SHADOW & SUN | frost

A new territory means new prey to hunt, and hunting some of RiverClan’s new prey hasn’t come easy to a guy like Clay. After his first accidental near-drowning—okay, even if it was only like, ankle-deep water, it was still terrifying—Clay has been wary of sticking his paws anywhere close to the water. But he’s realized that if he learns to fish skillfully, then he won’t have to leave the camp at all. And if he never again has to cross those dreadful stepping stones, he will live a happy life.

The only problem is that Clay is hopeless at fishing. He’s nearly fallen into the river again—twice!—and achieved nothing but further embarrassment. So when he spots another cat nearby, doing whatever they’re doing, he bounds over to greet her. He doesn’t know her name, she looks much younger than himself, and he briefly wonders if this is really the best cat to ask for help. But no one else is around, and age means nothing when compared to experience. "Hey, I don’t think we’ve met yet! I’m Clay," he offers a broad grin, all teeth, and flicks his tail happily. "Are you any good at fishing? I’m trying to figure out how."