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Crowcall wasn't normally so outgoing as to accept the company of other cats when she went out hunting off-patrol. This was new for her. As soon as she left camp, she lifted her nose and parted her jaws to taste the air, catching scents of mouse and hare carried on a grassy breeze. They were upwind at the moment, a gentle breeze which carried the scents of the downhill moorlands straight towards them; Crowcall looked at the two cats who had elected to join her, only now realizing that she was expected to decide where they were to hunt that evening.

"Why don't we try near Outlook Rock?" She sounded only halfways confident in her choice. While she knew the moors quite well, she wasn't a moor-runner by training, and even worse, she was notably bad at standing up for her opinions once they came under scrutiny. Crowcall was much quicker to roll over if it meant that an argument could be avoided and an uncomfortable conversation could end, and so she only hoped she would go undisputed this time.

She had left camp just after sunset, when the world was trapped in that odd half-light that came from both the absence of a sun and the presence of its lingering, dying rays streaking across a rust and navy-colored sky. Leaf-fall had the days ending sooner. She didn't feel nearly as tired as she did at this time moons ago; a part of her felt like it still reasonably should have been sun-high, and yet here they were, on the precipice of dusk, hoping to catch a few critters before they returned to their dens for a peaceful night's sleep.

This type of light was best for her, anyway. Seeing in the darkness was what she had been trained to do, and oftentimes, the harsh and uninterrupted sunlight of the surface world had her squinting in discomfort more than she would like to admit.

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Everything Stays

The cool air depicated that it was near sunset, and he could only imagine how the sun looked from the moorlands. He'd have to ask Duskfire on a walk through the stars tonight or something- something calmer than what had been happening. The idiot was attacked by hawks, the whole patrol was, and now Windclan faced the threat of being picked off like prey. Inkylotus wasn't sure how to feel about it as it was terrifying but he didn't want to allow that fear to control him. Being blind meant he was an easy target for said birds, and he was small enough to be picked up and carried off to who knows where.

Large, rounded ears perked up as the sound of Crowcalls' voice sliced through his spiral of thoughts, and he swished his long tail a bit in thought, "That wouldn't be the worst place to go, I know the tunnels down there are brimming with rabbits," He agreed with her voice in where to hunt. At least in the tunnels they'd be safe from the hawks swooping down from above, but Inkylotus wasn't sure if Weaselclaw would be able to even fit down in the tunnels- let alone hunt in them.

The sightless cat moved his head upwards to sniff the air, a little black nose twitching, and he gave a small nod as if confirming his own suspicions, "Maybe we could chase some rabbits out from the tunnels and Weaselclaw could hunt them down?" The black cat offered optimistically and turned his eyeless face towards the lead warrior with a small tilt of his head.
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Like Inkylotus, Weaselclaw is alert as white paws pick their ways through gorse and heather behind their patrol leader. The skies are empty, dark but for the embers of sunset, but he imagines Duskfire's patrol had thought so too before they were swarmed by threatening wingshadows. He loathes to even bring @OWLPAW into the open, but he's also confident he can defend her if anything happens.

The tabby warrior is silent, brooding, beside Inkylotus and Crowcall, and his thoughts are interrupted by the she-cat's suggestion of Outlook Rock.

"Fine," he agrees, giving her a curt dip of the head. With the hawks leaving them carcasses and crowfood, the Clan needs their freshkill pile restocked more than ever, and many of their warriors and apprentices are down for the count. Even the deputy is wounded.

Inkylotus suggests trying the tunnels, and Weaselclaw visibly shudders. "I don't think..." he begins, but then the black feline suggests the smaller pair flush rabbits from the tunnels so Weaselclaw can chase them. He pauses, levels the black warrior with a thoughtful blue-eyed stare the other can't see. "That's a good idea," he praises. He swings his head to Crowcall and nods. "It'll be a good chance for Owlpaw and I to stretch our legs."

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They really like the idea! Crowcall was glowing in pride and silently thanking Inkylotus for the contribution when Weaselclaw gave his nod of approval. Trying hard to hide her excitement at just how swell this social interaction thing was going, Crowcall nodded, gave a glance to Owlpaw, and then turned to finally head out. Although the world was darkening all around them, she could still make out the silhouette of Outlook Rock from here, and the skies seemed clear of any airborn predators. "Let's get going, then!"

She began at an energized trot downhill, and when the ground began to level, her pace slowed to a more conservative pace—it would be a bad idea for her to get worn out so soon, especially when there were rabbits to be snuffed out. As she walked, her mental map began to exercise itself. There was an old foxhole, abandoned for as long as she could remember, just barely due-right of their path. It was one of the many tunnel connections that she worked every day to memorize perfectly, and she already knew exactly where it led, especially in regards to where they were going.

One of the many branches it split off into led to an opening made discreet underneath Outlook Rock. It was one of her favorite parts of the tunnel system. If any of the other clans were to attack, it served as the most stealthy place for warriors to travel to and from camp, while presumably remaining near the battle.

"I'll go under here," Crowcall slowed her place when passing the foxhole, and gave Owlpaw and Weaselclaw a smile over her shoulder. "There are a few more tunnel outings from here to the rock, so I'll chase out any rabbits I find."
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