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Lily hadn't imagined herself reaching out to the silver-pelted mouse thief any time soon, and yet, here she was, about to do just that. Azalea's arrival some days ago had been a surprise to Lily, having not expected to see the other again after their fateful encounter. Since then Lily had been fortunate to avoid her. Though she did not know whether this was her own doing, or whether Azalea was also trying to keep away from her.

Given their avoidance of each other, it is certainly an odd thing for Lily to try and attempt to broker some peace between the two of them. But after in truth, Lily felt a little sorry for Azalea. As days passed and no family or notable friends followed in her wake, it became apparent that Azalea was likely alone here. Lily was fortunate to have her family here and a few former members of the Pine Group too. She could not imagine making the journey alone and then having no one to wait for her on the other side. It made her curious if Azalea even did have any family and where they might be if they had not followed her here. If all went well, maybe that could be a question for another day...

When she finds the silver she-cat, it is in one of the make-shift dens the cats of RiverClan have been using to rest. Azalea is moving to leave, but Lily, with a wilted yellow flower dangling in her jaws, steps in front of her and stops her. "Azalea, wait," Lily says, through gritted teeth. She sets the flower down before speaking again. "Can we talk?"

It hadn't taken long to learn her name.
Lily, like Azaleas own mother, which made it easy enough to remember- not that she particularly wanted to remember it. Since her arrival, she had been avoiding the tortoiseshell like greencough.
She is resting, her twisted paw having been giving her more trouble than usual lately, when none other than Lily herself comes walking in. Quickly, but smoothly, Azalea lifts herself to her paws, about to stride out of the den when her name is spoken, and she turns, a brow bone lifted in cold curiosity.
Can we talk?
Her voice is genuine, soft in its pleading, and for some odd reason, Azzie is now sitting expectantly.
❝ About what, Mousy? ❞ She inquires, refusing to acknowledge that she had gone through the trouble to learn her name. Eventually, her narrow eyes flicker to the flower at the tortoiseshells paws, her ear flicking in momentary interest before looking back towards Lily.
❝ Speech. ❞

"Mousy?" Lily echoes staring at Azalea for a long moment she realises she's poking fun at her. "Oh ha ha, very funny." She rolled her eyes, but it was more out of amusement than outright annoyance.

Following her question, Lily gestured to the flower by her paws. It's limp and bent in the middle, but still pretty with its bright yellow petals standing out prominently against the dull ground. "I thought you could use a friend," Lily finally admitted after a long moment. The words felt awkward and heavy on her tongue. Friend. She would hardly call them friends...or at least not now anyway. "You came to RiverClan all by yourself. You don't really have anyone here for you and I guess I felt sorry for you in that regard. I figured you could do with a friendly face to help you settle down here, even if you are a thief." That last word was meant as a joke, and Lily quietly hoped the other picked up on that.

"Anyway, this is for you," She added, nudging the flower forward with a foot. "My dad gave you some feathers recently and mentioned how much you appreciated them, so I figure you'd like this."

✵ ღ ☾ IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE - Azalea’s gaze is unreadable as the tortoiseshell speaks, though she carefully watches every fidget and nudge, every time her leafy gaze shot down, to the side, or towards her.
She was nervous, but optimistic, that much Azalea could read. She entrains the idea of holding a grudge, but her mind drifts to Fox, and their own tension in the air. Over a grudge.
Finally, Azalea’s maw breaks into an amused smirk, an ivory patched paw lightly gathering the wilted flower towards her as she thinks about what to say.
It was rather sweet… she hated to admit the flush blossoming in her cheeks, and wouldn’t dare show that.
❝ You’re funny when you’re nervous ❞ she hums at first, ❝ Fine, we’re forgiven, but if you ever pity me again, I’m putting poison ivy in your nest ❞ she finally decides, though her tone was laced with amusement, she was serious about the ivy.
There would be a pause in the air before Lilly’s own response came, but Azalea would seize the moment for her own curiosity’s. ❝ So, your whole family is here, with you? ❞
❝ Speech. ❞


The idea of having poison ivy put in her nest is not one that excites Lily, for the sake of her safety, and perhaps, her sanity too, she is quick to agree to Azalea's terms. "Deal," She mewed. "But whilst you're at it, stop referring to me as a thief too. I don't want other cats getting the wrong idea." It was a hasty addition and not entirely serious...she only hoped the other cat would pick up on that and not claw her ear off for something like that.

The next question, catches Lily a little by surprise, but isn't completely off-topic given Lily's explanation for coming to speak with Azalea. "Yes, all my family are here in RiverClan," She confirms with a nod. "There's my father, Mud, who you've already met. My mother is called Ice and you'd probably find her in her nest right about now as she's due to have kits any day now. And then I have two uncles living here with us too. Both called Clay funnily enough." The mention of her uncles, makes Lily's whiskers twitch in amusement. She always has to make a mental note to specify which Clay she's talking about when she speaks of them, knowing full how difficult it would be otherwise with two of them walking around. "Do you have siblings?" Lily suddenly asks, looking at Azalea very intently. "I always wanted siblings myself. My family was very kind to me and I was never wanting for love or attention, but I always wanted siblings. Little brothers and sisters to share my love with and get into terrible little schemes with."