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Jun 12, 2022
Clan name: Cloudpaw.
Kittypet name: Cloudy.
Age: 8 moons
Gender/Pronouns: Afab, She/Her
Allegiances: SkyClan and her Housefolk

Appearance: Long-furred gray and white-she-cat with blue eyes. Reference Image

Personality: Ditzy, small attention span, Naive. Thinks the Pine Colony is just playing a fun game. Enjoys hunting only until she actually catches prey, then is all 'ew, dead body, somebody else take it'. Will eventually get a wake up call.

History: Mother is a kittypet and father was a wild cat. Was given to her current Housefolk when she was two moons old. Doesn't remember her siblings well, just as warm bodies by her side. Cloudy has a cat door that she can enter and leave through. She came upon the Pine Group as she was chasing a butterfly and thought it was a game the other kittypets were playing and asked to join.

Lives with a Couple, a male and female adult twoleg, and a dog named Rutherford. He's big and yellow but he's also a coward and runs away whenever Cloudy hisses at him.
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