private SAY IT TO MY FACE [ battle priv. ]


Jul 7, 2022

An elder warrior had been running, running to Rubble in an attempt to save them when something crashed into him or he'd crashed into them. A cut off cry sounded through parted jaws as the wind was knocked clear from his lungs, "Agh-" The sigh continued after and a harsh wheezing breath was taken. This thing was red and soft, yet heavy from what Elk would assume to be overeating. A kittypet, no doubt! Or was the blow softened by his own pelt and Elk's opponent hard muscle? The tomcat doubted it. They would topple into a ditch. Paw over paw, head over head, and tail over tail. It was a tumbling weed of white and cinnamon fur.

When the world finally stopped spinning and the urge to vomit was gone, he'd known that his friend was dead. It was all due to this soft kittypet who'd ran across his path. Rubble was now lost to the earth. Those ocean orbs cracked and glazed with grief as they would stare across the open stretch between them. However, the glaze of sadness was quickly replaced by rage. "You killed my friend! For Rubble! For the marsh!" With the horrific battle cry, a warrior now lost to emotion, the large white tom charged Honeybee with a slowed stagger. Elk leapt, his hind legs slipping on the nettle floor, in an ill-footed attempt to leap onto the other cat's back. The goal? To pin this other tom to the ground and shred his back of flesh.