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Sep 13, 2022
War weighin' on my heart but I can't fall
Silver sat on the outskirts of camp with his tail curled around his paws. This group of cats, Thunderclan as they called themselves, accepted him but his dear friend, Red decided to depart on her own path. There was a coil of mixed emotions rolling deep within the tom, squirming and bubbling about. He was unsure as to where she would go, but he wished Red the best on her journey. For the first time he was truly alone, yet he kept these emotions and more buried deep inside. Just because his former life was gone it did not mean he would renounce their ways. They would live on in him as he did his best to adjust to this new clan's way of life. Stoney silver eyes watched young and old flit about camp wearing all sorts of expressions from happy to sad, scowling and aloof. It was foreign to him, to see such open display of emotion. Such a thing was forbidden where he came from and a hefty consequence followed suit if anyone was caught doing so. It was deemed a shameful point of weakness, yet here all of these cats were doing otherwise. Silver adjusts his stance, standing to charcoal ticked paws and makes his way over to highrock. The large stone structure reminding him of the mountainous region he hailed from. The tom positions himself as powerful muscles made for scaling rocks allowed him to gracefully leap upon the sacred area, unbeknownst to him. The rough texture soothed his soul, pulling Silver into a momentary daydream of his past.
Seekin' shelter from the storm on this blank road
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Though the months grew colder, the sun stopped not in its tracks! For nights on end Trufflepelt had felt warm in his dreams, had glared into the sun's light- every dream told the tale of his day. Only the night before he had tracked a squirrel in his slumber, and now- guess his first catch of the day! Plump still, hanging from a tusk-toothed maw, a squirrel in all its glory. Oh, how heavenly StarClan now lit his path! Before it had been agonisingly difficult to forge forward, knowing not his destiny- but the paws of the universe guided him now, steered him toward his ultimate mission. What it was, he did not yet know!

Placing his catch upon the pile, golden eyes soon found a newcomer, scaling the spot only ever utilised by the flame-tipped paws of Emberstar. A humoured smile curved his rounded snout, rheumy pupils glazed slightly blue by the light. "Are you to call a meeting?" Tagged by a laugh, his words were teasing but honeyed still. StarClan had not yet found this poor soul- perhaps they did not guide everyone so intently as they did him. He had been chosen by them, after all.

Flycatcher doesn't realise it isn't Emberstar on the highrock for a brief moment. A terrible thing really, given that Silver and Emberstar look nothing alike. He only sees brief movement out of the corner of his eyes and doesn't register it as anything wrong, it is only when he looks again that he realises it is Silver up there and not the ThunderClan leader.

"You know," Flycatcher begins, padding over to stand with Trufflepelt and look up at Silver, "you really shouldn't be up there." Despite the advice, there's a hint of amusement in his voice as he speaks. He's never seen another cat up there before and didn't expect to do so until the time came for another leader to, well, step up as it were. Cinderfrost once gave an announcement from here, but at least she knew better than to sit where Emberstar sat.
( ) The fiery tabby had just returned from a patrol when she padded into the camp and spotted one of their new members on top of the Emberstar's meeting rock. Her eyes widened slightly before realizing that maybe the tom didn't know that spot was their leader's. Trufflepelt and Flycatcher seemed to be talking to him already, so for now she would pad over to the freshkill pile and set her contributions down.
War weighin' on my heart but I can't fall
The sound of another's voice so close in proximity snapped the ticked tabby out of his musings. Sterling sliver eyes pan downward to fall upon a grinning feline. The question causes his ears to give the slightest of twitches in response. Whatever gave them that idea? "I do not intend to, no." Unless there was some kind of unspoken rule that newcomers should introduce themselves from atop this rock. Elongated limbs fold inward as Silver laid down with his legs tucked beneath him, soaking in the warmth that the rock provided. With a blink he turns to look upon Flycatcher who intends to give him a warning of sorts. Tipping his chin to get a better look at them he parts his jaws to respond. "And why is that?" Silver asks with a very thin veil of curiosity lacing his vocals.
Seekin' shelter from the storm on this blank road

"That is usually where Emberstar sits to call her meetings, but I imagine being so high to the sky means its nice and warm when the sun is out. I wouldn't mind napping on it myself." Sunfreckle wandered out of the nursery, stretching his paws out in front of him and arching his back to work the kinks out of it from how uncomfortably he had been sleeping as of late.
Tossing and turning was out of the question with kits, he slept wherever they had tucked themselves up against him and moving was not an option; it left him feeling stiff most days. As a cat who was so keen to be in the nursery he was starting to get a little stircrazy but he had only a few more moons to go before they were apprentices and he also dreaded that; it seemed like time flew by so fast.
The red tom glanced at the others present and then slowly focused on Silverlightning perched above them and he asked what he assume would be the follow-up question from the pale tom because he didn't know either, "...are we not allowed to be there at all even if there's no meeting?" He didn't remember that rule when he and Rabbitnose had joined some time ago, but maybe he had just been too distracted to remember.
"I mean, it's allowed, just a bit inconvenient for both of us. I'd hate to have to disturb your rest in order to call a meeting." A warm voice called out, as a tiny, scarred flame point padded onto the scene.

Emberstar was not mad at all, if anything she was mildly amused. It was kind of funny to see someone just casually sitting atop the spot she usually used for calling important meetings. There wasn't any rule against it, not really, but it was sort of strange to see. "If you like it so much up there, maybe you could do the next meeting." The leader offered jokingly, chuckling softly to herself. Her own jokes were always her favorites. "It'd make life much easier for me if I didn't have to worry about it anymore." Of course, that wasn't true. She'd feel terrible if she handed off that particular responsibility to anyone else. She loved addressing the clan, at least, when it was good news.

Emberstar might actually consider letting Silverlightning do the bad news.

With Emberstar clarifying that cats could in fact climb the highrock, Flycatcher suddenly felt bad for telling Silver he couldn't be up there. In his defense, he had assumed there was an unspoken rule that only the leader could sit up there, or at least the higher-ups in the clan, as he had never seen anybody else up there. "Apologies, Silver, I wrongly assumed there was a rule against you being up there," Flycatcher was quick to say to the tom, a chuckle following his words to show it was all in good spirit.