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Jun 6, 2022
Hey guys! Though I won't be picking a deputy right away, I really want to get an idea of who would be interested in this position! Before you state your interest, I recommend reading the High Position & Semi-High Position Guide as well as the Leadership Guide to understand the role you will fill as a deputy! Also, please check out the IC/OOC requirements below. This thread will remain open until the time comes for a deputy to be chosen, and I will bump it/stick a reminder in the Discord from time to time to remind you all that it's still here until the time comes!

- Really, the only IC requirement I have is that I am looking for someone who compliments Briar's personality. This isn't to say I won't pick someone outside of this, but I will be more drawn towards characters who agree with her decisions, morals, and values, and realistically, would just fit well as her deputy. Please don't change your character's personality or values to be exactly like hers just for the chance of getting picked! Of course, I love it when there's a bit of a difference between characters and I also don't want you to change the type of character you are playing for the sake of being promoted, but she is just more inclined to pick someone she would find easy to work with!

- If you have a leader in another Clan, you are ineligible to apply for ShadowClan's deputy per Tabby Tales rules, as you can only have one character on a leader track. Likewise, while you are more than welcome to apply for deputy in one of the other Clans, if you are chosen, you won't be able to receive this role and will be taken out of the running.
- Ideally, the candidate will have a friendly and welcoming OOC presence! I want someone who consistently engages with the ShadowClan community on Discord, is helpful, friendly, and positive. Activity isn't just about IC posts!
- While I am looking for someone with a recognizable IC presence, please don't spam the board just trying to get as many posts as possible. While your activity and enthusiasm is appreciated, I will be less inclined to pick someone who just posts, posts, posts in order to get promoted. Plus, that's not fair to promote the most active person just because they have a lot of time on their hands to post when others are active and meet all the other requirements too! So, in summary, more posts =/= automatic promotion.

WooOOOoo! Okay, with all the boring stuff out of the way, if you are still interested in playing ShadowClan's deputy, please fill out this lil form below.
And no worries if you feel you have to withdraw! I understand that life gets in the way and there will be no harsh feelings for withdrawing your application!​
CHARACTER NAME: @Sandylights
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: Cause Sandra is a super sweet and naive character, I think it would be fun to explore her more and have her develop somewhat through that of being deputy. I feel like her presence could cause a lot of fun drama, growth and maybe add some flare.
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: Fire already has an undying loyalty to Briar and the marshes. While she will still try to remain compassionate, there won't be much in terms of disagreements she will have with Briar as she believes in her heart that her leader only has the best interests of Shadowclan in mind. That said, if Fire ever DID disagree, she would be more of a 'let's talk in private' kind of a deputy so as not to undermine Briar in front of the whole clan. While she doesn't like to fight, Fire will always be ready to do so should Briar order it or if her clanmates are in danger.
WHY DO YOU THINK YOUR CHARACTER IS AN INTERESTING CHOICE?: Pitch is someone who possesses a hero complex, seeking validation from others by trying to be their savior. While he has a penchant for being cunning and manipulating situations to his advantage, he cares a lot for his clan and family; sometimes a little too much, as he shows a vindictive side of his personality towards anyone who hurts them. He's deeply loyal to his mother, and would follow her without hesitation, eager to prove his worth to her as he holds her to such a high pedestal in his mind. (Also the potential IC drama that could arise from the leader, deputy, and meddie all being related... Juicy.)
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