Today was overcast, and Berry was not happy about it. Though the sun was lurking behind those clouds, heat making its way down to earth, within marshland there was a muggy humidity that was not particularly bearable. Anger could never manifest within his chest, nor annoyance- but within his mind buzzed a dull acceptance that this day would not be good for relaxing, which he would always claim to be the truest spice of life. A day void of relaxation was a day wasted, as far as Berry was concerned- but he was determined not to work non-stop. There must be something within the walls of the camp, untouched by pine-cat paws and threats of skirmish, that he could learn.

Often kits came out with interesting sayings- so he settled his scruffy form within earshot of where a group of kittens were chatting, some slinging false swipes at each other in a juvenile display of play fighting. No prowess, but within the clamour was a new insult he did not believe he had ever heard- mud-breath. Funny. Kids were funny, if not educational. And perhaps one may even approach him, seeking the advice of an adult.

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i've been patient and steadfast and steady

Small, blunt ears lay flat against Rocky's tufted grey head. Allowing one contender to bump into his flank the young tom retaliated with a heavy blow to their shoulder. The tawny kit was bowled to the side, a tangle of limbs and a fluffy tail. Pausing with a satisfied huff and evening his stance like he had seen the older warriors do, he glanced up briefly around the shady clearing.

The clouds soaked the sky in a comforting grey, the harsh light of the sun spurned for the afternoon. And beneath all that, was a new patchwork figure. A wide gaze took in the surprise observer, and Rocky immediately took to his calm demeanour. Having watched him pass by once or twice before, Berry seemed to lack the bustle and frustration of the others in the camp.

Ignoring the false swipe from the kit behind him, Rocky shifted focus and began to pad up to the older tortie. "Whatcha' watchin'?" The words came out in a soft tumble, accompanied by a hushed excitement highlighted in the rustle of his oversized whiskers. "Where- does rain come from?" Following up so swiftly was unusual for the silvery tabby but the opportunity for an open conversation was too tempting. Everycat was so stressed nowadays.

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Ah- one fumbled his way, though he knew not the name. Seeking advice on his fighting technique, perhaps? That seemed to be the activity of choice for the group so far, for they continued snapping and batting at each other even as one of them split from the ruckus. Though small, for he obviously would be as a child, this little one was a tad bigger than the rest, padding quietly but with purpose. Mottled features shifted slightly, lips curling in a strange expression that looked as if it might have been a smile.

Where does rain come from? It was absolutely not what he had been expecting. though Berry was not stumped he found himself pausing for a little longer than was intended, his mind working to find the words, and his mouth parting to form them without the rushed fumble of his unconcentrated slurring. "The clouds, when they get dark. Like today," murmured words lead his head to tilt up, a direction to look. Funny- these rainclouds, light with summer showers, were a similar colour to the young tom's fur.

i've been patient and steadfast and steady

An uncomplicated sincerity coated Rocky's expression, his pale pine eyes blinking past the warrior to look above them. Head bobbing knowingly the kit pondered the information given. It certainly made sense, it was something he noticed often. Grumbles from the older cats about a dark sky weren't uncommon, though he could never understand their gripes with the gathering shades. Rain was like nature's sharing of tongues, washing away the grime in their pelts and softening bleached grass tips. It always smelt nice too, drawing out the earthy scents of the marsh.

"Thanks." The airy gratitude was casual, accompanied by a jolted ripple of his dusty pelt. The mock fight had tossed debris between each layer of fleecy fur. "The water, the rain that comes down though. Is there a lake above the clouds? Or, does the wind blow water into them?" These were important questions to the kit, and in the pursuit of the answers, he settled onto his haunches. Passion for such a lofty topic was a rarity for him, but there was something about the falling droplets that captured his imagination.

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