Jul 14, 2022
  • welcome to riverclan's official landmark signups! in an effort to be inclusive and give everyone a shot to have their characters play part in exploring and navigating the waters riverclan now calls home, everyone is required to sign-up here prior to placing their oc in a discovery thread.

    as of now please limit to ONE OC PER DISCOVERY ; this is prone to change with time. to state interest in a landmark, all you have to do is reply with with short form below with which one and what OC you'd like to have help discover said landmark. when the time comes, similar to windclan, i will post an " introduction " for the landmark to make it official! there will be two slots to each landmark past camp for potential plots, if you would like for your character to discover a mark by themselves just let me know! how these landmarks are discovered is up to you, please see individual slides for any specific rules or preferences.

    name of oc ── landmark here.

  • riverclan is on a large, well-drained island surrounded by reeds and sedge. it can only be reached by swimming to it or by the stepping stones, meaning their camp is nearly impossible to attack due to the other clans’ fear of water. in the central area, the cats lie and share tongues in the sun. most of the dens are made up of tightly woven reeds with hard, tangled roofs. cats weave feathers into the reeds and decorate the edges with sparkling rocks and shells from the river, which light dances off of to make beautiful reflections. their nests are made of moss, reeds, and feathers, and decorated with rocks and shells.

    the warrior’s den is woven from reeds against a thick fallen tree. it is next to the nursery, which is tucked into a sedge wall and is made from willow branches and reeds. the river comes up very close to the nursery ; the kits practice getting wet and sometimes even swimming, helping them for when they become apprentices. because of the close proximity of the river, the walls of the nursery are built very thickly to prevent the den from floating away in a flood. across the central clearing from the warrior’s den and nursery is the elder’s den, which is at the top of a slope in camp and made of woven willow branches. the apprentice’s den is further down the slope, woven from reeds and covered in a warm coating of moss.

    cicadastar ── leaders den
    beesong ── medicine den

    lightning ── warriors den
    raccoon ── apprentices den
    mud ── nursery
    name of oc ── elders den​

    cats in charge of discovering camp should work together to establish a home base! discovery threads can be as simple as cleaning out an area or learning to weave reeds, or as complicated as you'd like! i only ask that threads discovering camp be peaceful.

  • a thicket of beech trees with a spacious clearing in the middle that is used as a training area for apprentices and their mentors. here, they practice battle moves and learn how to hunt prey that isn’t fish. some of the beech trees and nearby willow trees can be used for climbing, although riverclanners aren’t nearly as talented at this as skyclanners are. in leaf-bare, the clearing becomes icy underfoot from the frost, and the area is open to the sky due to the leafless trees.

    frost ── beech copse
    name of oc ── beech copse​

  • across the river is sunningrocks, a large, smooth granite rock formation with huge gray boulders by the river where cats love to sun themselves and hunt. riverclan and thunderclan often fight over the lovely strip of territory due to its variety of uses. along the shoreline, the area is sandy. on one side, the smooth, flat rocks face the sun and provide a basking spot, while the other side is sheer, overshadowing the river. within sunningrocks there is a cleft where cats are able to shelter in. mice are also able to hide in small cavities between the boulders, and prey is abundant between the rocks and the nearby forest.

    brook ── sunningrocks
    lilypaw ── sunningrocks​

  • a bridge built by twolegs that allows the cats to go to fourtrees when the river is high. this marks the end of their border with windclan.

    clayfur ── twoleg bridge
    name of oc ── twoleg bridge​

  • NOT TO BE FOUND UNTIL AT LEAST SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER ; NOT USED DURING WARMER MONTHS DUE TO TWOLEG POPULATION. a campsite that is used by twolegs in greenleaf. while it is harmless during the other seasons, the cats know to stay away from this area during the warmer moons to avoid twolegs snatching them up. it often reeks of smoke and ash and is lined with horizontal tree trunks.

    fox ── twoleg camp
    name of oc ── twoleg camp
    name of oc ── twoleg camp
    name of oc ── twoleg camp

    there is a plot in the making for this, but not currently applicable.

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Mud - nursery (thought it’d be fitting since he’d be searching for a good spot for his pregnant mate!)

I don’t wanna snatch up too many spots so if there’s anything leftover at the end I can offer Lightning!