sending out flares || raccoonpaw

Aug 1, 2022


riverclan warrior. 32 moons. tags

Seal point fur gleams in the morning sun, the scent of the first patrol's fresh-kill on the wind. It's a peaceful morning so far-- thank the fucking stars-- and Clearsight approaches the child hoping to start an amiable conversation, offer a listening ear. They've been quiet, and he's worried. One of Buckgait's little ones-- for all that they aren't necessarily little, they're still a kid, still so young to be facing all that RiverClan has faced.

(He thinks of Ashpaw, blood in the water, screaming for help that wouldn't come. Fate clearly doesn't see fit to spare their children.)

He approaches slowly, softly, sets a fish on the sand between them. The island camp is fairly empty, and Raccoonpaw has tucked themself into a corner near the shore.

"I don't think I've seen you eat this morning," the silver-blue warrior says, worried but gentle; not insistent.


// @Raccoonpaw

They had been feeling so lost as of late. Unsure of where their life was going, what Riverclan was going through hit them hard and above all else; they worried for their family. It felt like what they had built, had made together, was slowly being torn apart. Slowly disappearing into the air to where Raccoonpaw wasn't sure if Buckgait or Willowroot would want to see them. They felt like an annoyance, a bother, on the clan and they questioned if the clan was a good idea. Would it have been better if they had been chased out? At leats then it wouldn't feel like they where loosing their family.

A long sigh came from the young cat, orange eyes stared at the water below as they have tucked themselves away at the shore. Camp was empty and it didn't make them feel better to try to socalize. To get up and hunt, they just didn't have it in them energy wise. Though camp wasn't entirely empty as a few cats milled about as the day ticked onwards; what they wouldn't give to be blissfully unaware.

So when a blue cat approached them, they blinked a bit and raised their head. His shadow brushed over the water before his actual form came into view, and they gave a meek smile in response to his comment. Raccoonpaw didn't know much about Clearwater, but he seemed so nice from what they've heard and seen. A genuinely kind cat, like themselves, and they had to ignore the rumble in their belly, "I haven't been super hungry," Raccoonpaw responded softly and looked back down into the water. They hadn't eaten since last night and it felt like a chore to chew or swallow food at the moment.