RIDERS ON THE STORM / escaped horses


Cool air sent a chill through the moors this morning. A monstrous thunderstorm had cried out in the middle of the night causing most of WindClan to get very little sleep between the lack of shelter and noise. Some cats had whispered about hearing a mysterious cry in the night... but Sootstar was confident they weren't actually hearing a damn thing. Everyone had been getting way too paranoid due to their lack of sleep... Hopefully now with some shut-eye, they wouldn't be hearing things that weren't there throughout the day.

As Sootstar leads the first patrol out into the hills, the backdrop of the sky is still gray and gloomy. Large clouds cast shadows over the felines and the scent of fresh rain was strong. Their paws swiftly grew wet as they sloshed through wet grass and muddy puddles alike, not an ideal morning for hunting... but bellies didn't stop rumbling for the weather.

"Do... you smell that?" Someone speaks up.
Sootstar tastes the air, "ew... smells exactly like the horseplace!"
"C'mon, you cats are dramatic! I don't think it smells bad... in fact I kinda like it."

Practically everyone on the patrol stops and gives the NPC a strange look, "Something is wrong with your nose then." Sootstar grumbles "Come on, I'm sure its just another barn cat coming to bother us." Though she confesses the scent is stronger than it usually was... This cat almost would've had to of just recently rolled in horse-dung.

Traveling against the breeze they follow the odor with relative ease. In the distance, numerous large figures can be seen... Soot at first thought they were boulders... only they were moving.
"Are those them horses?" Someone chimes with narrowed eyes.
Sootstar's eyes grow wide, horses? Couldn't be... how would they be out here?
"Like... the ones from the horseplace?" "Yeah, those ones."

"Can't be. There's no way... the twolegs have them trapped. They're too big to escape it." Sootstar replies matter-of-factly.
"Maybe they jumped over? I've seen 'em jump before Sootstar, you wouldn't believe how-" "Those are certainly horses!"

They were in fact horses.
It seems they have also been noticed... A red-hued horse with a dark stripe running down its back is staring directly at them and letting off deep snorts. The vocalization instantly gets the attention of the rest of the herd.

Sootstar freezes in place, and her fur begins to bristle as she lets out a defensive hiss. She is notably preparing to bolt, were they about to attack? Those snorts did not seem friendly... and she did not wish to be crushed by their giant hooves. Yet no advances to the patrol were made.

A large horse, tan in color with a streak of white down its face rises onto its hooves. In response to the red mare's snort, he looks at the patrol. Several seconds pass and he makes no move... aside from laying back down with a heavy gruff. In an instant all the horses look away, going back to their grazing aside from the snorting mare. She was not convinced her stallion's judgment on the cats was correct, but with a shoulder butt from an ebony mare, she seems to settle.




Dusk had never seen a horse before- at least, never up close before. He had glimpsed them from afar where they were kept penned by the humans, but he'd never gotten too close to them. He'd never had a reason to. From here though he could see them quite well. They would have seemed impossibly large to him if he hadn't spent those first few months of his escape within twoleg place, surrounded by all manner of large, noisy things. Still, these long-faced creatures were probably the biggest living thing Dusk had ever seen before.

He stood frozen among his clanmates as the horses interacted, their exchange not witnessed through words but through body language. There was a tense moment where Dusk wondered if they meant to attack, but the second horse was quick to go back to relaxing, seemingly disinterested in the cats even if its companion was not. "Surely the twolegs will come and get them soon, right? They can't mean to leave them out here." Dusk would say, though he wasn't certain at all if his words were true or not.

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - tall, strong bengal tomcat

Like Dusk, Honey had never seen a horse. She had heard of them, but her part of Paris did not have horse frequents. Honey stared wide-eyed in the mass of her clanmates, even at her height she wasn’t even half as tall as those things. Her tail fur bushes as one of them begins to snort and claws are out as she steps slightly behind Sootstar and the silent stare off between the patrol seemingly lasts hours. Her eyes leave the horses just for one second to check the cats behind her and as her eyes return to the horse, she finds the one that had stared them down is now laying.

"Hopefully." she responds to Dusk, ears flattening. There wasnt much for Windclan to do, at this point, but she worries about the various herbs that grow on the moor. "They don’t eat flowers, do they?" she asks for reassurance, because if these things caused destruction, then she’d be shit out of luck and hope that her stock of marigold would remain up.


Unlike Dusk and Honeytwist, Mallow had seen a horse before. Twenty-four moons on these moors- imagine if he hadn't seen one! He'd have to have been born with no eyes or something. But these guys, they weren't as seasoned as he was, and the ivory tom held his head high at that knowledge. The tiniest bit higher than normal, in honesty- he was not exactly one to slouch and sulk. Swept in with the throng who observed the gangly long-faced things, Mallow's head rolled to the side once again, pupils perfectly still as he pondered.

"I dunno. I think they just eat grass." A verdict that apparently warranted a snort of laughter from him, as if laughing at his own joke- despite there having been nothing close to a joke given. Just the idea of eating grass- it was rancid, wasn't it? And hilarious- imagine a cat trying to hork down a bit fistful of grass and weeds?

The light-dark tom made a sputtering noise at the thought, but suppressed any cackles that threatened to lurch out. Grey eyes fastened upon one in particular who held a triumphant stance, long ebony nose pointed to the sky- "That one's cool!" Exclaimed suddenly, Mallow craned his neck forward in an instant to even get a trace of a closer look. Like a living shadow, a reaper of death risen from grime and dirt, yet with gleaming beauty- oh, fascinating!