive him for it!

"Yeah- hah, uh, we- we don't- just here to mark the borders 'n such, hah-HEY! So, what's it like in the- the RIVER- PFFFT.... sorry!" His question was genuine, but the ache in his stomach from his laughter was beginning to make him wince- despite, as always, the presence of a grin hand-in-hand with persistent, barely-blinking eye contact.
( ) "wet." comes the reply to mallowlark's question, in tone of an elegant smoke feline as she stalks up beside cicadastar. these are cats she has been warned about from the man himself, and willowroot internally winces remembering the icy tone and sharp snarl. windclan, cats of the moors, those who have taken the territory from former barn cats and wild roaming loners. the silvery feline can say with certainty that they have no desire to join the breeze swept clan, but curiosity always tempts. curling their tail around their back paws, they stand tall, eyes guarded but not hostile. if it's a simple border patrol, there's no need for aggression. the hysterical giggling from one black and white tom does itch their fur in an uncomfortable way, but willowroot tries to ignore it. "it's... nice to meet you all." their voice gives away nothing, but they do appreciate the apprehension with which this patrol leader has approached. at least someone will respect the river.

glancing from clayfur to cicadastar, the slender feline waits, unsure what is to happen now. the leader seems calm, collected despite the twitching muscles that indicate his true feelings.


Heavy Snow stands tall, towering over most of the other cats in his patrol. His size, combined with his snowy white fur meant that he was quite difficult to miss. He watches quietly from the back of the patrol, bi-colored eyes focusing on the cats who slowly started trickling in front behind the reeds. So these were the cats who lived in the wet lands? He had seen a couple from the gathering, but had no desire to come any closer than he had been, no desire to actually speak to them. He lets out a grunt simply in greeting. He would let Inkylotus handle all the pleasantries, he was the patrol leader after all. He wasn’t a big fan of the idea of being bossed about by a cat so much younger than him but he went along with it all the same. Now though, he steps forward to lay his fluffy tail over Mallowlark’s back in a soothing gesture, though his eyes never leave the River Clan patrol, watching their every move.

He lets out a small snort of laughter when one says that it’s wet there. Go figure, these fish-breathed felines had a sense of humor. “It’s nice to meet all of you too” he says, though his tense, alert, demeanor would suggest otherwise. He’s not certain what these cats are going to do, not certain how this interaction was going to go. Hopefully they could just exchange awkward conversation and be on their way, but he was never certain with these ‘clan’ cats.
His first excursion as an official WindClan apprentice is to the riverlands. He'd felt awkward watching Goldenpaw walk off with his own mentor, leaving Pigeonpaw weak and small in camp, Magpiepaw... wherever she is, he can't keep track of her even whe she's making it easy. And this big white tom who is meant to teach him WindClan's ways -- Stormpaw had snorted and rolled his eyes during his ceremony, but he has to admit he feels a bit lost after nearing the waters. Despite hating having to rely on another's confidence, Stormpaw tags along behind Heavy Snow.

It's not long before a rival patrol meets them, led by a lanky tortoiseshell tom, a tabby, and a smoke. Stormpaw gives each of them a bold, unafraid glare. "Do you know these cats? Is one of them leader?" He glances Heavy Snow's way, tilting his head. His voice isn't quiet, certainly not as quiet as it should be.



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The blue-striped tom would come forward to flank Cicadastar, a third warrior at his side. Like Clayfur, he is tense and protective; anger simmers under his skin at the memory of Cicadastar coming home bloody, of the sound his body had made against the ground. And like Clayfur, he keeps his mouth shut, knowing he'd risk more harm to his clan by speaking out of turn.

He sees the way Cicadastar twitches underneath that mask of calm.

The way Willowroot waits, silent, green eyes calculating.

One by one the WindClan cats speak up, and one bursts into unsettling laughter. Another-- this one an apprentice-- probably needs a lesson in tact. Clearsight lets his fur bristle just a little-- not to the point of aggression, just enough to make him look a bit bigger, make his stocky frame a little more daunting.

He knows they come in peace. He just thinks it had better stay that way.

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Having heard of the events that had happened prior, Spider would be quite surprised by the factors of Windclan showing their faces once more at the borders between the two clans, already there was a hint of tension and yet CIcadastar and the others stayed calm. Amber eyes narrowed as he looked at the other clan. They did not seem much of a threat, he'd muse to themselves, very lanky and slender, they'd probably go down quite easily, like that of a rotting branch, or a weak fish unable to handle the currents.

"Just make it quick" he said smoothly towards the patrol, his warm-colored eyes cold. He did not care to talk friendlies with a group that had attacked their leader, even if he cared little for Cicadastar, he still had to play the role of a "good warrior" instead of causing issues within the clan, yet he dared not stop him from being..rude. he did not care much, but if Windclan did make a wrong move, he would not hesitate. He also showed no care that they introduced themselves to the clan, they were just more faces that he wished would go away. Mallowlark's laughter filled the surroundings and he could tell already how much he found the other warrior quite annoying. The majority of the others did not share the same amusements as their fellow clan mate and he wondered to himself how well-put Windclan was or were they as disorderly as those cats who make fools of themselves.