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His tail worked rather well for sweeping things up, even if it did mean he would spend a considerable more time grooming afterwards. It was worth it, at least in his opinion, to make sure the floor of the den was free of anything that might prick or harm tiny paws. Before his insistence on keeping the nursery well kept was because he enjoyed it and he adored kittens, it was fun watching them tumble head over paw as they toddled about without much care, sometimes he wished he could also be as blissfully unaware of things but sadly life demanded focus from those capable of doing so. After the fire the clan was still somewhat tense and with leafbare coming around the corner they were doubling down on preparing for it. His tail swung as he swayed from side to side, sending bits of dirt and tiny gravel rocks scattering out into the camp, there were no kits currently outside Roekit and any tiny newcomers they had come across so he was not too worried about kicking up so much dust; the den was empty as of right now. It wouldn't be for long though.
'I should really see Cinderfrost.'
Sunfreckle frowned once, his work pausing as he let the intrusive thoughts back in, that perhaps he had made a mistake and was going to cause more problems without meaning to. Right now he was working off assumptions and his own preconcieved notions but what he really needed was to consult the medicine cat; something he had been adamantly putting off out of anxiety. Besides, she was far too busy tending the wounds caused by the fire still, burns lingered and so many cats had been harmed in their escape during the chaos. He himself had singed his pelt and paw pads despite having been ushered out quickly by Rabbitnose. Cinderfrost probably didn't need anymore nonsense to deal with right now so he huffed and put the thoughts away to resume his cleaning. There was no sense fretting over the invetiable, if it was true then there was nothing stopping it anyways.

Squeak Squeak

Moth had been confined to the medicine den after the discovery of her on the border of Thunderclan, injured and exaused. Cobwebs sticking to the injuries she had obtained from her attack while her pale blue eyes flitted with boredom. Quickly she got onto her tiny paws and began to wonder before they landed onto Sunfreckle. At first, she let out a small squeak of surprised before making a hesitant walk over towards the other. If she was going to stay here she might as well get to know the clanmembers.

"Can I help?" her voice was soft and gentle while wide eyes look up towards the other with round-like vision, her fur fluffed up upon her small body, and which to speak, her name was quite fitting of the little she-cat. She blinked nervously as she awaited for Sunfreckle to respond to her offerr while she shuffled her paw nervously wanting to dart back into the medicine den and once again curl up into a ball and sleep.

He needs to move. Needs a distraction.

Needs something to make him feel like he's an actual member of ThunderClan, not just a visitor from SkyClan with unfortunate timing.

Green eyes scan the camp for some sort of busy work, for someone to help. There. Red fur, scarred as he is, busy cleaning in and around the nursery. He's stopped by a squeaky little thing, probably also looking for something to keep her busy.

Finchcatcher does not know if he's ever caught either of their names, though knows that he can't recall them. Stars, is this what Cosmospaw feels like? Clambering for some sort of name to call those he lives with?

The new ThunderClanner hesitates to go over - if one had already asked to help, would the warrior accept another? He isn't sure. Two would be better help than one, but when the second was Finchcatcher, was the help wanted?

It doesn't hurt to try.

He carefully pads towards the duo, his injuries still a bit painful to move around with. A leaf-hued gaze settles on the warrior upon arrival. "I'll help too, if you need it."
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The red tabby pauses, turning to the small voice that called out and he feels his heart melt into a puddle at such a small kitten already covered in so many hurts. It doesn't seem fair that a kitten so little had to be wounded in such a way, life was truly cruel some times and he wondered what had been the cause-what would dare turn on such a soft child with violence. He was in no means a violent cat himself, couldn't fight worth a lick and was basically a walking puffball of a tom, but he felt like he'd at least try to put anyone who would harm a child into the ground as best as he could with his limited skill.
Sunfreckle smiled warmly, dipping his head into a light nod to the kit and gesturing with his raised and dirty tail to the nests in the den.
"I would love the help." He wasn't sure if he ever caught this child's name or not but if he had he had already forgotten it-he was a bit of a dense cat at times, "I'm Sunfreckle. What might you be called?"
As he asks he's vaguely aware of another cat approaching, this one he did know the name of and he offered a head raised and flick of his tail in greeting to the other tom as well, "Finchcatcher, of course! The more the merrier! I went out and got new moss already-it's by the den entrance. There's flowers to for scent...we picked them the other day."
He dips his head low to meet the white fluffy kitten face to face, "You look like you'd be good at prettying up nests after me and Finchcatcher make them yes?"