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Jul 30, 2022
a place for tags and stuff...but other posters are welcome...just mind the BUGS and COBWEBS and PILES OF MYSTERYMEAT...

ESSENTIALS... BURROW to most, but truly of many names—burrowfall, thornsmile, dogface, snakefriend, scorpions, hoarder, fox, snake, bone.
SHE OR HE—androgynous and not inclined to clarify.
FORTY MOONS—they have led her to shadowclan warriorhood.

PHYSICALITY... SCARRED, LEAN BROWN TABBY WITH DARK SAGE EYES AND SNAGGLETEETH. skinny and thin-furred with well-muscled limbs. on the smaller side of average. a sharp, long face nests snakish eyes and a fang-prodded smile, tall, rounded ears prickling atop like thorn-nestled blooms. scars snip across his face, hide in her belly, testify weariness on limbs. coarse sandscent clings her bristles, though it now relents some to mud and root.
LOW AND ROUGH IN VOICE—save for his rich, hissing laugh.
CARRIES A SMALL COYOTE RIB—a prized find, often clacking in her teeth and claws outside of hunts and brawls.

PERSONALITY... SLY, RUTHLESS, BUT AMIABLE AND LOYAL. prone to impulse. stubborn and hardy enough to back it. determined to adapt. heart of tough love. hopelessly proud. vicious and adventurous, and takes a liking to those like him. vulgar in both playfulness and terrible temper. careless towards what doesn't jewel her crown. hateful of chains and chainers. wary, but swayed by praise. aware of a variety of religious beliefs and indifferent to all of them.

BACKSTORY... FROM FARAWAY SANDS. born and sharpened in a semi-arid desert for most of her moons before being captured by touring twolegs. with a swift escape, she found herself in new lands with no path home. wandering brought her under a humid sun, damp earth, and a chorus of croaks—utterly unfamiliar, but welcomed over her cage.

LIFESTYLE... STRENGTHS—endurance, wit, night hunting, dexterity, wisdom, perception.
WEAKNESSES—swimming, fishing, steep climbing, brawn, high speeds, multiple opponents, charisma.
PEACEFUL POWERPLAY—allowed, but negative reactions are likely.
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