rotten morose and late — flintstrike


tired as hell
Jun 22, 2022
F L I N T S T R I K E.. set me on fire and look another way
he/him/his — 56 moons — warrior of riverclan — reference
maine coon mix — 15 inches tall — (approximately) 16 lbs.

1. Flintstrike is neither kind nor particularly friendly. He is dispassionate and detached at his best; at his worst, caustic and unpleasant. His is generally a difficult face to read, offering no warmth or even distaste. Not especially prone to socialization, he has no friendships to speak of, and the few connections he has made are generally fraught with a tense bitterness. Flintstrike is not a very forgiving taskmaster or a soothing confidant and this tends to strain his relationships.

2. He shares very little of himself and his past. Personal details are not readily spoken of, though while he seems uninterested in dorming close bonds with his clanmates, he will remember any personal information either offered or overheard. He prefers to be an informed enigma.