Running From Himself [Hound]

✵ ღ ☾ IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE - It was barely dawn, the pink of the sky had not yet touched the top of the tree’s.
Yet, she was awake. Her fur was already de-knotted from her restless sleep, and her azure eyes were sharp as ever as she patiently waited for a family tabby coat to appear from the den.
Eventually though, Azalea’s patience wore thin, and she hustled into the den herself, crinkling her gaze against the sudden dim lighting of the den until she was able to spot him.
Promptly, she hopped over, able to avoid stepping on any tails until she reached his nest.
Dropping to a crouch she pursed her lips in thought before making a sudden dramatic sigh, flopping over the sleeping form of Hound with a dramatic flare.
Hopefully that would jostle the tom awake, and he would open his eyes to a smiling Azalea. ❝ Mornin’ Champ! ❞ She hummed to him, tapping a paw against his shoulder in faux-thought. ❝ I seem to recall a certain promise of a spar that was made to me yesterday ❞ she’d muse, giving him a knowing look, ❝ unless you’re afraid I’ll kick your tail? ❞ Her last words were playful, and only half serious.

❝ Speech. ❞