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She'd been tickled pink that Blazestar had seen fit to trust her with one of the deputy's kits who'd reached apprentice age. Tallulahwing had had her eye on them, silly bunch they are, petrified to bits of Dawnglare. She wakes the morning after the ceremony with a luxurious stretch, a long grooming session, and a brisk walk that takes her from her Twoleg's nest to the SkyClan camp just as the sun is beginning to rise.

Tallulahwing pads right up to the apprentice's den and calls, "Yoohoo, Figpaw, darlin'! It's time to get up. First trainin' session today. Get yourself somethin' to eat so we can head on out." She purrs, waiting for the little red striped ball of fur to rise and realize what she was in for.

With a gleam in her eye, the torbie thinks to herself, If only she really knew what she was in for. Ah, well... little darlin's bound to find out.

A soulmate who wasn't meant to be

Deersong and Snowpaw had already gotten a head start on their training, but that didn't mean that they wouldn't jump onto a small group outing if her clanmates felt up to it. The creme and mocha molly would reach the apprentice den just a heartbeat after Tallulahwing and the airy lead warrior would purr lightly in greeting. "Morning there, pretty kitty." Her coo of voice would be as warm as a summer breeze, "Getting to training? Mind if I and Snowpaw tag along with you?"

Deersong would poke her head into the apprentice den and call softly for her own apprentice before taking a seat to wait with Skyclans' newest daylight warrior. "What are you thinking of teaching first?"



No need for Tallulahwing's alarm, Figpaw was already up and bouncing off the walls! The older apprentices groaned and grumbled at her, wanting to catch every last second of shut-eye they could muster before their mentors came and dragged them off for the day. The little girl doesn't understand why they aren't just as excited as her, surely training could never get boring?

To pass the time while she waits for Tallulahwing to come to camp she fluffs her nests and rearranges the feathers she had stuck in it. It had been a weird... almost sleepless night. For starters she was excited, daydreaming about all she'd do with her mentor the next day. Second, it was a new environment and a lot more cats in the apprentice's den. There was more coughing, snoring, and secretive whispers throughout the night... Figpaw didn't mind it, she liked it actually. It was just odd being away from Daisyflight's pelt and her siblings snuggled up nearby.

Growing up was weird.

When the sound of her mentors voice strikes her ears, Figpaw's vibrant eyes spark up with excitement and she races to exit the den. Eat before the first session, Tallulahwing instructs. Oh, but she was far to excited to eat, her stomach didn't even rumble in the slightest bit! "I'm not hungry, I'll eat later. What are we going to do today?!" She inquires as Deersong arrives at the scene to pick up her brother. Yet her attention is unmoving off her new mentor.
Tallulahwing acknowledges Deersong with a slight nod of her head, a respectful gesture. "Why, I wouldn't have it any other way!" She flicks her tail, considering. Snowpaw is Figpaw's brother, and she knows from her own youth that if she'd had Huckleberry on a patrol with her, she'd have done nothing but mess with him... but she figures the lead warrior and herself are enough to keep the kits in line, after all.

She relishes the chance to test herself, to test Figpaw.

"Thinkin' we'll start easy, going to the borders and then Figpaw can observe a hunt and practice a bit of her stalking," Tallulahwing decides.

She turns her attention to the ginger apprentice, whose energy is boundless - for now. Tallulahwing smirks. "From now on, Missy, if I say eat, you eat, got it? But... if you really are okay with going the whole day without fresh-kill..." She shrugs. Figpaw doesn't know this, but Lulu will not be permitting her to stop and eat until they are back in camp later in the afternoon. It'll be a long day, but perhaps a well-earned lesson.

With a flourish of her bushy striped tail, the torbie warrior flashes Deersong a grin. "Well then, let's go! We'll head to the RiverClan border first and work our way around! Figpaw, don't run ahead. Got it?" With the command, there's a steely undertone to her voice, though the friendliness on top is still genuine.

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Tallulahwing agrees that Deersong and Snowpaw can tag with them, and while Figpaw initially imagined the day would be spent just between her and her new mentor, she doesn't seem bothered by the change of plans. Having her brother with on her first outing could prove to be fun, they'd get to explore the territory together!

...And hunt together?! "We're going to get to hunt today?!" she exclaims in excitement, likely getting too far ahead of herself. Tallulahwing had said merely observing afterall, yet she began to daydream what her first hunt would be like. Would she be able to bring a hunt of her own home today? Just imagining the pride in her mother's eyes is enough for a warm purr to spill from her marmalade throat.

To her mentor, Figpaw eagerly nods, "I'm certain!" perhaps she'd regret this choice later when her stomach was growling... Perhaps her stomach pains would be numbed by the excitement she felt today, who knew. "Oh! RiverClan?! I heard they smell awful! Do you think we'll see a RiverClan warrior? Wouldn't that be cool, Snowpaw?" She chirps, beginning to walk beside her brother from behind Tallulahwing.

Deersong's trill of a voice had him wandering out of the den with both ears pricked upward curiously, scanning the camp with sharp golden eyes before spotting her and wandering over, the sound of Figpaw's excitable voice making locating the small crowd of cats quite easy.
"Hi Tallulahwing, Deersong! Heya Fig!"
If his sister was the talkative one then he was quite the opposite, quiet in nature but not necessarily shy. Snowpaw spoke when he felt like it, but otherwise did not fill the air with words that didn't hold much weight. The blue dappled tom kept close to Deersong's side as the two mentors spoke, making the decision to head out together and thus sendin the siblings on their first outing at the same time. A small part of him had hoped to escape the confines of the nursery but it seemed they would follow him still for some time, having his own nest was a big step up and he did love his siblings but he found himself weary at the idea of spending prolonged amounts of time with them. He had plenty of energy of his own but they had a tendency to drain it quickly.
The spotted apprentice hears his name and snaps back into focus like waking up a second time, his expression is a smile but he squints his eyes in thought. Would it be cool? RiverClan cats just smelled like fish and he didn't think that in itself was pretty exciting. What would excite him? Maybe meeting some cats their own age would be fun-size up the competition so to speak. If, eventually, the clans had to fight he liked to think he'd handle himself okay; he was big for an apprentice and surely that would carry with him as he grew. To the question he only gave a cheerful, "Sure!", because he wasn't about to dampen Figpaw's mood with his disinterest.
𝐵𝓊𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝓀𝓃𝑜𝓌, 𝐼 𝒿𝓊𝓈𝓉 𝓌𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓈 𝓎𝑜𝓊 𝒶𝓇𝑒

As Snowpaw appeared at her side, Deersong would give a soft purr of greeting before moving to follow Tallulahwing out of camp. The plan for the day was a delightful one, and as Deersong walked slowly beside the warrior, she would listen to the apprentices chattering behind them.

A gentle smile would grace her maw as she spoke to the pair without looking back at them, "Smelly or not, it will be a scent that would be good to remember. So make sure you two take a good whiff of it if we do meet any, it'll help you recognize it in the future." She would smile at Tallulah before her tail swished and she hummed softly to herself as they walked. Her eyes remained cast upwards, head tilted in its usual fashion before she spoke again suddenly, "Snowpaw, look at the sky and tell me what you see."