ROSENDALE // flowers

Jul 27, 2022

" For how much longer are we gonna be here?." The very much displeased Leech asked as he sat on a field filled with flowers alongside with his one and only friend Damask Rose. He looked quite annoyed and his tail was flinking back and forth. He knew he had agreed to come along but stars, what he regreted it now!. This was so not his thing. He was trying so hard to be patient and take part in his friends...hobby but he really was not happy to be here.

" Can't we stay just for a little bit longer?." Damask Rose would hum as he was entranced with the flowers he had picked this far trying to make a flower crown out of them. It was a bit tricky though. He glanced up to his friend giving them a innocent pleading look, and unaware about it himself had no clue how much power that look had over the black tom who responded with a 'fine' through a mutter before he glanced away. It made Rose shine up as he heared that, and so happily he returned back with giving attention to his flowers. He had picked so many of them today!. He knew a colder season was coming so he needed to make sure to pick as many as possible before they all withered away!. He did paid attention to Leech not so happy mood though...He felt a bit bad over it but also felt grateful towards his friend. They had followed with him out here after he had asked them all for thier sake knowing how uncomfortable Rose felt to go out alone. So it warmed him on the inside to know what a wonderful friend he had. Leech really had a kind heart!, he just wished other cats could see Leech in the same light he did.

Suddenly, he got an idea. While Leech was distracted looking at another direction Damask Rose would dare getting closer as he placed something behind one of his friends ears. Quickly he backed away again to seat down on the moor, smiling brightly. Leech would meet thier gaze with a baffled look as he used a paw to touch whatever they had put behind his ear. " It's a sunflower." Rose would explain, and the second Leech realised he had a flower behind his ear a disapproved frown was settled upon his features. " Hey!, who said you could do that!." he scolded them lightly with annoyence and was about to remove the flower from his ear. " I'm not a sh-" he bite back his own words, as he stopt himself from finishing that sentence. Saying something like that was old talk for Rose...and the last thing he wanted to do was to repeat stuff this stinky siblings of thiers would say...

Instead he made a 'tch' sound as he glanced away again, changing his mind to remove that flower. " I must look so stupid right now." he huffed, still feeling very much annoyed. " I think you look handsome.." Rose would say softly, as his smile were a bit more shy now. Leech cast a side glance at them feeling his cheeks slightly burn up. " If you don't like it though you can take it of.." Rose added with understanding. Even if Leech not had finished his previous remark knew what he had been trying to say. He guess some toms felt embarassed to wear flowers, even more so if someone would see them in one. He did not wanted to be that type of friend who put thier friend through uncomfortable situations.

Leech seemed to catch up on this as he contunied to watch them from the corner of his eye, and there it came. The guilty trip again. Ugh. " Don't want to." he mumbled, blushing even more as he tried to choke his words down. He cleared his throat awkwardly and refused to look at them now. Who cared if anyone saw him with a stupid flower?. If it made Rose happy then...he really didn't care. Fuck anyones opinions. He had long since stopt caring about that.

Rose smiled again, giving of a quiet giggle before he returned back on what he originally had been doing. Making flower crowns, or well, as good a cat could do so with paws and claws that was.


"Ye look mighty pretty with yer flower there, Leech." His chipper voice was the only indication he was there, having quietly stalked along to the spot upon spotting the pair and felt it would be right and proper to say hello since he happened across them while out hunting. Dandelion was still a loose little cat-no mentor and no guidance and his Pa stayed in camp often nowadays so not much exploration with supervision for him recently. He'd taken it in stride, cheer, taught himself and listened in on others and the conclusion was that he felt he didn't need to worry much about being on his lonesome lately. He was managing, he was a fairly big cat for an apprentice and he didn't have too long til he hit early adulthood so why stress about things out of his control when he could smell the flowers? The point tom ambled along, wheat stem in his mouth and mismatched eyes wide in delight, his head dipped in a polite nod to Damask Rose, "Evenin' ya'll! What're we up to? Just relaxing? Sounds like a good time!" His brown dipped tail whipped in a cheerful flick as he settled in to sit and a paw whisked out to pluck up one of the tiny yellow wildflowers scattered about before neatly settling it behind his ear. "Reckon Sootstar'd have a coniption fit if'n she saw us spending out time this way." His tone held no fear or worry of reprocussions, but only a bright amusement and mischievous spark in that gold and green pair of eyes.

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His roaming has always been wide and it seems his paws have carried him along the path of bright flowers as far as the eyes can see. His smile is still present upon his muzzle as he steps along the rather pretty site. He is about to lay down when he hears voices speaking up in the distance and it causes him to wander over. Tilting his ears forward a little it picks up the voice of Dandelion as well as others. One such cat he doesn't have much of a fondness for and another he has not met before. As he appears upon the scene he notices Leech with his rather unique decoration and a wiry smile pulls at the corners of his muzzle. "Well, I do say I have to agree with, Dandy here. It does look pretty nice on you Leech." There is a roll of humor on his tongue but he actually thinks it looks nice. Maybe it will brighten the other's mood up a bit more.

Then he turns to the other and dips his head to them considering he doesn't know them yet. He has yet to properly meet many of the cats beyond polite dips of his head as he passes by them. Ah, maybe he needs to change something about that but for now he is having a good time listening and trying to understand everything that goes on around him. "I'm sure she wouldn't be too upset. You know all work and no play makes ya dull and exhausting to be honest."

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The talk of flowers caused Hyacinth to raise her head from the sandy patch she had been focused on digging in, ears twitching in mild interest. She wouldn't let herself show her interest by going over, yet. She didn't want them to think that she was into flowers, or something- don't ask her why. Even she didn't know at this point.

After a few moments, and the mention of Sootstar, Hyacinth finally pads over and takes a look at Leech. She pauses for a moment, and there's a moment of emotion behind her eyes- a reminder of something, deep in the past. She looks sad, almost, for a moment- but the expression is quickly replaced with a small smile, barely there.

"It suits you, Leech. Handsome, indeed." She compliments- a rarity, these days. She glances away to look at those present, and then chuckles. Were they that worried about Sootstar scolding them? Perhaps she could put them at ease.. Even just a little bit. A good soldier would keep their fellow soldier's morals up, right? "A little break won't hurt. Mind gifting me one, Rose?" Hyacinth asks softly, embarrassed- a light pink hue on her cheeks as she avoids eye contact.
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Leech froze when he heared Dandelionpaw's voice even worse was it that they called him for pretty. Tch, what sort of joke was that?!. Clearly it was a comment to taunt and embarass him. Leech would huff as he cast a angry look over at the other tom with a flower themed name. " Watch your tongue or you might wake up with thorns in your nest one morning!." his threat was half meant as his cheeks was heating up underneath his fur. Ugh. He was already regretting for not removing that stupid flower when he had a chance for it. Now it was to late and he had become everyones freakshow to laugh at!.

Where the heck had Grackledive come from?!. Why him out of all cats. Uuuuugh. Leech puffed out his cheeks as he sent daggers look over at him with tail starting to lash behind him. " I don't wanna hear that from you, old man." he tried to get underneath thier skin in a desperate attempt to save whatever sort of pride he had left which wasn't much. Grackledives hope for a sunflower turning the angry gremlin into a sunshine for sure was a hopeless dream to wish for....

The last drop was when Hyacinthbreath approached too, although she had at least called him for handsome!. Still it wasn't enough as he already was far to pissed of already. Hissing at them all he then just turned his back on them all and with a loud huff he would lay himself down, growling something underneath his breath while lashing his tail back and forth. If he hadn't fur they would all have seen how red he was right now, and it was all thier faults!.

Rosepaw had been watching silently, feeling a slight bit bad for Leech since he knew he didn't like this type of attention so felt bad but also he knew all of them meant well and deep inside Leech was just embarassed!. The truth was his black friend was very insecured about his looks, so he knew this would in someway boost his confidence up a bit...maybe. The cinnamon smiled softly before he turned his attention over to Dandelionpaw,Grackledive, and Hyacinthbreath. " Hey Dandelionpaw!, we was uhm, picking flowers. Do you..l-like flowers too?"
he asked when he saw Dandelionpaw picking a flower of his own to place behind his ear. If so...maybe they could pick flowers together sometime?.

Dandelionpaw mentioned Sootstar and Rosepaw grow a bit pale looking extremely concernd. Was she...really gonna get angry on them?. He was left speechless, the flashback of how Sootstar had struck Flanders crossed his mind. Would she go that far if she got upset?. " you really think she will?..."
Grackledive joined in, seeming to make an attempt to ease thier minds, at least his. Rosepaw would nod to thier words, trying to convince himself that they didn't do anything wrong being out here. If anyone could ease his mind though it was Hyacinthbreath. She was close to Sootstar, and she seemed to know thier leader better then anybody else. Rosepaw looked at them now, and he relaxed a bit. Trusting both Grackledive and Hyacinthbreath words he shouldn't let this worry him no more!.

The molly asked for a flower, and that was good distraction to get himself out from his fear for thier leader. He would nod his head to them. " S-sure!."he looked a bit more brightful again as he searched for the perfect flower for Hyacinthbreath out of the flowers he had picked. Rosepaw picked one of them and offered it over to Hya. It was a bluebell flower. " I think this one will fit every well with your eyes!" He really did!.

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Rosepaw was very quiet but very sweet, he offered a smile in response to him and his cheerful chatter.
"Love flowers!" The sepia point declared, tone chipper at the question and marveling at the fact that it was asked. Dandelion was his name, it'd be quite silly to not like them! Though he supposed names didn't necessarily mean you were a fan of what you were named after. Highly doubted Leech thought leeches were nice. Names were funny like that, you were yourself without question but your name was not one you really picked; it was placed upon you by your parents or whoever raised you generally. He wondered how cats with names they didn't like felt, did they change them? Did Leech like his? The ruddy brown apprentice reached down to pluck up another simple white daisy between his toes before reaching over to try and place it generally atop the dark tom's head.
"If ye think thorns're a good gift fer me then by all means~ I'll take'em happily and return the favor." That golden eye closed in a wink before he glanced over to raise a paw in a wave to the two older warriors joining them. His mentor and their lead warrior. Grackledive was always pleasant to see and while he could never really put a paw on his feelings about Hyacinthbreath, you could definetely say she did her job well; one way or another.
"A good choice!" Dandelionpaw said to the bluebell offered to the silver queen, "Matches nicely I'd say-what'd ya think suit Grackledive?" Let the expert flower picker make the call.