Rubber ducky | bath time




"I think I'm clean now." The child's whine is quite hearable across the camp. He wiggles and squirms underneath the gently laps of Inlylotus' tongue. Much of the mud he has managed to get off himself but now he is getting a thorough cleaning and his pelt colors are being revealed. The soft cinnamon tawny and black is quite shoking to say the least. Rosettes disappearing in the dark depths, more shadow now and only visible in certain light. He wiggles twisting to be upside down as he tries his best to escape from his bath but he know he probably won't be going anywhere soon. At least they are nice enough to give him one at all. With a huff he settles down between those careful paws and just looks around camp before he blinks mismatched eyes.

Thinking. This is Windclan. Just like his former home, Shadowclan. But it's different. They don't have dens which he needs to get used to. Though he finds it scary and he looks up to Inky with a curious glint in his gaze. "How come you guys don't sleep in dens? Like isn't it scary to have all that open space above you? What if, what if a big monster comes and grabs you all up?"


Everything Stays

"Not as far as I can see," Inkylotus replied amusedly to the young kit. Though he couldn't see the young cats coat, he could feel how soft they were against his tongue as he lapped a little bit more as the kit rolled over. A hum came from the blind cat as he finished up what he was doing before considering the kits words, "Though Sootstar says it is because we're the closest to Starclan both in the moonstone and the sky," It was a rather simply example though he couldn't really tell himself why. Suppose it was because there wasn't enough material to make dens? The tunnels went on too long? Then there was the threat of badgers too.

"There is a medicine den, and of course the nursery, but that is it for dens here," Inkylotus clarified to the young kit and lifted his head with a little lap to the kits' head, "If it would make you more comfortable, surely I can convince Duskfire to make us a little den?" He knew the young kit was probably uncomfortable out in the open and Inkylotus found he'd do anything for the kit to feel more- at home here.

Children. Hyacinthbreath had her own, three kits that resemble a mix of herself and their mother, Moonshadow. Even though she knows the kits are hers, though, Hyacinth always kept her distance, emotionally. She refused to let herself get attached to the kits, let alone become a motherly figure to them. Moonshadow had raised a kit of her own once, she could handle three in the safety of the camp. The guilt always remained, however.

She hears the sound of Inkylotus talking to a newer kit, Slitherkit was their name- blinking violet hues as she walks over soon after. She doesn't linger too long in silence, happy to be in the atmosphere of positive moments for once. With everything going on, having this interaction and listening to it was comforting. She gives a gentle smile to the kit, nodding her head. "You're always free to. I'll help you build it, I found some pretty sturdy sticks not far from camp."

Slitherkit had come to them filthy and dejected and had somehow gotten filthy again, but at the very least he seemed in slightly better spirits overall. He wanders over at the sound of the whine rising up, worried briefly that perhaps the young tom's leg was acting up again but it seemed he was only protesting the thorough cleaning he was being given. Blind or not, Inkylotus seemed to be able to sense dirt and did a quick and clean job of sprucing that kitten up.
A chuckle rises up in his throat, amused and curious as to how other clans had their own camps set up. WindClan, so he had gathered, was the strangest.
"We need a roof over the medicine cat den to keep them there herbs dry and safe." The apprentice mused, twirling his wheat stem around between his teeth with a thoughtful glance up to the sky. He could understand it being scary; being so uncovered and exposed. "If'n ye want ye can always share my nest with me 'til ye get this one sorted." Hyacinthbreath and Duskfire combined would make quick work of any digging necessary so he imagined it would only be a few days or so.
"How's yer leg doin?"


Rolling again his eyes light up as he listens to Inky, shifting a bit. The idea of having their own little den sounds nice and warm. He'll like that very much. Grinning from ear to ear he then rolls onto his back as he contemplates it all. Windclan being out in the open because it's closer to Starclan and whatever a moonstone is. He doesn't know but he is sure that it's important. "Yeah that would be great! And I can get some feathers to put in it and some fur, and maybe some scales too. Make it look all nice and stuff." Did Windclan get snakes and stuff to catch? He isn't too sure but he can go hunting for one as soon as he is able to. Flicking his tail he turn turns his attention to Hyacinthbreath who offers to help with the den and talks about a few sticks that they could go and collect. Jumping up he squirms his way from Inky before bounding over to Hyacinth with a big grin on his maw. careful of his leg of course. It hurts if he does too much. "Oh yes please! Can I come? I wanna make the best nest ever. The prettiest den too." Nothing but the best of course.

Another feline comes over and one he recognizes as Dandelionpaw. He was the nice one that helped him when he first got here. a smile flutters over his muzzle even bigger than the last (if that's even possible). "That makes sense. Herbs have to stay all dry and stuff. And my leg is doing okay, it hurts a little when I'm too heavy on it but I'm trying to not use it too much." He sticks his leggy out just for Dandelionpaw to see, expectantly because he definitely knows he has been doing really well with it.