Jun 8, 2022
hello riverfam! i have decided to put up an interest check for riverclan's medicine cat apprentice! there is no set choosing date yet, but i am aiming for early october. before you state your interest in this position, please read over the high position and semi-high position guide, as well as the requirements listed below!

— someone who is active ic is very important for any hp! over the course of the next month, i will be gauging all applicants' activity and involvement in threads; this does not mean that spamming the board will earn you this position! spamming the board can be overwhelming and discouraging for other roleplayers, so please avoid this. that being said, a character who posts once or twice a month is unlikely to get this position!
— beesong will be looking for a cat who shows an interest in herbs in some capacity. they are unlikely to pick an apprentice who is outwardly aggressive or cruel, but do not let that discourage you from stating interest with your character! if you meet all the other requirements, there can be workarounds to this!
— age does not matter! (as long as they are not geriatric, of course)

— ooc activity is just as important as ic activity. i will be looking for someone who is involved in the ooc community by plotting with others regularly and overall being a friendly, welcoming face.
— if you have a medicine cat or a medicine cat apprentice in another clan, you are automatically disqualified. you are welcome to apply for one of the other medicine cat apprentice positions that may open during the next month as well as riverclan's, but you will be taken out of the running if you are chosen as the other clan's mca.

with that being said, if you are still interested in becoming riverclan's first medicine cat apprentice, please fill out the form below! thank you for your interest, and have fun!
[b]main account:[/b] answer
[b]character name:[/b] answer
[b]why do you think your character is a good choice?:[/b] answer
main account: scar
character name: quietpaw
why do you think your character is a good choice?: after seeing so much bloodshed in her life, including the death of their parents and the war, they have no desire to hurt. in fact, they feel useless that they cannot heal and help others like beesong does, making them lean more towards wanting that position, even if she doesn't realize that right this moment
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main account: Rinaroo
character name: Frost
why do you think your character is a good choice?: Frost isn't necessarily a good choice, but it will be a struggle point for her and something I do feel she will learn to grow into. Despite her visible lack of sympathy she does care for the clan and this would put her on the fence of where she's meant to be <3
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main account: @S E E D K I T
character name: Seedkit
why do you think your character is a good choice?: Seedkit is a good choice because he needs his clan just as much as his clan would need him. Despite this, he has a huge heart, and is able to empathize with all creatures, seeing them them all as equals including bugs. Seed would be able to look past himself, and all his inner insecurities, and not think of himself as an individual but an asset to the clan. His role would come first, no matter the patient or problem.
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b]main account:[/b] @Noor
character name: Lakepaw
why do you think your character is a good choice?: Just applying for fun! The plot opportunities would be really interesting. As of right now she would honestly not be the best candidate, but in all honesty finishing her medicine cat arc has been in the back of my mind <3 please feel free to put her on the bottom of the list if need be! :3
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main account: @toska.
character name: @wavepaw.
why do you think your character is a good choice?: mostly just applying for fun! wavepaw is a loyal member to her clan and considers herself the type of cat to go to great lengths in order to protect her clan. she isn’t outwardly aggressive or cruel, and will do what’s in the best interest of the clan!
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main account: @Wolf_
character name: @Raccoonpaw
why do you think your character is a good choice?: Racc is a veey optimistic and fun character, id love to see them grow and prosper under different circumstances! I think theyd made a very good fit because of their joyful personality and need to learn! Also why not?
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main account: @foxlore
character name: crappiepaw
why do you think your character is a good choice?: crappie is a sick kid who has chronic upper respiratory issues, so they’re in the med den a lot anyway, and they’ll continue to be there a lot as they get older. i wouldn’t say they’re a necessarily good choice at all, but it would be an interesting plot to go from being the sick one to taking care of the sick (and also still being sick). their bedside manner would be pretty awful at first, but i think they’d slip pretty naturally into the role of a caretaker, albeit a bit of a grumpy one.
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main account: @revelations
character name: Houndsnarl
why do you think your character is a good choice?: I'm not so certain about a good choice, but Hound is certainly an interesting one! He's a warrior through and through, never considering another path. It would take a sign from StarClan to guide him in this direction, though he'd be loyal to it for as long as he could be once chosen. He does enjoy learning about herbs and taking care of others in any way that he can, and finds it pretty soothing. He wouldn't be a particularly gentle medic, leaning more towards a combat medic status– it would be difficult to get him to stay out of battles, and he's as likely to throw himself into danger to prevent harm as he is to heal the aftereffects with herbs. Though not irreverent, Hound would have a pretty belligerent attitude towards StarClan when he thinks that they're incorrect and make an altogether difficult-to-manage apprentice that has a lot to learn over time.
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main account: @cosmos
character name: @GLOOMKIT
why do you think your character is a good choice?: trying out 4 giggles bc gloom is a mess. beesong will beg starclan for another apprentice that DOESNT try to eat the herbs first day. ultimately it would take her a push until she learned compassion and bedside manners so she isnt like a GOOD choice but she is a fun one
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