reach the sky || river




  • RIVER — named for her long blue-silver pelt
    67 moons — ages every 1st
    female — she/her
    pine group — member

    appearance — River is a large cat with main coon ancestry, evident in her long fluffy fur and size. She has dark tabby markings and large amber eyes.

  • mama bear mama bear — she can never have children of her own and she has never adopted any poor kits in need of a mother. Yet, she still loves the cats Rain adopted and dotes om them like a proud parent.
    protector of the small — she fears not for her own life, after all, she has an advantage in size! But River will make sure that the cats around her are kept safe!

  • NPC x NPC — generation 1
    sister to RAIN
    friends — list friends
    acquaintances — the pine group
    enemies — the marsh group

  • before — River was born as a kittypet alongside her brother, Rain, before they moved into the forest.


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