pafp SACRIFICES // after the skirmish

His chest stings, and the fur there is stained pink. His muscles are sore. He stalks into camp stiffly, limbs screaming for the softness of a nest and a long sleep -- and yet there's a glimmer of triumph in Weasel's blue gaze. He's proven himself a capable warrior, hasn't he? He's secured WindClan's territory from some stupid rogue, and he's never been more proud of himself.

The tabby scans the clearing, looking for a particular blue-gray pelt. He pads toward Sootstar, stifling a grimace of pain and instead presenting her with a rabbit he'd caught on the way back from his skirmish.

"WindClan is safe, thanks to me," he boasts, flicking his tail. "Some rogue was creeping through our moors. Tall guy. The first one I've ever met that smelled like fish, but it doesn't matter." He smirks. "I sent him running back to wherever the hell he came from."

Oblivious, he flops across from Sootstar, beginning to wash the cut the ice-eyed rogue had drawn across his chest. He has no idea the cat he'd assaulted is the newly-christened RiverClan leader; he knows nothing, except that he has done well today.




Sootstar turned her head to blankly look at Weasel, but in an instant emotion sparked in her eyes. His wounds- before she manages to open her maw the tabby begins to speak.

At first, she's highly impressed... a smile of approval even slips onto her face.
Tall guy. Okay.
Smells like fish. Wait... but it doesn't matter, no no.... it certainly does! Her brain scrambles to pick up the puzzle pieces, in mere seconds it manages to click them all together. The smile flies off her face as if someone had just smacked her.

"You attacked Cicada." She meows in verbal realization, flying up onto her paws. "You attacked RiverClan's leader!" It takes every inch of control not to smack Weasel upside the head, she knew he had no way of knowing but... goddammit! This wasn't good!

little brown mackerel tabby with a white chest
3 moons old. lost her parents in the Great Battle

Flaxenkit doesn't know what's going on. She's been spending the day rolling in dirt, from playing moss-ball with herself to hunting for cool rocks. She's a scrappy little thing who doesn't mind time spent alone. She can entertain herself just fine.

That said, she's as curious as any other kitten, so she scrambles up to where Weasel and Sootstar are sitting, just in time to hear Sootstar's panicked castigation. Flaxenkit's ears prick up, and her eyes go wide.

"Oh my gosh," Flax whispers to herself. Then, a little bit louder, "Weasel, I think you're getting in trouble!"

She bounces on her little paws, not sure if she's excited or scared to see what happens next.

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" How can you be so fucking dumb!." Leech couldn't hold his tongue like he rarely could, and with Sootstar scolding this kittypet she had decided to let in being just as pissed it should be safe for him to rise his voice as well. Didn't matter much though he would have done so anyway. Was this gonna be the final straw for thier leader to see that she should have left the barn cat where she had found them!. They had just become a clan, slowly increasing in numbers and too many new cats they didn't even know was loyal to windclan or Sootstar yet. Even a kit seemed to have more brain cells when Weasel brain had. " When has Sootstar ever told us to attack a cat on sight!." Rogue or not, clearly Weasel-brain didn't even know how one smelled to make a such major mistake like that. Kittypets. Only them would make stupid mistakes like that. " I hope Sootstar rips your ear of." a fitting punishment for a kit-brain like you. He could hope anyway that Sootstar would make an example after all riverclan might not be special forgiving for this. The last thing they needed was another war or for starclan to curse them for breaking the peace so quickly. Tch. That was why kittypets should stay in thier twolegs nest where they belonged.