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StarStar was the new leader of windclan. She Killed Sootstar 8 times Yesterday and now she was , when she was A warrior she was Starfetaher but now she was StarStar because no one didn't know that she killed SootStar so they let her be leader because she Killed the deputy too so they had no one else to turn to. In their hour of need.

" watch out I'll kill you too... I mean .... I've never killed anyone but I would kil you" she said suspicusly but no one suspected her. StarStar was really loved more than anybody.
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StarStar was read Ivoryflights thoughts and saw that SootStar wasn't Dead but she was supposed to be so StarStar got out her katana and said "SootStar is DEAD can't you read I killed her I mean I found her" but still no one supected her because everyone Loved StarStar sence she was a kit she was the favorite of the clan she was the chosen one.

Also shes the only one with powers which were given by StarClan which her mother and father cat knew when they born her which us why she's named StarKit but now she's StarStar so StarClan DID ALLOW IT she's the chosen one

"Your right IvoryFlight" said StarStar "SootStar isnt ded she's DEAD"

Then she said to HoneyTiwst "you can't revive them" then she said to HoneyTiwst "you can't revive them" then she said to HoneyTiwst "you can't revive them" then she said to HoneyTiwst "you can't revive them" then she said to HoneyTiwst "you can't revive them"

"Well fight to the death" said StarStar because she wouldnt let HoneyTwist revive them. Secretly HoneyTiwst could never win ever because StarStar was chosen by starclan shed just

Sorry its so short my mom made dinner
Sotstar was NOT dead, Star"star" never killed her! Sotstar was far 2 powerful 2 have been killed off by some1 as weak and puniey as her. She races out of the leder den when she herd of da commotieon.

"Star"star" or whateve her stupid name is speaks false!!! I am alive, she could nevr kill me in combat, lt alone ate times." The very pretty and irresastable hse-cat gnarls.

When she spots Star"Sats" catana her tail split into 2 and grew. At each end of her two tail tips were very large and sharp blades that with a single lash would cut every Wmindcln cat down, but her shot would be at Ster"sat".

"I Sootster hereby exile u from windclan permanently, leave or face our wrath!!!!11!!! >:(" Tretens the she-cat

At her threat Star"Ster" collapses and dies.


//ummm i don mean 2 b rude but next tim pls do not powerplay ;/// it's v rude and i wasnt even given a chance 2 reply and when i went to reply now you ninja'd me. but u killed her off so ig its ok just next time pls dont do it cuz it gets rly annoying. i dont wana have to hav sotstar defend her leadershop ever tim i post and this has been happening a lot and it needs 2 stop. next person who does it i will be reporting 2 staff becuz its kinda starting 2 feel ooc :I

ok thankz bieeee XD
Echoligut sat there and wated. She was to delicet an pretty to b involved in a scrap. Even tho shebhad super cool scars (that glowed when she was angry btw.)
“ur to evil to be leader!” The gorgeous cat exclaimed (much prettier than anyone else in the clan btw- even Soostar- IC FACTS ONLY!!!) “I will be leader now!” It waz for the good of the clan of course! (Staff said you have to let her be leader or deputy btw)