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Friends with the monster under my bed ~
Jul 14, 2022

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - Normally muted sage optics now glowed silver under the moonlight as Wildflower patiently awaited for the last of the hunters to return. It had begun only a few days after Thunderclan’s arrival, this habit of hers, but there was something therapeutic about patiently waiting for the foliage to rustle, to excitedly chat with the returning patrol of their adventures.
Though, when the only pelt that came through that night was a dark tabby, Flow’s eager look almost dimmed a bit, as this particular cat had proven not to be a fan of hers so far…
❝ Daffodil hi-! ❞ She began, only to be cut off with a sharp glare.
“For once Wildflower, can you just shut up? Everyone is asleep for stars sake. Just go away.”
With that, the prickly femme stalked away, leaving a flabbergasted Wildflower in her dust.
She sat for a moment, trying to ignore the burn of emotion rising in her throat. Perhaps Daffodil was right, she should go and walk all of this energy off.
Quail would never approve. She thinks for a moment as she slides through the exit of camp, but even so, she couldn’t help but feel a little emotional at this moment.
The forest is awfully noisy at night, she observes, a storm cloud ear perking at the sound of a distant cricket.
Perhaps if she hadn’t been so distracted, she would have noticed sooner.
It isn’t until she reaches a small creek that she notices something in the air has changed, and the feeling of a fiery gaze is burning in between her shoulder blades.
She whirls around, but she is too late. A body of russet and black is beginning to circle her, it is not much larger than her, but it’s teeth and claws are sharper, it’s body leaner and ready to pounce.
She had never seen one in person before, and is fascinated for a heartbeat before her survival instinct kicks in.
She does not make it a snakes tail before the fox has lunged, nipping at her back heels with a shriek from Wildflower.
❝ I’m sorry! I’m sorry mr. Fox! Please- please! ❞ She sobs as she pushes onward, her legs burning but her mind screaming.
She opens her maw to plead once more, but sharp teeth sink into her tail and yank her backwards, her claws unsheathing in a vein attempt at self defense as she is crashing to the ground.
A snicker-like noise comes from her opponent, and it lunges again, this time burying its canines into her flank, lifting her in the air as if she were nothing but a mouse bone.
❝ I’m sorry! I’m sorry! ❞ Wildflower screams, her irrational apologies falling on deaf ears. Her forelimbs fly forwards, slashing as the fox’s face.
It yelps as she makes contact and is dropped to the ground, pain erupting from the large gash in her flank.
Try harder!
❝ Help! Help me! ❞ She begins to wail, her cries airy as she struggled to catch her breath. She is almost to her paws when a jaw clenches around her throat and her veins run cold, despite the hot blood that has begun to blossom beneath the beast’s teeth and trickle to her paws.

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❝ Speech. ❞

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as more and more days passed, bear found herself getting a hit more tired. she wasnt too worried about it, not really, but with all that had been happening in the forest, she just chalked it up to be that. making her way through the forest, her nose twitched and ears perked up at the sound of yelling. her entire body twitched, ears pinning back before she ran off in the direction of the screaming. shit. her eyes widened at the scene before she shook her pelt out, hissing angrily. she ran forward, moving to barrel herself into the fox. it wasnt much, but it was enough to distract enough to let go of wildflower. in spite of her instincts telling her to check on the young cat, she couldnt right now. she had to get this beast out of here.

"alright, foxbreath! over here! come on!"

she snapped her teeth towards it, before dashing off, into the forest, weaving in and out of the trees as she felt the fox right on her heeels. she didnt even dare to turn arojnd. she just had to lead it away. there was no way she was killing this thing, or escaping without some injury, but that was the last of her worries. as long as wildflower was safe, it didn't matter what happened to her. she felt teeth grasp as her leg, and with an angry hiss, she spun around and clawed one of the fox's eyes, before stuffing herself in a hole, big enough for her but too small for the fox. it began to rip and tear that the hole, snarling and hissing as bear simply pushed as far away as possible. oh, stars, this isn't the way I wanted to start my day.

// hope this is okay !!! she just managed to lure the fox away!!


Foxes had never seemed as scary to Wildboy as they had to the other Thunderclan cats. Maybe he was just naturally foolish, or maybe living in twoleg place for a while among all those mutts had proven to be beneficial in desensitizing him toward canine predators, but he'd just never felt the terror for them that some of his clanmates did. That was just how it was for him, and it had its pros and its cons. On one paw, the tom was able to keep a level head without panicking -which was good- but on the other hand it could make him ballsy -which was bad.

After all, Wildboy was no tank of a cat. Sleek and wirey, his talent didn't lie in brute strength. He would likely never be the kind of cat with enough power to wrestle an enemy to the ground and pin them, and instead his talent seemed to lay in cutting things fast. Claws like little hooks, and fangs that could leave a surprisingly deep puncture, sharp would be a far better description of the boy than strong.

And yet, at the scream for help the angora came running all the same, a streak of broken white among the foliage as long legs carried him across the forest floor toward Wildflower. He arrived on the scene just in time to see the fox chase after another shecat, and mistmatched eyes would shift to land on Wildflower as he padded over to her. "Shit, just lay still, okay? I'll be right back, I have to go help her." he said, hesitating or just a moment before racing off after the shecat and fox.

Wildflower was hurt but she was out of danger- that other cat, however, was not. And one cat against a fox was a dangerous came to play if that fox was mean and hungry enough. And apparently this fox was mean and hungry enough, because it had the other cat holed up in a burrow, digging and clawing at the entrance.

Stupid fox, coming in here and messing things up! he huffed inwardly, putting on a burst of speed as he charged the foxes side and jumped, aiming to richochet off its ribcage as hard as he could in an attempt to knock the air from its lungs and its feet rom beneath it. It wasn't even that big- they could totaly take it!

The second his paws touched the ground he made sure to bolt away a few feet before spinning to face it again, fur spiked up and an angry yowl sounding from his parted jaws as claws slashed through th open air before him in warning.

thunderclan - tom (afab) - 18 moons - turkish angora - homosexual - polyromantic - has blue and purple pawprints stained onto his fur from berries

Help! Help me!

Howling Wind abandons her hunt instantaneously, ears pressing forward as they catch the pleas. She pushes hurriedly towards the sound with her tail whipping behind her, forgetting the vole trail she'd been following. When she arrives on the scene, her two clanmates are already gone, with the fox snapping after them. Her attention is on Wildflower, though. She has faith the others can get rid of the fox while she gets the young molly back to camp. "Wildflower, get up, get up," She urges softly, rushing to her side and offering her shoulder if the she-cat needed it. "Come on, on your feet. Let's go. That's it, you can do it." She had to get her back where it was safe and warn the clan.

Little Wolf is crouched in the grass, tail flicking back and forth apprehensively as she watches her mother stalk her kill. The two she cats had decided to go out hunting together, but it was not to be today. When her mother suddenly shoots up and runs, Little Wolf only hesitates for a moment before following. Whatever had interrupted Howling Wind’s hunt must’ve been important.

When they arrive on the scene she stops, a look of horror on her face as she watches the fox snap at two of her clan mates. She pushes the fear of the crimson colored predator aside though and rushes to Wildflowers side, assisting Howling in trying to push the gray molly to her paws. “We’ve got you it’s okay” she says gently, trying her best to keep her voice from shaking.

✵ ღ ☾ LOVE WITH EVERY STRANGER - A call rings from somewhere near by, the voice is taunting, baiting itself for the russet predator.
She is dropped quickly, the back of her neck growing cold now that the fox’s hot breath was no longer breathing down it.
She slumps to the ground with a shuddering breath, a trembling paw reaching for her throat as she struggles to piece back her perception.
She brings her forepaw back to gaze upon it, and it is dripping crimson.
❝ Blood… bleeding.. ❞ she gasps, but her voice is nothing more than a whisper. She is bleeding from her flank as well, the fiery pain numbed by shock.
Someone is talking to her, and Wildflower is forced to flicker her glazed vision upwards, it’s Wildboy.
I have to go help her.
❝ H-her? Who… ❞ now reality is once more forming together as she blinks. Bear’s pelt is a mere flash before she is hidden by the fox on her heels. Wildboy dashed off.
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Yet, she is choking, only left for a heartbeat before Howling Wind is urging her to get up, a soft nose nudging her upwards.
With a wince she stumbles to a stand, taking the tabby’s offer and leaning on her, Flow’s tail instinctively shielding her bloody flank. ❝ I..Quail, I want Quail ❞ she pleaded to Little Wolf, her voice shaking and her face glossed over with shock.
❝ Get… get her, please. ❞ She urges once more before stumbling, barely able to catch herself.
Breathe breathe breathe.
❝ Speech. ❞


Her daughter catches up with her quickly, and soon the two are able to get the injured young she-cat to her paws. Wildflower is clearly distraught, her breath shuddering and her words falling clumsily from her maw. She's asking for Quail. "Shh...we'll bring you to her, but we have to get you back to camp," Howling Wind tries to urge, sweeping her tail to cradle the molly's heels, as if to encourage her forward. "Quail will be with you soon." She looks towards Little Wolf, concern in her eyes as she thought about the two that fled to distract the fox. StarClan, keep our clanmates safe...