The Gathering had proposed a lot of food for thought. Briarstar had taken into consideration the things that each leader had done with their Clans and thought that implementing them into hers as well would be beneficial. A deputy, apprentices, warrior names... the like. The next morning after the Gathering, she bound atop the Clanrock and towered over her Clan. A cool breeze ruffled her dark pelt, a cruel reminder of the colder moons that lingered on the horizon. She pushed aside the worries that came with the cold and drew a deep breath before addressing her Clanmates.

"Gather, ShadowClan! We have much to discuss today after the most recent Gathering!" she yowled, her voice echoing through the clearing, drawing out anyone who was in camp that afternoon.

/ Order of events: Deputy promotion > warrior names > apprentice names/mentor pairings. Lead warriors will be announced during September's meeting.
She's still exhausted from the Gathering, from the trek to and from Fourtrees and from the effort it's taken her to sit and listen to her former Clanmates yak on about their new Clans and territories. Full on fish, sleek and wet. Lanky but prospering on rabbits while their old friends remain in the shadows and the mud, hunting for lizards.

Briarstar calls for a meeting, and Flicker groans audibly as she shifts in her nest. She wants to sleep and then go on a solo hunt, forget about borders and other Clans for a bit... but with a sigh, she heaves herself to her paws and pads into the camp clearing. Scarlet eyes ringed with exhaustion find Briarstar atop the Clanrock. She frowns. "What now? Wanting us to build a moat around camp like Cicada has?" She flicks her tail and sits to wait for their leader to speak.

The gathering had been a bittersweet reunion of friends-turned-traitors. Pitch tells himself that he hates them, yet he'd felt a tug of excitement when he'd seen old faces mingling in the crowd. He'd laughed and joked with them, although not without a few passive-aggressive comments. He'd treated them nearly the same as he had a moon ago. Yet Pitch is disillusioned enough to convince himself that he would not care if they perished.

His mom's voice booms across the clearing, and Pitch can't help but to note that she looks much more authoritative now that she wasn't about to explode with kittens. Pausing for a leisurely stretch, the rosette tabby's ears flick. Discussing the gathering, huh? Well... There's definitely been some interesting developments in the other clans. He wonders which, if any, his mother is planning on implementing...

He strides over to the meeting and takes his rightful place at the front, curling his tail across his paws and waiting with disguised impatience for the meeting to continue.
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Ravenkit met her mother's beck and call without hesitation. She sat with her tail neatly curled around her paws, as she had seen the warriors of the clan do, as close to the front as she could. She was the leader's daughter after all, it was only right she should be as close to her mother as possible. Her importance was only below that of her mother and her aunt. When the time came, it would be her up there, calling out to the clan. She was certain of it.

Her ear flicked, as Flicker's words hit them. She frowned. It was disrespectful to talk like that in front of the leader. It was disrespectful to speak at all. She turned around sharply. "Shhhhh!" she shot back sharpy. "The leader is talking." She stated childishly.

Moongeist Beam has never been a fan of meetings. They’re boring, boring affairs, he thinks. Just a bunch of cats sitting shoulder-to-shoulder while their fearless mother of a leader talks down on them all. She sighs and settles down to listen anyway, though. She’d missed out on going to the gathering, so Moongeist Beam is eager to hear more about what could have happened at it. They’re a curious creature, what can they say?
The woman has kept to her den, she hasn't left it. Not since the incident with the kit and even as she hears her sister call for a meeting to talk about what has happened at the Gathering she barely moves. Her limbs are stiff and her eyes are open, staring at the ferns that sway in the morning breeze. It takes her so long to drag herself up and make her way to the entrance of the den but no further does she go. The woman of shade and light settles herself there, like a husk of herself and she pulls her ears forward just to listen and nothing more. Then she will retreat once more back into her self segregation.

you're a sour little boy

The tom made his way over with his clanmates. Finding a spot to sit and look at the leader. Shrouded Night settled in his spot, tuning out those around him. He just wanted to listen to whatever needed to be announced and move on. Waiting for things to get started, he kept to himself. ""
A good-sized crowd had gathered below her, so Briarstar took a few steps forward until her paws teetered only mouse lengths away from the edge of the Clanrock. She eyed the cats below her, her faithful warriors, apprentices... friends. "First, I would like to announce that ShadowClan will be adopting SkyClan's deputy rank," she said, knowing that the idea of taking ideas from the pine cats of all cats would cause a stir. However, having a second-in-command was important to her. She knew should something happen to her, there needed to be someone there to take her place. She had given the decision great thought and though perhaps bias and nepotism clouded her judgment, she knew there was one good candidate that overshadowed them all. "It was a hard decision but I've decided that Pitch will be my deputy." Her son. Who else could be more trusted than him? Her family would lead ShadowClan into greatness. They'd be the most powerful group in the forest and the rest would quiver when thinking about crossing them. Briarstar wanted to be untouchable.

"I also think it's appropriate that our warrior-aged cats receive names similar to my own. A prefix and a suffix, like Briarstar, Bonejaw, and the new -kits. Pitch, you shall be the first to receive your warrior name. Until I pass and you take your place on this rock as Pitchstar, you shall be known as Pitchsun for your undying loyalty to your Clan and family," she announced, her fur bristling with excitement at her son's new name.

Her gaze flickered over the crowd. "Anyone considered a warrior, please step forward at this time," she yowled so that the rest could receive their warrior names.

/ Congratulations to @nico and their character @PITCH on deputy!!
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She'd not bothered to go to the Gathering, opting instead to stay with the kits and with Sandra. The loss of Spark-kit has remained with both mothers, and she knows the only way the cinnamon tabby can overcome her grief is to remember she still has three lovely children to care for, and to be reminded that she isn't alone by any means. ShadowClan has been there for Twilight in her grief, and it will remain a home for Sandra as well.

She gives herself a quick, hasty wash before joining her Clanmates for Briarstar's meeting. Pale green eyes narrow in confusion before finding Pitch. Deputy. Strange to hear Briarstar admit the practice was coming from SkyClan, but she supposes it makes sense to have a successor. She isn't surprised to hear Briarstar choose one of her children -- it's only natural, in her mind, to want one's legacy to be their son or daughter.

"Pitchsun!" Twilight smiles and looks at the young tom, pride in her pale eyes. She can only imagine how Briarstar must feel looking at him now, so strong and capable. A reflection of the mate she's so recently lost. "Congratulations," she purrs to him, dipping her head.


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The blue smoke sits among the audience before Briarstar.

Though he didn't attend the gathering, he knows the other four groups must have been busy settling into clanlife too. Just as ShadowClan, a few bumps along the way, sure, but settling none the less. Some are worse than others - such as the loss of Sparkkit. Hatch wonders if the other four clans have experienced loss as well, in the past moon. Or if ShadowClan was the only one, as if they didn't already lose enough in the Great Battle.

Change is to come, he realizes, as he settles into the crowd. It's evident in the way the shadow-furred leader speaks, only proven by the announcement of the deputy rank, something they were adopting from SkyClan. Hatch thinks it's odd - the former Marsh Group deciding to adopt something made up by the former Pine Group - but, he's sure a delegation of legacy, an extra feline to help lead, is important to have.

Briarstar choses her son, Pitch - renamed Pitchsun - to fill such a rank. Though Hatch has never interacted with him, he's sure the tom will do well in the rank.

"Congratulations," he tells the newly named deputy, a dip of his head following. After the cheers for Pitchsun settle, Briarstar continues, asking for those considered warriors to step forward. Hatch is certain this means him, but he isn't too certain as to why he needs to step forward, to have all eyes on him. He does so anyway, green eyes giving a questioning look to the ShadowClan leader.
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A congratulations sang through the air for her son and her chest swelled with pride as he received his moment of glory. She knew he would do well in this position, should he choose to accept it. If he didn't, well, she was sure she could find another capable soul but prayed she would not have to do that. A word of protest did not pass his lips, so she moved on to naming her warriors.

"Now it is time for those who consider themselves warriors to receive their names. Cloud Goes About, Flicker, Twilight, Crow, Hatch, Betony, Sandra, and Gecko please step forward," she called and watched as her warriors appeared from the crowd below. "I, Briarstar, leader of ShadowClan, call upon our ancestors to look upon each and every one of you as warriors. Do you promise to uphold our code and protect and defend ShadowClan, even at the cost of your life?"

Should they respond, I do, she would continue on with the ceremony.

"Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior names. Cloud Goes About, you will be Halftail for your unique appearance. Flicker, you will now be known as Flickerfire for your passionate spirit." The she-cat sure did have a lot of spunk and the name served her well. "Twilight, you will be known as Twilightfall. You are a caring queen and a fine warrior. Let the new name serve you well as you help care for the Clan. Crow, you will now be known as Moonwish by your own request. May you continue to honor ShadowClan as a true warrior now. Hatch, you will be known as Hatchingstorm now, for your dedication to your new home. Betony, you have spent your first moons here as an apprentice but now it is time for you to join the others as a warrior - for that, you will now be known as Betonyfrost for your independent nature. Sandra, you will be known as Sandylights now. And Gecko, you will now be known as Geckoscreech. May you serve ShadowClan well. All of you."

She paused to let congratulations spring up from the crowd, scanning over to see if she had missed anyone. And now...

"Apprentices of this Clan. We will be adopting the new tradition of tacking -paw to the end of your name until you earn a warrior name. Would Forest, Lavender, Froggy, Bat, Frog's Ribbit, Dawn, Hail, Sage, Canary, and Ghostkit step forward?" She waited, watching as warriors melted into the crowd and a new generation of future warriors stepped into the spotlight before the rest of their Clanmates.

"Forest, from this day forward until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Forestpaw. I will be your mentor and pass down all the things I know to you." She leaped from the rock and went to press noses with the she-cat. She wanted to keep a close eye on the two loner sisters who had joined their ranks not long before. What better way than to mentor the one with the most spunk? She would hold Forestpaw to high expectations. Briarstar leaped back onto the rock to address the rest of the waiting apprentices. "Lavender, from this day forward until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Lavenderpaw. Your mentor will be Beenose (NPC). May they pass down all they know to you. Froggy, you will now be known as Frogpaw and your mentor will be Frog's Croak. He will pass down all he knows to you." She smirked at the coupling. Pairing them together just seemed so fitting.

"Bat, from this moment until you receive your warrior name, you'll know be Batpaw. Your mentor will be Skyblossom (NPC). May she pass down all she knows to you," Briarstar purred, finding the next apprentice down the line. "Frog's Ribbit, from this moment forward until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Ribbitpaw. Your mentor will be Rustleap (NPC). May he pass down all he knows to you. Dawn, you will now be known as Dawnpaw and your mentor will be Flickerfire. May she pass down all she knows to you. Hail, you will be known as Hailpaw until you receive your warrior name. Your mentor will be Beetlewing (NPC). May he pass down all he knows to you. Sage, you will now be known as Sagepaw and your mentor will be Twilightfall. May she pass down all she knows to you. Canarykit, you will be known as Canarypaw until you receive your warrior name. Your mentor, Newtfoot, will pass on all she knows to you. Ghostkit, you will be known as Ghostpaw until you receive your warrior name and your mentor will be Adderfang (NPC). May he pass along all he knows onto you."

The black molly took a deep breath and sat back for congratulations to be given to ShadowClan's newly named apprentices.

/ If anyone still needs a ceremony, please respond to #meeting-requests on the Discord and I'll make another post! For apprentices with NPC mentors, feel free to hop into #mentor-finder to get set up with a played character mentor. Warriors, if you'd like an apprentice, please post there as well! If I gave you an NPC mentor when you have an actual one, please let me know and I'll edit this post!
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As if his mother had read his mind, Briarstar announces that they would be implementing SkyClan's deputy rank... A derisive sniff follows, Pitch's fur prickling at the idea of taking inspiration from them. The cats who refused to back down. The cats who caused the war. The cats who killed his father. But his displeasure does not last long. The regal she-cat speaks his name in turn. The rosette tabby freezes. Pitch. Pitch. PITCH. That's him. That's him!

Wait, him?

His body moves on it's own accord, springing to his paws. "Yes!" He surprises himself with the assured nature of his response. He'd never even intended to answer so abruptly... But as soon as eyes turn onto him, he's yearning for the attention, and oh... His mother believes him worthy of this title. This honor which Pitch does not think himself deserving of, presented to him by the very queen he so wishes to impress.

Briarstar bestows a new name upon him... Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, no longer is he Pitch but Pitchsun. And he feels the scorch of the heat, this fire that burns within. Undying loyalty... Undying... Death. Yes, he would die for his family. A grin splits his maw. Pitchsun, for he is the sun, the light of a new day for ShadowClan.

He would suffer a thousand grievances to make ShadowClan strong.

Pitchsun stands a little taller, a spark rekindled in his amber gaze. "I won't let you down," he says in spite of the voice in his head which fears otherwise.

The attention shifts away from him as the warrior ceremonies commence, and Pitchsun must bite back a huff at the coldness which follows. There had been brief congratulations, but that would never suffice... He should have a feast to commemorate this moment, but instead, he must listen in relative silence as others steal his glory away.
The tortoiseshell snorts with amusement at Briarstar's son preening himself before his mother's vain green gaze. "Keepin' your family real close, I guess," she says, but she shrugs. She doesn't have any ill will towards Pitch - now Pitchsun, with a two-part name like Briarstar and Bonejaw. She smirks at him and mock bows. "Congrats."

Their leader continues, announcing that all warrior-aged cats will receive two part names. Flicker herself maintains her smirk, pleased with the new name. Flickerfire. She brings a black paw to her maw and begins to preen.

But that's not the only honor Briarstar bestows upon her. Their leader announces Flickerfire is to train two cats, now known as Dawnpaw and Hailpaw, into future ShadowClan warriors.

The idea is hilarious to her. Not one, but two? She almost cackles. Briarstar surprises her sometimes, admittedly.

The tortoiseshell finds the sullen golden tom, the younger she-cat, and gives them a slow nod. "I'll teach you hunting and fighting, but forget about the rest of that stuff!" She's referring to the Clan stuff, the laws Briarstar insists on enforcing, but she doesn't elaborate. Not where the ShadowClan leader and her blood kin army can hear.

Instead, she brushes past the two young cats with an airy, "I'll come get ya when I'm ready for it. 'Til then, enjoy some rest while ya can."

Forestpaw. Finally, she's an official clan cat. She strides forward with pride, her pelt brushing her sister's so that she doesn't stray too far. Briarstar announces that she will be her mentor, and for a brief moment, the brand new apprentice inflates with arrogance. Ha! The leader wants to mentor me! However, it doesn't take her long to realize that this may not be the best thing. Now, she's never going to be able to escape the watchful eye of the clan's rather strict leader. Begrudgingly, she touches noses with the older she-cat and retreats back to her place by Lavender, a slight frown on her face.

Batpaw. He is named Batpaw.

Part of him feels embarrassed at the name change. Wasn't he too old now, to be considered an apprentice? He was older than those who had also been given apprentice-ranked names alongside him, at least.

But shadow-furred tom knows he doesn't deserve a full warrior name. Not yet, at least. No, Batpaw was aware he still had things to learn, so learn them he will do. And, Sky - or, Skyblossom, as she's known now - seemed to be an optimal choice for a mentor. She seemed to know a lot, and Batpaw could only hope she teaches him well.

Soon enough, he'll be a warrior, too.
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Just as Frog's Ribbit suspected in his meeting with Cinderfrost, his name was about to change.

He listens closely to Briarstar's words, to all the name changes. The brown tabby is unsure whether she'll choose 'Frog' or 'Ribbit' for his name, but, he hopes for the latter over the former. There were too many frog names in ShadowClan, after all. Briarstar names Froggy before she names Ribbit, and gives him the name 'Frogpaw.' She also assigns Ribbit's grandfather as his mentor, and Ribbit can't help but feel a bit jealous at that.

Though, it was always Leaping Toad who was closer to their grandfather. Would he have been given him as a mentor instead, if he was still alive? Would he be beside him, would he be given 'Toadpaw' as a name?

He feels sad for a moment, but then Briarstar calls his name. Ribbitpaw. He shall be known as Ribbitpaw. He's glad for that, trying to imagine how well two Frogpaws would bode for ShadowClan. His mentor is Rustleap, and he looks for the feline in the crowd. Though he doesn't know the tom all that well, he makes a silent promise to him that he'll be a good apprentice. That he'll do his best to learn all he can from him.
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Hailpaw finds herself frozen in place as Briarstar announces her new name. It would be odd to be called anything other than just “Hail,” however, she knew that it had to be done if she wanted to be part of the clan. If she wanted any hope of being welcomed and a piece of the puzzle, she would adjust. Everyone was earning new names and none of them seemed upset by it. It wouldn’t be long for her to reflect before her mentor joined her and her fellow apprentice instructing them to get some rest while they could. Knowing better than to question Briarstar’s motives, she wondered why she’d been given to a mentor who had another apprentice, while the other mentors only had a singular apprentice. Nodding in understanding, she would glance around, curious to see if Briarstar had anything else to mention to the clan.
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