SHAKE YOUR BODY &. forest / lavender

alright. pitchstar had so graciously... gifted... them with another apprentice. how wonderfully exciting for them, right? not really. they guessed, in a sense, that maybe this was very good. it meant pitchstar trusted them enough with two apprentices, but that also meant that they couldn't screw up. no matter how they were outwardly, their fear of failure sat on the back of their throat, like a hawk waiting to catch its prey. it wasn't a good feeling, but they had to suck it up. thats what their mother always told them. suck. it. up.

standing from their nest, and being sure not to wake their clanmates, the felidae looked up at the moon. it still was high in the sky, the cold bite in the air letting them know what time it was. just before the sun pushed past it mountains in a little phenomenon called sunrise. with a little time, their apprentices might be able to see it... if they did their task right. shaking out their pelt, they made their way to the apprentice den, nudging both of their apprentices, before standing outside the den, tail swaying in the small tucked breeze that carried in the air.

// @FORESTPAW @Lavenderpaw !!!!
Forestpaw can already tell by the lack of birdsong in the air that it is far too early to be woken up. An irritated groan leaves her as she is nudged awake, ripping unceremoniously through a dry throat. The brown and orange patched girl lifts her head groggily and sniffs, frowning deeply. "Are they serious?" She grumbles to her sister, whose nest lies next to her own. A loud, un-lady-like yawn parts her jaws before she climbs to her paws and pushes her way out of the den, her paws now used to picking past her denmates' nests. Enough mornings tripping over them and receiving hisses and swipes would teach her such a thing. "Tell me it won't be like this every day," The torbie complains, coming to a halt somewhere in front of Chilledgaze, ears angled back to show her displeasure.