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❄︎ sunrise
Jun 8, 2022

The past moon, Icesparkle had helped her clanmates around in camp and aided the ThunderClan cats that were rendered homeless as the fire in the forest raged. She had kept to her family and friends, enjoying the quiet moments of watching the leaves turn yellow, then orange, then fiery red. Slowly, as leaf-fall painted the river banks a splatter of warm colours while her breath turned into misty droplets as the temperatures dropped, she sought inwards to ready herself for the coming leafbare. But today she wore a wide grin on her face as she followed her youngest out of the camp – she had not yet seen how they got on with their training and she was certain they had lots to show her.

"Let's start with something simple perhaps – " she called out, her nose having caught onto a faint smell of vole. "I smell something... something well tasting! What is it?"

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Didn't know what to start with but thinking this could evolve into something like fishing or sparring x)
Darkpaw grows to like his apprenticeship more and more with each sunrise; what had started out as 'excitement' (which had really been anxiety, Darkpaw has come to reluctantly realize in hindsight) has turned into something more pleasant, an eagerness to start each day. Reedrunner is nice, the best mentor that Darkpaw could've asked for. And now, he could admire the beauty of the world outside of camp! All of the birds, and bugs, and the river... He loves it all.

Some of it could certainly be accredited to his star-blessed pebble. He's always known that it has magical properties, but this only proves to him that it could wash away those negative emotions!

Darkpaw carries it in his mouth, now, as he trots at the heels of his mother. He couldn't wait to show her what he's learned! There's so much that Reedrunner has taught him, like how to not let his shadow fall over the water when fishing, and the scents of different prey animals! Which, oh, his mother is asking about right now. Darkpaw gives a giddy little mrrow as he sets down his pebble to taste the air...

It takes him a couple of minutes to figure out what she's talking about, underneath all the smells of the cool breeze and the river and the grass which, according to the warriors, isn't what someone is referring to when asked what they could smell. It's fainter, but it has that familiarly tantalizing aroma of food. He's definitely smelled it before. "Shrew!" Darkpaw answers confidently, unknowingly getting the scents of voles and shrews mixed up.
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Icesparkle follows a horde of small cats, one of them her near-copy. Iciclepaw's head is held high, her expression neutral and her pace steady. She's feeling quite mature right now, in the company of her mother and siblings -- after all, hasn't she been through a lot? She's trained with Smokethroat, had seen Cicadastar die and then return to camp, has met other cats from other Clans. Iciclepaw is practically a warrior, in her eyes -- and there's something in her now that wants to prove that to her mother.

Darkpaw is ahead of them, his little pebble clutched firmly in his jaws. Iciclepaw's tail tip twitches with amusement. How silly he is, she thinks. She's always been the most mature of her siblings, but now she feels practically ancient in comparison to Darkpaw, Fernpaw, and Steeppaw.

"Is it shrew?" She hesitates, looks at her mother first as if to read her expression. She parts her jaws and screws up her face in concentration. No, it's like shrew, though -- she thinks... "Water vole?" She flicks an ear and steals another glance at Icesparkle. Smokethroat is not one to lavish praise on his apprentice, but even he has pointed out that Iciclepaw is shaping up to be a smart hunter. Her other skills, well... she's getting there.

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Steeppaw rocketed between her family members like a hound, bouncing off in one direction only to appear at the back of the group to count heads and herd them up. While training she'd never been so unrestrained, but with her ma and siblings, the molly couldn't care less about being professional. They hadn't been out like this for ages.

After a long stint of exploring a shaded pocket of reeds a few paces away, she came back to catch the tail end of Icesparkle's question. Steeppaw took a huffing breath, nose now decorated with a torn scrap of foliage, to try and scent the prey. Her siblings beat her to it, the pebble-wielding Darkpaw and proper Iciclepaw. The latter probably had it right, she normally did.

"Food is food!" She spouted, front teeth peaking from her snow-dye muzzle in a cheeky grin. If she had been actually been trying she totally would have got it before them. "And the food is... that way!" Spearing her one black paw into the air, Steeppawtook a gander at where the 'vole' hid. Didn't matter what it was so long as you caught it.