In an effort to ensure that nobody feels left out in Shadowclan, we’ve decided to start a buddy program! We’ll adjust the pairings as we grow and see what works best for us! To start, we’ll do pairings bi-weekly, to allow plenty of time to pair off with your buddy or buddies. Hopefully, this will be a useful way of allowing everyone to interact with one another, and have your characters interact with characters they potentially haven’t interacted with prior! To be added to the list please fill out the below information so we can pair you up! If you have any suggestions for improvement as this goes on, please feel free to message myself, or bring it to the attention of one of Shadowclan’s HP team members!

Deadline to apply for first pairing: September 25th
Current Pairings: TBD

Name: xx
Age: xx
Rank: xx
Important Information: xx

Name: Spice(paw)
Age: 4.5 moons
Rank: Soon to be apprentice
Important Information: She just joined after wandering by herself for quite a long time! Doesnt know a lot of cats yet
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