River Dwellers // Frost


from neverland
Jul 8, 2022

Blue water rushed by with a force as the wind picked up sprinkles of it, and the sun glared down on the aqua liquid. It was a rather humid day, the possibility of rain heavy as the clouds started to come in. Large and deep grey, but it wouldn't be for another couple of hours at least. A small, white body moved through the lush green willow branches and gave a laugh as they looked back over their shoulder, "You can't catch me!" They had been out with Caraway, having some good old playtime with the other, but soon realized that they weren't behind them anymore. Confusion flashed across those orange eyes and they padded back towards where they came from.

"Caraway? Where'd you go?" They spoke aloud as if the other would answer, but they knew they wouldn't. A sigh came from the white bodied cat, black legs moved to continue unde the willow tree. This was one of their favorite spots to be, under the willow tree. It was the largest tree near the river with large twisting roots and branches that hung heavily with willow leaves. It was rather calm here and cooler under the shade, being near the river was also cooler than sitting out in the humid sun. Raccoon settled down with their paws tucked under their body and gave a small swish of their fluffy black tail, well now what?


Frost had been out on her own, collecting anything she thought to be helpful for her and Spider-her friend when she noticed the other loner about and a soft hum crept through the young she-cat. Curled ears would twitch before she made her way towards the other, her tail swaying as she noted them finding themselves quite comfortable within the shade and she chuckled softly before making her way towards Raccoon.

She too appreciated the river and the coolness it brought, not only that, it was a hot spot for things, such as fish, tiny creatures catching a drink, berries, and other useful stuff that she sometimes would bring back to her friend for his approval. The river was peaceful, quiet and birds sang within the air despite the humidness and heaviness the air brought. "Why I have never seen you around here, My names Frost and what about you?" her voice was calm but warm while her bi-colored eyes landed on the other, a friendly smile displayed across the young she-cat's face.

Spider wasn't around to tell her not to have a tiny chit-chat and besides, the other was a loner just as her and him, so she saw no issue in starting off a friendly little chatter with them and besides, they seemed quite...lost as far as she could tell and a little bit of company never harmed anyone... at least she hoped.

Suppose it shouldn't be a surprised that there would be other loners in the river territory, but that didn't stop Raccoon from jumping slightly. Orange eyes widened a bit as they landed upon this cat, she had bi-colored eyes and a friendly, warm smile plastered across her muzzle. The white bodied cat blinked a few times, looked behind them, then back to the cat before them. Was she talking to them? Well obviously who else would they be address, the tree? Raccoon gave a small ear twitch, black tail swishing a bit in apprehension before giving a small dip of their head.

"Hello, I've never seen you around before either," They remarked back with a curious tilt of their head. The river was always changing so was everyone who lived around here as well. It seemed like there was always a new face around here, new cats to talk to like that one cat named Nettle. Though they weren't sure if that was a good or bad thing. "I'm Raccoon! I was just chasing my friend Caraway, but they seemed to have vanished," They gave a small frown at the thought and gave a small shrug of their shoulders.


A bemused look danced across her face as she watched the other look behind them, thinking that she could had been talking to another despite the two being alone without anyone else around. Her fluffy tail swished a bit, thinking and finding that the other before them was quite an interesting character that she wished to get to know even more about and giggled softly at the other for their slight confusion before her curled ears perked to listen to their words.

Their name was Raccoon, which seemed to fit the other perfectly she nodded while settling herself down, curling her tail around her paws. Today would seem to be a good day, she was making a new friend with another loner and the cool shades kept them safe from the humid air that threatened to suffocate them both. Raccoon had mentoned that they were chasing their friend but both had gotten lost from one another and she hummed a bit.

"Maybe they decided to play a surprise game of hide and seek! Why don't we both look for them and the first to find them gets to pick the prettest shell to bring home" She smirked, deciding a little bit of friendly competition would be a good way to get to know her newly acquainted friend, but Frost knew she could not tell Spider of this encounter, thinking it was best if the two stayed close to another, not needing any other friends beside each other, thinking no one but him could be trusted.

Frost was a strange cat, but very kind! She had a warm smile and a giggle that made Raccoon smile in return at the sound. They didn't have many friends outside of Caraway and Buck, but then again they where more like family than anything else. The offer of a friendly competition made those orange eyes sparkle for a moment and Raccoon instantly got to their paws, "Oh you are so on! I'm about to get the prettiest shell out there for my collection!" They crowed with a loud laugh. Though they weren't sure where to begin to find Caraway; she could be any where really.

Maybe she went back to Buck? Or was down by the river? Hopefully Caraway wasn't any where dangerous as with the increase of cat by the river, it wasn't as safe as it once was. Raccoon crouched a bit playfully, tail lashing back and forth, "Lets check by the river! That way I can find Caraway and that shell thats rightfully mine," Raccoon gave a purr in amusement before bounding out from under the shade of the willow tree, and headed down the worn path that lead to the river. They of course slowed down though to look behind them for the blue cat that they had quickly befriended it seemed.

"C'mon slowpoke, wastin' daylight!" They grinned with an amused glint to their orange eyes, before swishing their tail back and forth once more. The excitement of a competition ran through their body and they bounced in place impatiently almost.