camp SEALED FATE (patrol assignments)

Howling Wind sits in the center of camp, half-lidded eyes lifted to the sky to take in the beautiful array of colors. It's a chilly morning, but the sky is clear with the brilliant sunrise lighting up the forest. It's a promise that a beautiful day lies ahead of them. Hopefully, a day full of rich hunting as well. As her clanmates begin to gather around her to hear the day's patrols, she turns friendly eyes upon them, her pelt fluffed out against the light breeze that glides through camp.

"Alright, listen up for today's patrols, everybody! Meadowflame, you've got Duskmask and Finchcatcher along the SkyClan and RiverClan border this morning."

"Sunnyday, you take Flamewhisker and Leopardprowl on the dawn patrol to mark WindClan and ShadowClan and the eastern border."

"Flycatcher, you've got the dusk patrol along SkyClan and RiverClan with Hollow Tree and Rabbitnose."

"Kindleheart, you have Leafshade and Trufflepelt on the dusk patrol to WindClan and ShadowClan. I want you all to find me afterwards with your reports."

"Cobwebtail, Berryheart,"
She finds her two sons swiftly. "You both have the day's hunting patrols. Gather who you want for your patrols and head off when you're able."

"Wildflower, you're on guard duty tonight. Get rest during the day today, okay?"

"You're all dismissed." She dips her head and flicks her tail. That leaves a couple of warriors without patrols for the day, allowing each of them to do as they please to serve their clan. Whether it be train, help out around camp, hunt, it's up to them.

Dawn Patrol @ RiverClan - @meadowflame @duskmask @FINCHCATCHER *This patrol will find SkyClan scent somewhere between the pine forest and Fourtrees belonging to Sparkpaw (it is up to the patrol leader whether you'd still like to post in RiverClan and/or make a private for this interaction)
Dawn Patrol @ ShadowClan - @Sunnyday @Flamewhisker @leopardprowl
Dusk Patrol @ SkyClan - @Flycatcher @Hollow Tree @Rabbitnose *This patrol will be instructed to confront SkyClan about the scent found on their territory
Dusk Patrol @ WindClan - @KINDLEHEART @Leafshade @TRUFFLEPELT
Hunting patrols @COBWEBTAIL and @BERRYHEART
Characters' apprentices are encouraged to join them on these patrols
Patrol leaders: feel free to post your patrol's report in my discord channel if there's anything Howling Wind should know
Reminder that these patrols are pulled together using the census. If your character is not on the census, make sure to add them or they'll never have a chance of being put on patrols! When we have more than enough characters, they will not always be put on patrols every time, so if they weren't put on one this time no worries! They still have next time!
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Another day, another patrol. Flycatcher was steadily getting used to the routine now and it felt good to have something to wake up and do everything day. When his name was called to lead the SkyClan patrol, he nodded his head, glad that at least he would not have to lead an early dawn patrol. At least that would give him time to hunt, or perhaps take Roepaw to train a little before they went on patrol.

It's time for patrols, yet again. Kindleheart pads over as ThunderClan's deputy begins her assignments, white paws pausing before Howling Wind at the sound of his name. He was to lead a patrol, to bring Leafshade and Trufflepelt.

Well, this was new.

He'd never led a patrol before, but he'll try his best. Luckily, he had a bit of time before he'd need to gather his patrol for their trek toward WindClan.

"Will do," he says with a nod of his head as Howling Wind requests reports from those to lead this round of patrols.
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( ) At Howling Wind's call, Flamewhisker padded over to get her daily assignments. She padded over to stand beside Flycatcher, waiting to see what the deputy had to say. Dawn patrol? not something to be excited for, but at least it wasn't cold yet. When the brown tabby was finished, she turned her attention the grey tom, "I'll trade yah, wouldn't you rather wake up early?" her whiskers twitched amusedly, she was obviously joking around. She then would glance around to see if Jaypaw was nearby, he would be tagging along with her.

Sunnyday gave a nod of his head as he received his instructions. With luck they wouldn't run into any trouble, or he was hoping it would be a quiet and boring patrol. "Understood." Turning his head towards Flamewhisker he then allowed a low laugh to escape him. "You better not be trying to weedle out of my patrol." He joked, amusement glowing in his blue eyes. He guessed he might as well make a start on preparations.​


i . information : it was cold today. starclan, dipping well into leaffall now, he thinks, turning in his nest and burying his muzzle in fresh moss seconds before he lifts to start the day. the man appears like a ghost ; all in white, sunlit. his ears swivel forward, expression lax and — his mothers voice calls over a sea of bustling faces, fresh and rumpled from sleep. the days patrols. with a gaping yawn, the man pads over, dipping his head in acknowledgement once his name was called. hunting patrol. the kindlings of contempt begin in the pits of his chest, burning just beneath the plate of his sternum, “ heard, mom. “ said with a voice like water, soft and flowing, and a dazzling smile shot her way to accompany it.

if he was stuck with a hunting patrol, perhaps he could track down some birds before they all flee for the season. starclan knew they could use the feathers, perhaps some extra warmth for the nests. cobweb hums his thoughts but does not remain, only containing on to see who he could scrounge up. perhaps it was a pheasant kind of day.

  • COBWEBTAIL ; he/him. twenty seven months old. howling wind x gray wolf.
    − tall, handsome lh pale blue tabby w low white & dusty blue eyes.
    − bisexual, biromantic ; open for brief romances and flings, penned by antlers.
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