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Jun 7, 2022


Shadetrip | She/Her | 2 Years (Feline)
Shadetrip is what can only be described as ambitious. She is very set in her goals and prides herself on her accomplishments, proving to have been well on her way to being a top tier warrior. However, because of her prideful nature in regards to her success, she can be difficult to get along with, as she will often butt heads with her colleagues when it comes to training, hunting, and patrolling. She is a bit of a control freak and prefers to take the lead, and whenever something does not go as she had planned, her explosive temper starts to shine through, to which she cannot be reasoned with or soothed. However, as she transitioned into adulthood, after many skirmishes with enemies and the occasional battle between clans, she began to bear the physical and mental effects of a warrior. Her self esteem slowly started to dwindle, as she did not see her scars as trophies from her victories, but rather many hinderances that made her less than desirable. Having left behind her old difficult attitude in exchange for her more mellow, lenient, and perhaps even depressing one, she began to be more of a joy to speak with, which made room for genuine friendships to blossom. She would then go on to have a mate and kits, a loving family, to which she found brought her a joy she had never felt before. Because of this, she decided to retire from her warrior duties early, spending the rest of her days as a full-time queen, taking care of her kits, her mate, and any new queens that would come and go. This was arguably the best decision she had ever made in her eyes, and her new rank would soften her, shaping her into a beacon of kindness and understanding, no longer radiating a prideful and spiteful demeanor, but a soothing and safe one.

Combat ●●●●●
Hunting ●●●●●
Swimming ●●●○○
Climbing ●●○○○
Speed ●●●●●

PARENT x PARENT sibling to whoever | mentoring no one, mentored by no one
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