rolling thunder

Dandelion was adjusting, he wasn't sure if he was doing it well or not but he was certainly doing it. The shift from the calm and almost lazy barn life to being out in the open wilderness among other cats in what seemed to be the makings of a great conflict was a little jarring; he wouldn't lie. Sometimes he dreamed of the old derelict barn, the sweet scent of hay and the rolling purr of the great monsters chugging along in the distance as they gnashed their teeth into golden fields. The chocolate colored tom rolled onto his back out in the clearing, the flattened moorland grass under him was comfortable but not quite as good as the burrows he once dug into haybales and the plants were had to find a good chew. He'd settled for a wheat stem, but he wondered if there was anything a little sweeter he could find later. That would take effort which wasn't something he was inclined to give right now. Right now was a sunbathing kind of day, the territory was still being sorted out and established and he had no inclination to explore it on his own; maybe if he had a friend or...or an adult with him or something. After the whole affair with that one clan and the realization you could just get attacked for leaving your land, he wasn't so inclined to add his pelt to the list of clawed up ones.
It was probably about time he started practicing less talking and more swinging his claws around, while he knew basic self-defense and was a big enough sized cat for an apprentice most didn't cross him, it was hard to get into the mindset to harm over a proper discussion. But seeing how Sootstar held herself, well...he reckoned he ought to be prepared for a good fight now and then.

But that sounded like a task for future Dandelion to care about...



The queen herself can be found within the confines of the camp. Her belly points to the sun and she basks in the suns warm rays... Disturbing thoughts of leaf-bare linger in her mind, it was getting late in green-leaf which meant leaf-bare was coming. She shudders at the thought and tries to push it to the back of her mind.

She doesn't feel all that comfortable anymore.

Getting up onto her paws the blue cat stretches, a quiet yawn parting from small yet mighty jaws. Ember eyes spot Dandelion, who was as well basking in the sun... and she doesn't think too kindly of it. The small molly wasn't known for being kind to many new joiners, she was often harsh on them for numerous sun rises and sunsets.

"I hope you've done your fair share of work today... In a clan cats dont get to rest until they've done their share, earned their keep." She huffs, an invisible brow raising in suspiscion.


"Ya looked might comfortable there, miss-hope my stretchin' didn't disturb ya." Dandelion opened one eye to the shadow that fell over him and met the leader's cold green stare with his own cheerfully mismatched one. If he took offense or seemed bothered by her remarks he didn't show it, giving a lazy yawn as he rolled to his paws and stretched with a languid arch of his back and tail. "Ain't nobody 'fer me to go with right now, reckon erryone else is out and about-less that's you offerin to come with me for a hunt or check of them there borders..." The young point tom twirled his wheat stem gamely about between his teeth as he spoke, the golden leaf bobbing with each word. "Ah'm not inclined to get gobbled up by one of them foxes or whatnot while out alone, ma'am. But if'n yer given' the company I'd be more than obliged." He didn't have a mentor yet, so he tended to get forgotten in the chaos or organizing and establishing themselves.

" There's always stuff to do." Leech would cut in, not buying what Dandelion was saying at all. Just like Sootstar he didn't like to see the kittypets slack of in the clan. In fact he thought they should all just give up already and run back where they had come from!. Leech was sick and tired of seeing thier faces every single day already. But he had no voice in this matter just made him look even much forward to grow up so he could leave this shithole one day and become a self-depanded loner. " You're only making up excuses to be lazy." he snorted with a bitter grimace. If this life are too hard for you why not justgo back to your kittypet life. That was a comment he usual would have said but in the back of his head rememberd how this one had helpt with that impossible making nest!. He would have driven himself nuts if he had keept on working on it all on his own. Stars, he would have teared it into pieces!.

So he spared him from his cutting words, this time around anyway. A rare kindness from him if it even could be called for that.


Unlike Dandelion, Flanders was having a decidedly less comfortable time trying to adjust to clan life. What the tomcat thought would be a quick trip had clearly turned into a longer-form project, one which he was decidedly unprepared for. Still, he wasn’t one to give up. All the same, that hadn’t stopped sky-blue eyes from burning cold with jealousy at the country cat’s Laissez-faire attitude.

That’s why the upstanding paragon breathed a sigh of catharsis as Soot stepped forwards. If Flanders couldn’t be as calm as Dandelion, he could at least see the country cat crash and burn. However, his smile turned sour as the she-cat began to speak. Why was she being so pleasant? Where was the screaming? What did Dandelion have that warranted such special treatment? (Besides affability, charm, humbleness, respect for others…)

Unhappy with the view from his glass house (and realizing that a conversation on pulling weight would leave him a target for Sootstar’s ire), Flanders stepped forwards. “I would say there’s a difference between being lazy and not having an opportunity to learn.” He quipped to Leech, tone markedly less preachy thanks to the she-cat-shaped bomb in the room. Speaking of, the pacifist turned towards Windclan’s leader.

“If you were going to accept Dandelion’s offer, I’d like to request that I come along as well. There’s a lot I don’t know, and observing two cats already accustomed to wild living would certainly help me.”