private RIVERSIDE // Honeybee




That morning Nettle had sneaked out early liking the chilling mornings before the heating sun would awake and burn down on his fur for the rest of the day. It was not like he didn't like this season, quite the opposite really. But it was nice to enjoy mornings like these sometimes as well that easily got forgotten otherwise. The best part was how peacful it usual was around this hour not like much anything happend around here to begin with. Everyday were pretty much the same. It was him, Reed and Mahi. Nettle couldn't remember when the last time had been since he last had seen another cat beside this two. It felt like a long time ago, maybe longer then it actually had been. Time was not something Nettle was good at keeping track on.

Along the way on his peaceful morning had ended up stoping close to the river when something rather captivating had captured this violet-blue reflecting eyes. Flowers. If there was anything in this world Nettle loved it was flowers. How could he not?. All of them where so pretty and captivating to look at with thier brightful colors. A long time ago Nettle had made it to his personal mission to collect all flowers he happened to come across to put into his nest back there he lived with Reed and Mahi. His nest was full of flowers of every kind never missing an opportunity to pick new ones to replace the old ones that had withered away. It was a shame that flower not could live forever. It always made him sad when one of the flowers died. Sometimes he even childishly wondered if flowers had feelings like he had, or even families?. Oh, his fantasy could really bring him far away sometimes!.

Nettle chuckled to himself before he started to pick the flowers, and one of them he would put behind his ear before contunie on with his daily routine. He would make sure not to forget to pick one or two flowers to Reed and Mahi as well. He was sure that would make them happy because who would not be happy receiving a flower?. Not long after he had started to pick this delicate plants the loner had drifted away into his own thoughts, humming to himself while adoring the flowers he picked without realizing he not was alone out here today. Somebody else beside him was out here as well.