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Jun 7, 2022

TABBY TALES ROLEPLAY ETIQUETTE | Written by Floppie & Revised by Regina
common unspoken rules within the community, often frowned upon if not followed.
In Character && Out of Character && Formatting
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– Remember that in character opinions are simply that, in character opinions. What any character says or thinks does not reflect on what their roleplayer thinks or feels in any given situation, and their actions should not be taken personally.

– While certain characters may share similarities with their player, it is important not to blur the line between the two. Characters based on their player should be handled with extreme care and any IC events meant to reflect a real-life issue are heavily discouraged. This quickly becomes a slippery slope no matter how well you believe you could handle it, and it’s suggested to be avoided altogether.

– No powerplaying / godmodding, however, if you see someone doing this you can likely assume that permission was granted OOCly for this action to follow through.

– Give others time to reply in between posts. We understand how exciting it can be receiving a reply to a thread, but give it a moment to sit before you reply again, so other characters have a chance to jump in and add their own reactions! If you prefer to roleplay back and forth with people, then seek out a private thread!

– Try to acknowledge other characters within your reply. In any way, shape, or form, acknowledgment of other characters within the thread will always be appreciated! There’s no need for you to reply to every individual line of dialogue if you do not want to, but anything– A passing glance, a friendly smile towards another character, the flick of a tail against them, or merely a pleasant (or unpleasant) thought is plenty to let other roleplayers know that you acknowledge and want to include them.

– Avoid majorly derailing threads. While unexpected tonal shifts in casual threads are usually a fun surprise, for others, the original poster may have something more particular in mind. If you’re afraid your reply may be too disruptive, ask for permission from the poster to see what they think.


– While not required, it’s encouraged that you join the Discord! The vast majority of our ooc chatting and plotting happens there, polls may be held in order to determine clan and site-wide events, and you will typically receive much quicker replies when it comes to things like questions and genetics help!

Be welcoming and inclusive to all new players! While I’m sure we all have our close friends on the site who we will always jump to plot with, we absolutely do not tolerate cliqueyness. An important part of Tabby Tales’ culture is how welcoming and friendly we are to new members. Do not discriminate against other players when it comes to adoptions, plot roles, replies, or anything else because they’re new. If you ever have a concern regarding this, don’t be afraid to contact staff!



– When it comes to formatting your posts, it’s recommended that your text isn’t any smaller than 11px, simply for ease of reading.

– As fun as it is to customize your character’s profile to the fullest extent, try to avoid using excessive amounts of, or extremely large images. This can easily clutter threads, and especially make them a hassle to scroll through for mobile users. Be tasteful with any imagery you’d like to use.

– This especially goes for those who often reply with several paragraphs: Try to set your character’s speech apart from the rest of the post. When reading through so much text, simple quotation marks can be easy to miss at times. A bold signifier of speech certainly helps to combat this!

– It happens to all of us sometimes, when we’re simply in the zone and your posts come out longer than intended. In no way do we want to limit that creativity or passion, but we do suggest that TL;DRs are left on any very long posts. While some of us love to go into as much detail as possible, some are just getting on for some silly little late-night cat posting, and may not have the energy to read through and/or make sense of so many words all at once. You may want to consider this as well if your style of writing is very metaphor-heavy.

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