"All those old enough to catch their own prey, gather beneath the Highbranch for a Clan meeting."

Mottledove's vigil has barely broken apart, the clearing of camp still wreathed in the sickly smell of lavender, when Orangestar calls her Clan to attention. The two she-cats had never been close, Orangestar seeking a solitude of sorts in her moons as a queen, but Mottledove was a Clanmate nonetheless regardless of their emotional proximity. The tragedy of her former denmate's death disquiets her.

Unbeknownst to her, more is soon to come.

"No cat is to attend the unclaimed border in a patrol of three or less until we can be sure the foxes are no longer there. I forbid apprentices under the age of eight moons to approach." Tongue swipes over scarred jaws. A generous pawful of her Clan lies healing in Fireflypaw's care, her former deputy among them. She and her council would need to discuss this. But first, another needs to join them.

"Figfeather, I ask you to join my council as a lead warrior." She has earned it, over moons and moons of dedication. Some vindicated fragment of her stirs in satisfaction at the role she could finally give a warrior whom deserved it the moment they had returned with the lungwort.

"Twitchbolt has stepped down." Orangestar continues. She does not say anything more on his abdication, though ochre eyes burn into the space where he should be. The rumour had spread through the camp like wildfire, and she resolves it now with a dismissive flick of her tail. The bicolour tom is too sensitive to death; he had admitted as much.

One of the resounding theories that had followed in the wake of their conversation was that Twitchbolt had been too young to make a good deputy. Now, having had time to think about it, Orangestar disagrees. Thinks the opposite, actually: that he had been given too much time in his life before adjusting to such an important role. If her next deputy was younger, then she could train that out of them before they saw her die again.

"I say these words before StarClan so that they may approve of my choice." Listless eyes settle atop the fire-crowned head of a familiar calico. When she speaks next, she does so with conviction, leaving little room for protest: "Cherryblossom will be the new deputy of SkyClan."

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And a huge congrats to Ava and Pikai!!! We are very excited to have you both on the team. Once again, thank you SO much to Pin for everything you've done as deputy with Twitch, and I'm glad you're sticking around as a LW<3
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Orangestar's somber call barely reaches him, and for a moment, he considers staying put in his nest. Pain twists his heart as he reluctantly drags heavy paws forward. Slowly, he joins the gathering cats, mind drifting into the vast skies above. Another friend lost, others gravely injured, and he feels helpless. I should've been there. I could've saved he— Dogbite grimaces at the futile longing, knowing it was beyond his control. Miserably, he settles towards the front, his singular eye downcast as the meeting commences.

Mention of the foxes causes his skin to crawl with hatred for the brutish creatures, their nose crinkling with the acrid taste of remorse. Better news brings some relief as Figfeather is brought into the announcements. Glancing into the crowd, he offers her a feeble nod of encouragement. She's strong and reliable, with a proven record of loyalty. He could stand by a cat of such merit.

However, the momentary relief is abruptly shattered. Shock plain on his scarred face, their blue eye widens, and scruffy pale muzzle forms a faint 'o' shape. Stepped down? It's hard for him to grasp, leaving a touch of soreness. That day was a special moment for Dogbite, having been promoted alongside Twitchbolt in the wake of Blazestar's passing, but surely Twitchbolt had his reasons. Surely? They don't want to believe it, but when their gaze meets Orangestar's grim expression, he keeps his muzzle shut. I guess that's what he wants.

Trying to ignore the dampening mood, his torn ears perk with intrigue. He isn't sure if Orangestar would consider another cat for the role so soon. The silent question is answered with mention of a cat like— Cherryblossom? Dogbite is utterly gobsmacked by the decision. It seemed this meeting would have many unexpected twists and turns leaving the cinnamon Skyclanner speechless.

A she-cat so brash and young as the recent paw-turned-warrior makes his nerves ignite. Dogbite doesn't want to question Orangestar's decisions, but a part of him feels perturbed. There are many worthy and seasoned cats among their ranks. Why would she leave such a serious responsibility to such a fresh face? Much has changed, and Dogbite is too tired to make an argument. Instead, he chooses to trust Orangestar's judgement. Despite his strong hesitations to the idea. She hasn't led us astray yet, and I must have faith.

He was appointed to the council for a reason. To support and stand beside his leader. Even in situations of doubt. This time, he keeps his emotions in check. Earlier uncertainty masked behind it. I must have faith.

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At the call of a Clan meeting, Fireflypaw sticks his head out of the mouth of his den to listen to Orangestar's announcement. He cringes at the smell of blood which once caked the grassy floors of their camp, but he quells it with the courage he always had. He turns his head back to his patients, keeping an ear perked for any calls for him while he listens from afar.

She announces Figfeather would join the council as a Lead Warrior, much deserved in Fireflypaw's opinion. She'd worked hard for it, and now she'd be closer to Greeneyes. Wasn't that grand, to be with your sibling in the same rank and responsibility? To truly be equal, in both rank and clan? He blinks, owlish blue eyes staring off into the distance.

Twitchbolt has stepped down. Cherryblossom is now Deputy of SkyClan.

His ears perk upwards in shock then, head jerking to the side to look in the direction of the trembling ex-deputy before it snaps back to the direction of the meeting. Cherryblossom is barely settled into her warrior name! He thinks incredulously, eyebrows pinching together in surprise. He doesn't voice his concerns aloud, merely listens as the meeting continues. He wouldn't dare speak out against Orangestar like that, he respected her decisions- but where was this coming from? Wouldn't someone like.. Silversmoke, or Slate, be more suited to the position?

Idly, he wonders.. How do those two feel about this decision?​

Grief stirs in her heart as she watches the last of her clan-mates share tongues with Mottledove for the last time. The queen’s death had been unexpected and shocked the entirety of the clan. It soured Figfeather’s heart thinking on how she’d never bump noses into the queen again. She wonders how Butterflytuft is fairing now that she’s lost her longest den-mate and makes a mental note to speak to her on it before nightfall.

For the first time since they split tails, Figfeather can be seen walking stiffly at Fantastream’s side. Their kits at their paws as they guide them towards the High Branch. This would be the meeting Coffeekit and Sangriakit were apprenticed. Both excitement and dread fills her stomach, on one paw she knows today is a day her kits will remember fondly forever. They’d be named ‘paws and given mentors they’d grow inseparable bonds with. Yet on another paw, who would her kits be apprenticed to? There isn’t many, but there is a select few she’d rather not hold influence over her kits. Still, she has faith that Orangestar took careful consideration and would assign them the best mentors.

Butterflytuft’s kits are apprenticed too today, she can only imagine the state the tri-colored queen is in. Tonight would be the first night she spends litterless in the nursery. She can’t imagine it’ll be long until Dandelionwish and her have another litter, motherhood suited her. They wouldn’t be born in New-leaf, but Green-leaf was never a bad time to bear kits.

Figfeather thinks about who will be mentoring all the kits and feels a pang in her heart. It was still difficult going on patrol without her apprentice following at her tail. She prays to StarClan everyday that her apprentice will return home safely, but with the slow passage of time her hope dwindles. Figfeather does her best to push back self-blame, these things happen and sometimes it’s even out of StarClan’s paws.

Orangestar gives her a welcome distraction from grief by commencing the meeting. She orders no cat to attained the unclaimed border alone and forbids cats under the age of eight moons to approach at all. Figfeather murmurs support thinking about all the trouble they’ve had with the foxes. They could not allow anymore injuries to be made or another life taken.

’Figfeather’ The voice of her leader is strong and unwavering. Figfeather is immediately entranced by her authority, straightening her spine before the scarred-molly even has a chance to finish her sentence. ’I ask you to join my council as lead warrior.’

Figfeather has dreamed of this since she was a kit. Finally, she was living it. She cannot remind herself to remain poised as a big grin stretches across her face. Star-struck eyes grow so glossy the clan likely thought she was damn-near close to crying tears of joy. Purrs louder than thunder sound from her throat, ”Wow…! I can’t believe it. I’m honored Orangestar. Of course I will- thank you Orangestar!” Hm… that really didn’t come out at all how she wanted it to. In her dreams she had always gave a poised ‘of course, I accept. Thank you, leader’. That was… not as ‘mature’ or ‘modest’ as she had hoped…

Her tail twitches nervously, but even the embarrassment she felt couldn’t shake the excitement thrumming at her paws. ”…SkyClan won’t be let down.” She adds as a final saving grace, not by me.

Turns out, that wasn’t the highest honor Orangestar intended to award. SkyClan has a new deputy, and when the leader declares her name for all to hear Figfeather’s heart slams down to her paws.

Cherryblossom. One of SkyClan’s newest warriors. Figfeather cannot hide the sheer dumbfounded look on her face. Good StarClan… how had Orangestar come to this decision!? Did she now think so little of her warriors that naming her daughter, who had only seen one cycle of all the seasons, the new deputy was the best choice? Her head swerves to watch the reactions of her clan-mates, the reaction of Cherryblossom, surely someone would protest?!
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-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ- The meeting seemed far from ordinary. Everything felt a little tense and it was thick in the air, like a claw could rake through it at any point. Honeysplash sat outside the medicine den watching her sister climb upwards and call the clan together.

They turned their attention to her and watched quietly, nodding as they were instructed to have larger parties due to the foxes. Then surprise flickered across their face- Twitchbolt stepped down? Why? But it didnt seem to be addressed further as ORangestar asked Figfeather to join her council, and she flicked her ears back against her head. Would they ever earn enough trust to be at her side too?

Then something even more shocking stepped up to the plate, and Honeysplash felt her stomach drop like a whole rock suddenly had been swallowed. Cherryblossom as deputy? But-But she just became a warrior a moon ago. She wasnt even- was- huh? Honeysplash shook her head slightly and the words tripped and danced on her tongue, to speak out to her sister. To see why she had seemingly lost her mind in letting someone so young with such responsibilities.

Yet, this wasnt exactly her sister anymore. No, she wasnt the same cat she had been close too. Wasnt the one to trusted her and they had conversations with. No, this was Orangestar- leader of Skyclan. Honeysplash furrowed her brow and lowered her gaze down as someone had to say something right? Someone had to speak out?

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Retreating away from where Mottledove's vigil had been held, the Lead Warrior moved to the front of the crowd, the air still heavy with grief. Foxes had taken two lives now, one more permanent than the other, now more than ever, the spotted tabby wanted to take the fight to the red-furred curs. Paws antsy as he reclined on his haunches, the tom sat up straight as Orangestar began the meeting, his tufted ears twitching at the second bit of news. His gaze briefly tries to find Figfeather amidst the crowd, giving a congratulatory nod whether the tabby noticed it or not. She had a decent head on her shoulders, her tactics and knowledge would be a boon to the council and the clan. Her promotion was a long time coming in the mind of the tom, but just as soon as it was announced, more news seemed to follow. He swiveled his head back around, just in time to hear what he'd feared.

Silversmoke blinked incredulously at the news of Twitchbolt's self-demotion, rumours had been circulating but he had not seen the injured tom to confirm it. 'The foxes must have ruined his nerves... whatever ones he had left to begin with.' Twitchbolt hadn't seemed comfortable in the position before, he remembered how pale the other had looked at gatherings. Though it was for the best that the other stepped aside, the name of his replacement caused Silversmoke to do a double take towards the Highbranch. His heart skipped a beat and a pit settled in his stomach - briefly, his eyes narrowed. "Orangestar." The spotted tom's voice was calm but his gaze did not know where to settle in his paltry act of defiance. His leader was the clan, their word law in all matters from sleeping to fighting, nowhere in his duty did it imply calling out bad decisions - yet was it not also bound by the clan's wellbeing to see them called out? His tail lashed back and forth, he had opened a dialogue, and he could not let his inner conflict close it.

"Can the council convene after that? There's something we need to discuss." He did not want to discredit the young warrior so openly, but... surely even Cherryblossom herself could realise that she was not ready for such a burden. If it had broken Twitchbolt, StarClan knows what it would do to someone younger.

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Sorrelsong swallows thickly. She was starting to hate the scent of lavender. Mottledove. Another name in the stars tonight. Her body is stiff from disuse and grief. She allows herself to shift slightly, answering her leader's call with a heavy heart.
She murmers with her leaders agreement, her wounds sparking at the word. 'Foxes'. What terrible creatures. She finds herself looking for Flora. for Slate and Twitchbolt. The others on that patrol were scattered around the clearing like fallen leaves. She was glad they were okay, but Orangestar's announcement about Twitchbolt made her eyebrows furrow in concern. Compassion and a sense of understanding ran through her. It had been hard to watch their leader.... she flinches at the memory. At the blood. Fear-scent in the air for a second. She didn't blame him. Cats like her and him weren't meant to lead, it seemed. All stars have their place in the sky. She felt bad for the tom, to be called out like this, but perhaps he said something to make Orangestar mad? Orangestar didn't seem the petty-type and she had faith that the molly wasn't calling him out for no reason. She made a mental note to ask him about the details in a bit, then decides that doing so might be to nosey.
A soft murmer ripples through the crowd, and Sorrelsong finds herself a bit confused. Why was everyone so upset? Orangestar must've seen something in Orangeblossom that the other's didn't - or couldn't. Sure, the leader's kin was... well, not who Sorrelsong would've chosen, but perhaps that's why she is not a leader.
A new voice rings through the air. She turns to see Silversmoke, the bravest of the cats that did not agree with their leader. His question prickles Sorrelsong's pelt, her muscles tensing more and more with each syllable. Despite the tom never specifying the reasons as to why he wanted to call a meeting, it was fairly clear that it was not to discuss Figfeather or the other announcements. The molly tried her best to keep her tail from flicking quickly, finding her eyes narrowing at the silver tom. Hadn't Wind Clan's problem's started with the cats questioning their leader? Silversmoke, though she somewhat agreed with his assumed concerns, was not chosen by the stars. Who was he to question Orangestar? She who had lived multiple lives and could commune with the stars? Though, in that same vein, she was no lead warrior. She had no place to talk. She exhales, looking back up to her leader, lavender heavy in the air.

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-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ- The large white and orange cat arose into the tree, he learned her name was Orangestar a few days ago, and she called the clan into a meeting. A meeting? About what? Blue had been to camp for a few hours by then and he was more and more curious by the day. He didnt know much yet but he was trying his best! The young tabby cat rounded his eyes a bit and looked up at the large she-cat as she spoke. She stated to stay in groups with foxes- and he wondered what a fox was. He'd seen them on the big glowy thing in the living room but nothing in real life. He has heard the stories though, of what happened, and he shivered slightly at the thought.

Then Orangestar went on with whom was stepping down as deputy. Who was stepping down? Oh right! That twitchy brown cat- errr- Strikebolt? No- she just said his name! He cursed softly to himself and shook his head, in any case he needed to pay attention anyway. Even though he was curiouse as to what deputy protrained. Anyway, the older cat continued to talk and speak about appointing someone in his place. Cherryblossom? Blue looked through the crowd though he didnt quiet know what she looked like or who she was.

Though the shock and murmurs that flitered around him had his fur bristling- was this not a good idea? Then a silver tabby tom, Silversmoke, questioned Orangestar and Blue watched with round eyes. Was that a good idea? He didnt know but at least someone was saying something other than shocked horror.

Butterflytuft had left the vigil not too long ago. Grief hangs heavy in the air, her denmate gone and her cheeks damp. But today is the day of her kits' apprentice ceremonies, and she wants to make sure they look presentable when they stand before the entire clan. "Now remember, when you go up there, you will sit in front and wait for your name to be called. Touch your nose to your mentor then go sit by them," She explains as she licks down a stray tuft of fur on Weedkit's shoulder, her voice a little too chipper as she tries to hide the sorrow she feels. When she's finished, she sits back and looks them over, golden eyes beginning to water. "Oh...I'm so proud of you. You'll be wonderful, I just know it. You have to tell me how each and every day is, okay? Do you promise?" Sniffling and holding back tears, she leans forwards and nuzzles them each before hearing Orangestar's call to gather. "This is it. Come on." The queen nudges them forward and moves to sit near the back, feathery tail wrapping around herself.

The first bit of news is about the foxes, and she once again feels her ears droop and muzzle dip. Anxiety pricks at her pelt knowing that her kits will now be out on the territory with the beasts roaming around...but she has to have faith in their mentors. She has to. She forces down her worries long enough to hear the next part of the meeting. Her sister is being called to join Orangestar's council, and this is absolutely enough to brighten up the queen. She beams, far more energized than anyone ever gets to see her. "Figfeather! Figfeather!" She begins to cheer almost immediately, her voice no longer the meek whisper she so often speaks with. Her younger sibling deserves this more than anyone, she things. She is loyal and brave and dedicated - Figfeather as a lead warrior will absolutely make this clan a better place!

What follows sends a pit to the queen's stomach. So the rumors are true. Immediately, she tries to find Twitchbolt in the crowd, her brow furrowed with worry. What reason would he have to step down? In her opinion, her friend made a great deputy. He cares about his clan and made every decision to do what was best for them, even down to the most meager patrols. With a frown on her lips, she turns her attention back to Orangestar and her eyes widen slightly at the announcement. Cherryblossom is SkyClan's new deputy. Murmurs of apprehension rise up around camp, but one voice speaks louder than the rest. Silversmoke. Flattening her ears, she ducks her head to her chest, nervous about what will happen next. Cherryblossom will be good! She reasons, tucking her tail tighter. She's a good and loyal cat!

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She is standing before the clan, addressing them all as if she had never been drained of her life essence. Slate watches the ginger-splashed molly through a steady warm gaze, though he cannot help but occasionally look toward her new scars. She's not suffering anymore, he tells himself, but she would do so again. And again. And again. The very thought hollows his gut.

The Maine Coon looks on from the medicine den as Orangestar immediately jumps to business, implementing new precautionary measures at least until SkyClan is certain that the foxes have vacated the vicinity. Another lead warrior is announced as well, Figfeather. The charcoal-pelted male always had something of an uncertain relationship with the younger warrior; sometimes they would disagree and sometimes they would drive off predators together — the foxes being the second time. That being said, Slate's opinion of Figfeather was not necessarily negative. Even with her bad leg, she managed to pull her weight just fine. As usual, the tradition of raising his voice and chanting names is not one he wishes to engage with, though he offers an attentive glance to Figfeather herself. They'd be working closely together now; as long as she did not get in his way, Slate did not see an issue with it.

Then, the meeting takes a sudden turn. In Twitchbolt's place was not a seasoned warrior, one with seasons of wisdom and experience under their pelt. Orangestar had chosen her newly-named daughter as her second-in-command; the cat who would be expected to speak for her in her absence and assist her in making decisions. "What?" Concern saturates his tone as a sudden exclamation emits from his maw. Of course Slate's voice could likely not be heard from his place in the medicine den, especially not by Orangestar herself, but he still stares at her as if expecting some sort of explanation. The leader had not expressed any intentions of promoting the fresh-faced warrior—her own daughter—before. He is utterly surprised; if she weren't to confide in him as a friend, wouldn't she at least think to confide in him as a member of her council? Did she not think to confide in any of her council members? Apparently not, as Silversmoke appeared as dumbfounded as he was.

Most cats silently and hesitantly receive the news, some low murmurings breaking out amongst the crowd—as a general consensus, most of the SkyClanners are stunned by the decision. Sure, Cherryblossom had completed her training ( not to mention under him ), but she had no experience as a warrior yet. Her fighting and hunting skills surely would not be enough to withstand the mental pressures and responsibilities of the rank. Hell, if Twitchbolt caved under the pressure, what made Orangestar think that Cherryblossom wouldn't?

Slate wants to believe in Orangestar's word, and perhaps in another situation he would rise to his paws and jump to his friend's defense, but this... He could not protest against this. There had to be a reason here... right?

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✧ . The air is thick with grief for another fallen clanmate. Greeneyes strays from Mottledove’s vigil as somber silence is broken with an equal call for a meeting from Orangestar, the lead warrior settling under Highbranch with the rest of the leader’s audience.

He listens as Orangestar shares news of the foxes, and nods in agreement to her rulings. It’ll be safer that way, for all of them. They don’t need a repeat of what happened, don’t need more strong warriors struck down.

In between pieces of news, he searches for his kin in the crowd, for Figfeather’s kits, for Butterflytuft’s too. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that proceed this meeting, today should be a big day for all of them and he can’t help but to be proud of the lot of them.

But his pride for his kin doesn’t stop there — for Figfeather is called forward next. Malachite eyes dart toward marmalade fur, bright at what comes next: a place on Orangestar’s council. Greeneyes smiles at his sister in anticipation for her answer, and when she accepts, he joins in on the clan’s chants. “ Figfeather! Figfeather!

She deserves this, after all. A noble and strong SkyClanner through and through — the tom has always thought so, has always thought her place on the council should’ve come before his ever should’ve. Now, he’s elated to be able to work alongside her, to share a role with her that their mother once carried.

Excitement wanes at the next set of news, a confirmation of rumors brought forth. Twitchbolt is stepping down. Though the rumors have been swirling for some time now, Greeneyes can’t help but to be shocked by this — he thought the brown and white tom was doing quite well so far, that he was starting to come into his own as deputy. It’s a shame, he thinks. Orangestar is quick in choosing a successor, something that shocks the tom even more.

For it’s her own daughter she chooses. Cherryblossom, whose hardly settled into the warrior’s den herself, is now deputy. Will now be leader, should — StarClan forbid — anything happen to Orangestar. She’d been an apprentice all of a moon ago, graduating alongside his own apprentice. And now… she’s deputy? This must be a mistake, right?

Surely, this should’ve been something he and the rest of the council should’ve been warned ahead of time? A choice like this is — well, if Greeneyes was in her place, Cherryblossom wouldn’t be his first pick as deputy, for sure. He casts an uncertain look to his leader, to his council members, as if to gauge if this was something they knew of, though Slate’s reaction carries all he needs to know.

But Cherryblossom is a skilled cat. Greeneyes knows that — he’s seen her in training sessions, has scaled mountains alongside her. There must be a reason for this, and though he fears otherwise, Greeneyes can only hope Orangestar has made the right decision. ​
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"Of course. I intend to convene the council regardless; you may bring your concern to me then." She inclines her head to Silversmoke, though her eyes narrow slightly with annoyance at the shocked murmurs that ripple through the crowd. Orangestar would like to believe that his urgency about a meeting is to do with the deaths that plague SkyClan, too close together to give any of them comfort. Fireflypaw's voice plays on repeat in her mind. A forgotten enemy ... the darkness it brings ...

Orangestar blinks to dispel the ever-whirling spiral of her thoughts. Before she could think of that, SkyClan had more ceremonies to attend to.

"Firstly: Jaypaw, step forward." Her mentor has retired; a happier ending than most SkyClanners receive. She thinks of Robinsky, and how happy the molly would have been to have company. She sucks a quiet breath through sharpened teeth. "For the remainder of your apprenticeship, you will be assigned to Chrysaliswing." It hangs heavily in the air, the leader shooting the mottled warrior a sharp look. Unspoken between them sits the confirmation that this is a test. He had kept his horrid behaviour to himself, as far as she knows, for long enough that she believes him able to finish Jaypaw's training. She's stubborn, a spitfire; a pawful, immediately. Orangestar wonders if Chrysaliswing would want another apprentice once Jaypaw's training is complete.

"Blue Freeze Pop, step forward." She has met the young tom only a couple of times, but often sees him close to Flora's side. Likely a friendly presence, but one to be honed. "From this day forth, until you have earned your warrior name, this you will be known as Bluepaw. Beetleback will be your mentor." She points with her nose towards the stormy-furred warrior, indicating him in the crowd so that Bluepaw could touch noses with him.

As he does, Orangestar's rasp rings out once more: "Bluepaw! Bluepaw!"

And then, for the moment their entire nursery had been waiting for:

"Daisykit, Fluffykit, Weedkit, Sangriakit and Coffeekit. Step forward." She calls the five kittens. As they move to the front of the crowd, fur immaculately groomed and their pelts bristling with barely contained nerves, she continues: "The five of you have reached the ages of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed."

"Daisykit. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Daisypaw. Your mentor will be Figfeather."
Her attention moves to her newest lead warrior, a nod accompanying the assignment. A few sunrises ago the two she-cats had taken part in an in-depth discussion about the idea of Figfeather taking another apprentice so soon after Wolfpaw's disappearance, coming to an agreement that seemed to satisfy both.

"Fluffykit. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Fluffypaw. Greeneyes, you mentored Falcongaze excellently, and I believe you ready to take on another apprentice." Much like Daisypaw, Fluffypaw will be placed tenderly in the paws of her kin. Greeneyes is a softer touch than Figfeather, though an excellent warrior all the same. Orangestar suspects his jittery niece will excel under his guidance.

"Weedkit. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Weedpaw. Sorrelsong, you have once again proven your bravery and your dedication. I believe you ready to take on an apprentice; once you recover, I expect you to pass on all you know." Orangestar seeks out blue eyes, sheltered somewhere close to the dense-furred shadow she'd trained for the past two moons. It's a pity that the chocolate-furred she-cat had been injured before the meeting.

"Sangriakit. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Sangriapaw. Your mentor will be Johnnyflame. Johnnyflame, I trust you will pass down your knowledge to Sangriapaw." This, Orangestar thinks to herself, is a StarClan-sent match. The two exuberant tortoiseshells match to a tee, and Johnnyflame is an experienced mentor by now. She looks forward to watching their progress. At least, there's no doubt she will hear of all the tales that the two will spin.

"Coffeekit. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Coffeepaw. Your mentor will be Slate." This may be a controversial choice, given the past receptions to one of her most stubborn councilmembers; but, his last apprentice had just been promoted to deputy, had she not? Slate wouldn't let her down, Orangestar knows that much. Not when it comes to Coffeepaw, wide-eyed and wondering. "I trust you, Slate, to impart your skills onto Coffeepaw."

Satisfied, Orangestar leans back on her haunches.

"Daisypaw! Fluffypaw! Weedpaw! Sangriapaw! Coffeepaw!"

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The meeting begins before everyone has finished mourning Mottledove. It feels wrong, to the little torbie, to move on so quickly past the queen’s death. It seems like just yesterday—or, actually, it was just yesterday—that Sangriakit had said her biggest good morning ever to the she-cat. The fact that she’s just… gone… is hard to bear. But now she’s like Blazestar, Sangriakit thinks. She’s up in the stars, and she’s left her kits behind without one of their parents. The nursery will probably feel empty without her. But it will probably also feel empty without Daisykit and Fluffykit and Weedkit—because her cousins are all gonna become apprentices today, just like Coffeekit and Sangriakit!

Oh… OH, she realizes. That’s today! She’s gonna be an apprentice! Sudeenly all thoughts of Mottledove are gone, replaced with pure, kitlike excitement as Orangestar ascends to her place above the rest of the clan. The first thing the leader says isn’t about apprenticeship, and neither is the second thing. But her second announcement is about Figfeather! And she says that Figfeather is… gonna be a lead warrior. "Yay, Figfeather…" Her voice holds excitement, but her brows furrow and her muzzle turns into the smallest pout. Her tabby-striped parent is a lead warrior now, huh? That means she’ll… she’ll be so busy, won’t she? Sangriakit already feels like she doesn’t see her as much as she wants to.

And then, as if Orangestar can make this any worse, she announces that Twitchbolt stepped down! Why would he do that? He was being such a cool not-uncle! He was the deputy! Now he’s just… just Twitchbolt. And his replacement is… Cherryblossom, who is way younger than him! That’s surprising! But she hopes that Cherryblossom will be a good deputy, too. She just wishes it was still Twitchbolt, and a frown makes its way back onto her face.

Of course, her frown doesn’t stay in place very long, because then, finally, there’s some GOOD news. Her cousins are all made into apprentices—and Daisykit gets apprenticed to Figfeather—and then it’s her turn! She’s turned from Sangriakit into Sangriapaw, and her mentor is… Johnnyflame! She rushes away from her kin’s side, bounding toward the scarred lead warrior with a bright grin on her face. "This is so exciting!" She exclaims, tail whipping back and forth with excitement.

As pleased as she is with her own mentor, the cinnamon torbie’s face twists into a half-mustered scowl when Coffeekit—Coffeepaw is apprenticed to Slate. BOO! What an awful tom! And her very own sibling is being put under his care? Sangriapaw hates that! What if he turns Coffeepaw into some kind of weird mean guy, just like him? She doesn’t want her sibling to be mean. She just hopes that everything turns out okay in the end.

SO WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS? — There were still tears stinging her eyes and staining Pollenpaw's fur when Orangestar's call rang out, her firm voice hardly raising the apprentice's head. How was she supposed to focus on a meeting right now? How were any of them supposed to focus, when Mottledove's vigil had only just ended? If she hadn't been feeling so devastated, she might have felt furious with how quickly their leader was moving on. In her current state, however, she only managed to focus on seeking out Pipitpaw in the crowd, practically collapsing alongside him as she tried in vain to focus on what was being said. Figfeather, Twitchbolt... what was even happening? Why was her mentor's name being called out?

Why did everyone look so disappointed in him?

It was only when the announcement about Cherryblossom rang out over them all that Pollenpaw seemed to finally snap back into reality, the breath being snatched away from her lungs. "What?" Her voice came out as an incredulous hiss, one strained enough that Pipitpaw would likely be the only one to hear it. How could Orangestar possibly be promoting Cherryblossom? The new deputy was hardly a moon older than Pollenpaw herself, with everyone else seeming to echo the apprentice's own apprehension and shock. Her muzzle opened once more, a mixture of grief and rage bubbling up inside of her - it was only from Orangestar moving on that she was saved from her own emotions, rendered into silence even as she yearned to protest further.

The apprentice ceremonies moved forward, and the tabby realized with a start that she was next. Her warrior name, the thing she had been so excited for since the day she had turned twelve moons old. Pollenpaw had forgotten all about it, though reality had suddenly begun to sink in. She was going to receive her warrior name, and her mother wasn't going to be alive to see it. Mottledove would never know what her name ended up being. "Blue... Bluepaw..." The cheer was weak, breathless. Void of enthusiasm. There was a snake around her throat, tears stinging in her eyes. "Bluepaw! Daisypaw! Fluffypaw! Weedpaw! Sangriapaw! Cof... Coffeepaw!" Everything was such a blur, and her own voice sounded foreign to her ears.

They were up next, weren't they?

  • shorthaired cream tabby with low white and green eyes flecked with brown
    12 moons old; ages the 25th every month
    lesbian; currently not looking but open to crushes
    daughter of mottledove and beetleback
    littermate to aspenpaw and pipitpaw
    currently being mentored by twitchbolt
    easy to befriend and laidback; quick to childish anger
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    peaceful powerplay allowed
Today is the day Fluffykit has been dreading since she’d been old enough to comprehend apprenticeship. Her mother’s nose guides her and her littermates gently from the nursery, toward the Highbranch where Orangestar sits, imperious, scarred, wise. Fluffykit’s joints shake with trepidation, even as Butterflytuft begins to give them a final grooming. She can hear the tremor in her mother’s voice, and it alights her with new fear. “Now remember,” the queen tells them, tongue flattening a bit of stray fur spiking from Weedkit’s dark shoulder, “When you go up there, you will sit in front and wait for your name to be called. Touch your nose to your mentor, then go sit by them.” Fluffykit can hardly contain herself—every movement away from Butterflytuft is torture. She gives her mother a longing, tear-filled look before she’s pushed to the front of the crowd, awaiting coronation alongside the other kits.

“You have to tell me how each and every day is, okay? Do you promise?” The wetness threatens to expel from her vision. Fluffykit murmurs, “I promise, Mama. I promise.

She’s shaking so hard, she hardly hears or recognizes the rest of the meeting. Figfeather ascends to Orangestar’s council, and Sangriakit seems less than enthused. She doesn’t have time to ponder it, because the moment of truth is coming, and there’s nothing she can do anymore to stop it. Cherryblossom is named SkyClan’s new deputy, and there’s a ripple of uncertain murmurs tearing through the crowd, but Orangestar continues with her ceremonies without skipping a beat.

Orangestar calls them forward. She walks on numb paws, tunnel-visioned, focused entirely on the scarred muzzle of her leader as she speaks. Her fur threatens to bristle; her eyes threaten to leak, but she knows she would embarrass her mother if she behaved like a little kit, so she contains herself to the best of her ability. Daisykit beside her is renamed, just like that, to Daisypaw, and she watches her brother go to touch noses with his new mentor, their kin, right away. Jealousy sears her belly. Who’s to say what kind of mentor Orangestar will give her?

But the leader surprises her, and she even finds it in herself to relax a little. She’s renamed to Fluffypaw, and she trips toward Greeneyes with uncertainty in every movement. She lifts her tiny nose to his, hoping he won’t feel how hard her muscles tremble with the effort. “Hi, uncle Greeneyes,” she whispers. She remembers Butterflytuft’s teeth shining in the moonlight, remembers her ferocity in the face of the adder, and she adds, after hesitating: “I’ll do my best, I promise.

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  • Fluffykit . Fluffypaw, she/her w/ feminine terms.
    — “speech”, thoughts, attack
    — 6 moons old, ages realistically on the 8th.
    — mentored by Greeneyes ; mentoring n/a ; previously mentored n/a.
    — skyclan apprentice. butterflytuft x dandelionwish, gen 3.
    — penned by Marquette.
    lh chocolate tortie/cream chimera with jade eyes. frightened, clingy, anxious, gentle.

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Though it took some time Daisypaw had been excited to be an apprentice, ready to go out into camp and learn how to be a warrior. Recent events currently did little to mess with that, though he often thought of the way the adder flashed, the way his mother had stood her ground as the noodle-like creature had sized them up before deciding a mother and her kits were too much for a midnight snack. When he'd been carefully herd out of the nursery he hadn't complained nor begged to stay for just a little bit longer. Instead he had practically bounced towards where the meeting was being held so that he could hear his name be changed, could finally know who would be his mentor.

He didn't know that becoming an apprentice would mean leaving his mother behind, leaving the nest they shared together behind, leaving the warmth and safety of the nursery and sleeping along his mother's side while he got to be care-free within the camp playing mossball.

Fur was carefully groomed down as the blue kitten bounced on his paws, straining to listen for his name among those that Orangestar would speak this day. He cheered with the rest of the clan - though if he was being honest he didn't really know what he was cheering for - and ignored the way the clan murmured amongst themselves before he finally heard it. The names of himself, his siblings, and his cousins to be next on the things to do. As quiet and well-behaved as he could he moved forward alongside the others, chest puffing out in pride as he was renamed.

Daisypaw would then move forward, nose pressing against Figfeather's just as he had been told before he began to turn to move back towards his mother sitting in the crowd, pausing in his movement almost instantly. He was supposed to sit here, in front of the others beside his kin and now mentor and as the realization dawned on Daisypaw that things were truly properly changing his face faltered for just a moment before he tried his best to change it back to that pride that it was only a moment before. Those who looked closely would be able to see the tears pin-prick at the corners of his eyes in tiny specks as the overwhelming feeling of change quickly tumbled over him in that moment.
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    SH blue w/low white & blue eyes
    cannot properly control emotions
    born november 8, 2023. ages realistically
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    adopted by Butterflytuft and Dandelionwish
    brother to Weedpaw and Fluffypaw
    easy to befriend ; easy to upset
    "speech", thoughts, attacking
    peaceful powerplay allowed
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Johnny wasted no time in adding his voice to the calls, cheering for Figfeathers new rank. The cat had certainly proven their loyalty and skills as a Skyclan warrior even if they weren't particular close socially, and he was happy to welcome the ginger feline aboard.

But his easy grin faltered when it was announced that Twitchbolt would be stepping down as Deputy, shifting into a full out frown when the name Cherryblossom was announced a few short seconds later.

To say the daylight warrior was confused, was an understatement. Twitchbolt had been a surprising choice the first time around but had proven adept at his new role- but Cherryblossom? While he had no doubt she could become an amazing warrior and deputy if given the time to properly grow into one given her potential, even a kittypet like Johnny knew she was too inexperienced to be given a role like this. If Orangestar disappeared tomorrow, Skyclan would be left in the paws of someone who'd just left their paw status behind a moon prior.

And besides that, Johnny wasn't all too keen on taking orders from a kid.

Maybe that was just his competitive side talking, but being outranked and outruled by someone who hadn't properly earned it didn't exactly sit well with the bobtail.

Golden eyes shifted to his fellow leads, relieved to see he wasn't the only one who was having a reaction to this. The promise for a council meeting afterward was nice, but it didn't exactly but him at ease. Orangestar had likely not made this decision lightly, and he wasn't sure how things were going to go once she was confronted on it. Either way though, Johnny intended to make his thoughts known.

He expected the deputy announcement to be the only thing to subvert his expectations during the meeting that day, but hearing himself called forward as a mentor for Sangriapaw forced his thoughts to take another turn. Crap. He couldn't let his feelings over whatever was happening politically spoil the kids big day. And he was glad to have been paired with her. It would be his first time being paired with a fellow daylight warrior, and there was very much a part of him that wanted to vibrate out of his fur with excitement.

There were few daylight warriors who could straddle the line of kittypet and clan cat as well as Johnnyflame could. He didn't care if it was arrogant to say- at this point, he was pretty sure it was just a fact by now. While every daylight warrior was valuable to the clan, it took a certain kind of cat to show up every day and to throw themselves into things as fiercely as he did- but Sangria? She had potential. She had ambition and a zest for life that Johnny could build into something great if given the chance. And it seemed like Orangestar was giving him that chance.

Forcing the uncertainty of other things out of his mind, the bobtail got to his feet with a smirk and padded over to meet with his new apprentice, leaning down to touch noses.

"Aye, and we're gonna make one heck of a team, Sangriapaw!" the collared tomcat replied, proudly putting emphasis on the young cats new name to remind her that the adventures were just beginning. She wasn't a kit anymore, and while her new name would come with heaps of responsibilities and lessons, there was also fun to be had as well.

"I'm pretty sure I've got a meeting to attend with the other high positions once Orangestar calls this to an end, but we'll be gettin' started on your training just as soon as I'm done." he assured her, eager to show the young cat the borders and different landmarks in the territory.


Figfeather tenses awkwardly at Silversmoke and Orangestar's curt exchange. Would the silver tom challenge her decision in private? Her heart rate intensifies as she realizes she'd be a part of that meeting now. Taking in a shaky breath she sends a prayer to StarClan that her first council meeting won't be a complete disaster. She intends to keep her mouth shut and to listen and observe.

"Bluepaw! Bluepaw!" Figfeather yowls the new name of her clan-mate, while finding herself shocked Chrysaliswing had been chosen to mentor Jaypaw. She cannot help but worry for the apprentice, he would not be an easy mentor to deal with everyday... Yet perhaps he'd prove Figfeather wrong and be an excellent mentor.

Coffeekit and Sangriakit are called forth alongside Butterflytuft's kits. As Orangestar gives Daisykit his new name, Daisypaw, she prepares to stand. She had been asked by Orangestar to mentor the blue tom a few sunrises ago. While this would not mend the loss of Wolfpaw, she was honored Orangestar had been pleased with her work as a mentor to train her sister's kit.

Padding to meet Daisypaw she touches her pink nose to his, when she leans away she gives him a soft smile. "I'll teach you all I know." The same promise she had made to Wolfpaw. This time Figfeather would keep her apprentice safe. In six moons time, Daisypaw will be a warrior of SkyClan.

Figfeather moves back into the crowd to settle again, awkwardly besides Fantastream. Coffeepaw was given Slate for a mentor- a shocking choice, but one Figfeather welcomed. He'd be a tough mentor, but he had trained Cherryblossom who now sat as their deputy... if you could believe it or not. Sangriapaw is given Johnnyflame, a lead warrior and a daylight warrior. Her whiskers twitch uncertain, her emotions torward Daylights have been complex as of late... but she entrusts Johnnyflame will turn Sangriapaw into a good warrior. Thats all that mattered to Figfeather ultimately.

"Sangriapaw! Coffeepaw! Daisypaw! Fluffypaw! Weedpaw!"
  • » Figfeather
    » SkyClan Lead Warrior
    » She/her . AMAB
    » Sire to Sangriakit & Coffeekit
    » Mentoring Daisypaw
    » A red tabby she-cat with a mangled leg.
    » ”Speech”thoughtsattack
  • » A foe in battle whose ability to strategize can shift tides.
    » Excels in strategizing and pre-planning her battles.
    » Fights defensively and to aid her clan to victory.
    » May powerplay minor harm. Can powerplay healing
The pointed molly took her place beside Dogbite with her usual easy smile. A long fluffy tail laid over his own, and she quietly tipped her head up to listen as Orangestar addressed her Clan. Some changes were coming about- after losing a life to foxes the border would be treated differently now. Requirement's made, expectations to be met, each replied with a nod of acknowledgment from Applefrost.

Figfeather will take her place among the council, alongside Greeneyes now, and a surprising change that Twitchbolt would no longer be deputy followed. The she-cat glanced around in curiosity, wondering what would come of him now. Would he still participate as a lead? Before any such confirmation could be said her sister moved on to the next- his replacement- Cherryblossom.

There's pause in the crowd of Clanmates. Hushed whispers, crackling murmurs abound. Not a single cheer for the calico's name, only- "So quick to undermine your leader." Applefrost said pointedly to Silversmoke. She doesn't spare another word for him, though, so not to spoil the apprentice ceremonies of so many kits!

"Figfeather! Cherryblossom! Bluepaw! Sangriapaw! Coffeepaw! Daisypaw! Fluffypaw! Weedpaw!"From Dogbite's side she shouted her praise. SkyClan's strength would not waver with these numbers!

The now familiar call of Orangestar draws Howlfire forward. The chocolate torbie had been nearby, having come to pay her respects to Mottledove, so did not have to move far. The first announcement is in regards to the unclaimed border, stating that no patrol of three or less was to travel there until they could ensure the foxes were gone. Given the brutal attack SkyClan had faced there, Howlfire thought it was a wise idea. There was no need to put more of their warriors or apprentices at risk if they could help it. Following this sad news, Orangestar announces a new lead warrior - Figfeather! Howlfire beams with pride, hoping to catch her friends gaze in the crowd to show her support, before she cheers her name. "Figfeather! Figfeather!"

The next announcement was rather surprising in many ways. Howlfire was not wholly surprised to hear Twitchbolt had stepped down, having been aware of the rumours circulating around camp, still, it saddens her to think that he would no longer stand at Orangestar's side nor dispense patrols anymore. Howlfire is a little surprised to hear a new deputy be announced so soon, but assumes that after Orangestar's recent brush with death she was keen to have a second in command again just in case. It seemed unlikely that she would ever lose all her lives so fast but then again it had happened to Briarstar once...or so the stories said.

Cherryblossom will be the new deputy of SkyClan.

Howlfire blinks in shock, unsure of how to react at first. Confusion clouds her expression and she sees she is not the only one. Cherryblossom? Was Orangestar serious? This wasn't to say Cherryblossom was a bad cat in any way but she was so...young. Younger than even Twitchbolt had been. She was a gifted cat, not even Howlfire could deny that, but to appoint her deputy when she was barely out of the apprentice's den just seemed bizarre. Howlfire tenses slightly following the short exchange between Orangestar and Silversmoke, though is curious how that meeting will go down. Judging by the reaction of some of the cats present Howlfire imagined there would be a lot to say.

After that little exchange, Orangestar moves on to some ceremonies. Jaypaw is given to Chrysaliswing to mentor, which for Jaypaw's sake Howlfire hopes will go well. Afterwards Bluepaw is given their new clan name and welcomed as an apprentice to Beetleback. Following these apprentices, Figfeather's kits and Butterflytuft's kits are called forward to become apprentices. Knowing both the litters fairly well, Howlfire sits up expectantly, curious to see which warriors Orangestar will assign to mentor them. Of all the assignments, she is a little surprised to hear Coffeepaw be given to Slate. Her one time mentor was a tough cat but she hoped the pairing would do well.

"Bluepaw! Sangriapaw! Coffeepaw! Daisypaw! Fluffypaw! Weedpaw!"