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❥ - she smells like lemongrass and sleep
Something about this new land made Lavender want to race around in the tall grass, as quick as a bullet and as graceful as a bird. She imagined herself not as a cat out in these wide expanses, but as a weasel or a ferret. Smart, shrewd, and quick as a whip. Her long tail, once a staple of otherness, she now use as a sort of fulcrum. It twisted as she turned, allowing her to better keep her balance as she maneuvered the grassy terrain in pursuit of a rabbit.

Other soldiers of WindClan dotted the moors with her this afternoon, all galloping and half-playing, half-hunting in the midday sun. No more worrying about war or worrying if they'll go hungry or have to eat carrion for their next meal, just running and leaping like deer in a fresh meadow of flax and heather. Peaceful. Happy. Safe.

A strange few days had passed, and Inky was more or less excited about this new decision they had made. Windclan was a lively place and it felt safer than the tunnel they had been living in, or any of the other places they had traveled to. It was like Windclan worked as one whole cat, supporting each other and feeding each other, and it was wild to Inky. So use to it being a dog eat dog world where cats fought over micro specks of food for no reason what so ever, here it was different. A good different.

The sun rose high in the sky, the scents of many cats around him and blended together with the soft heather and warm breeze. It was still a bit difficult to tell who was who from scent, as there was many he didn't know yet, but what did stick out was the scent of rabbit. Sweet and filled with juice, it made his mouth water at the prospect of eating said rabbit. The sound of pawsteps made his large ears perk up and lift his sightless face to the sky a bit as that nose twitched for a moment; Lavender.

The she-cat had become sort of a beacon amongst the strangers for Inky. One that he knew her scent of the moment it was nearby, alongside Ferrets of course and Soots, and her small paws drummed on the ground. Probably in pursuit of something, to which Inky crouched low to the ground and trailed along through the heather and wheat. Ears back, long tail waving behind him, and he quickly moved to jump in front of the rabbit to try to chase it back towards Lavender instead.


//takes place after her pregnancy for realism!

A sparrow is what she carries by the wing through the tall grass. It wasn't much... but she was used to far tinier portions in the swampland. The hills here gave what seemed to be an endless amount of prey in comparison! And look at that- she was even stumbling upon her own cats in the middle of a hunt.

She overlooks the two hunting felines from atop a nearby slope. Pride bubbles deep inside her... it was so simple yet powerful. Her cats were hunting together, WindClan was making this place home. The blue molly couldn't be happier- in fact, the only thing that could make her more proud is if they actually caught the rabbit.

Suppose within a few seconds she would see... green eyes watch in anticipation.




When it came to survival skills, Dusk really only had enough to get by. Which, to be fair, was more than a lot of other cats had. When he'd first escaped that hellhole and found himself on the streets of twoleg place with barely enough strength to walk more thana block without everything starting to blue and spin, garbage from metal tins alongside the houses was all he could find to survive on- all he had the strength to survive on.

But as the days had slipped into weeks he'd found himself growing steadier on his feet and more alert to his surroundings, and it wasn't long until the bengal tomcat had been killing the enormous amounts of time he had by simply stalking birds and rats in twoleg place. By the time he'd stepped foot on the moors for the first time it was with the basics already in paw, and so he hadn't found himself entirely helpless when joining Windclan.

It did, of course, take some adapting. He was far from an expert hunter, prone to missing just as often as he managed to catch something. But he was tenacious and patient, and if he did miss he kept trying until he didn't.

Sometimes though, he got lucky.

Body pressed low to the ground, the tall grass all around him, green eyes were fixed on a fat bird that was pecking and scratching around in the soft soil for grubs. Birds were something he was familiar with. They weren't like the racing rabbits or the volces with their tunnels everywhere, and stood motionless in the grass for many long seconds, waiting for the oppurtune moment.

Elsewhere on the hillside were Inky and another shecat, but Dusk was too concerned with his own business to worry about thiers.


The tomcat would burst from the undergrowth at full speed toward the bird, a cry of alarm slipping from the avians beeak as its wings flapped to try and carry it skyward. But Dusk knew this trick, knew it well, and with another fierce kick from his hindlegs the tom would leap up to snatch the creature clean out of the air.

He hit the ground with the bird struggling in his jaws, wings flapping to beat against him, but he quickly pinned it and delivered a killing bite to its neck. A small flicker of something like satisfaction settled in his gut, a minor reasurrance that even if he wasn't at the same level as these other cats, he could still catch up if he threw himself into it.

windclan warrior - male - 17 months - homosexual - polyamorous - single - bengal